Finally! Now We Know What the Mysterious Vine Is. For Sure!

The mysterious vines in our yard have finally given birth.

We went on vacation for two weeks and came back to these.


Lots and lots of inedible gourds.

lumpy gourd

funky mysterious gourds in my yard

I asked my mom how they got so huge while we were gone.

She watered them.

And all of the vines nearly doubled in length. They got so long my entire gate was actually blocked and I had to rearrange them all to grow somewhere out of the way.

Sure I’m disappointed it’s not something we can eat but the surprise of it all has been a lot of fun. And now I have one less Fall decoration to buy.


  1. says

    Ooh, I love gourds! We always have a big basket of them on the table for Fall, they just take up space but they are so pretty and unusual! What a fun surprise!

  2. says

    No, you can’t eat them, but what a fun lesson for the kids! And now you can that you can grow delicious ones next year :) congrats!