Fandanglings for your Nursery Review

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Every so often I run into a mom made product that just amazes me. I’m not sure why, considering only another mom would truly know and understand the needs of other moms and children. This month, I was introduced to a product so simple, yet to so smart for nursery decor and entertainment, I just had to share it!

Meet Fandangling

Invented by work from home mom to two young children, Anne created the Fandangling – a less than ordinary mobile style entertainment system for a nursery or child’s room.

Fandangling turns any ceiling fan into an interesting mobile that is totally safe for kids of all ages as it is out of their reach.  It is a very unique baby/child gift and it will last the child (and their parents) much longer than traditional crib mobiles, which you generally remove once the baby can reach for them.  Fandangling enhances the décor of any room, not just a nursery, and is loved by kids (and adults!) of all ages.


  • Easily Attaches to Any Ceiling Fan in Minutes
  • Mesmerizes Children of All Ages
  • No More Batteries or Winding the Mobile
  • Does Not Interfere with Normal Fan Use
  • Currently available in 8 different kits and can be customized for your decor.

Our Experience

Before opening the Fandangling package, I already had a feeling these would be a genius idea. After going through several mobiles that attach to the crib, we realized this set up was so much safer and would require no maintenance in comparison to a traditional mobile.

Before starting to set up the Fandangling system we vacuumed and cleaned the fan blades with a damp cloth to prepare. My husband was kind enough to help in the process as he’s the tall one in our house. First, he attached the Velcro base to the top edge of the fan blade. Repeating the process for each blade.

Each Fandangling is already attached to a piece of Velcro which was easy enough to stick right onto the Velcro base.

In less than 5 minutes, all of the Fandanglings were hanging and ready to spin. On the low setting, they swirl around the room just fast enough to capture your attention and slow enough to identify what little hanging object is whizzing by.

Our girls who share the “Butterfly Garden” nursery who are 11 months and 2 1/2 years old were just thrilled with the new addition to their room. Overall, the set up process was extremely easy. We now don’t have to worry about changing any batteries, choking hazards or damage to the crib from attaching a mobile. The sweet little Fandangling butterflies can easy be removed or replaced.

Reader Discount

Save 20% on any Fandangling purchase by entering coupon code FANDANGLING10 at the checkout.

Buy It

Each Fandangling kit comes with the fan attachment system, 5 fandanglings and instructions for $19.95 plus shipping/handling at


One lucky reader will win the Fandangling kit of their choice.

Closed – Winner is

56 – Angela Bailey

Required Entry

Take a peek at all of the Fandangling kits available (center of page) and tell us which kit would fit perfectly with your child’s nursery. If there isn’t one that matches, suggest a kit design you’d like to see added.

Optional Extra Entries

Required entry must be completed before extra entries qualify. Leave an additional comment for the value of each extra entry.

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Giveaway Rules

See 3 Kids and Us Eligibility and Winner Selection Policy. Contest ends 02/22/10.

The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

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  1. I think the build your own kit is really neat but I would like to see dragons, castles, knights, fairies, unicorns

    Awesome product!

  2. Michelle says:

    My son would like trains, robots, space men and ships and dinosaurs.

  3. I like the purple butterfly wings. my daughter would love those even though she’s 3 and not a baby anymore

  4. Candie L says:

    I like the Puparazzi ones. Trying to think of others they could add. Thank you

  5. Candie L says:

    I am following fandangling on twitter (cluster77). Thank you

  6. Candie L says:

    Became a facebook fan of Fandangling. Thank you

  7. My boys really love dogs that would be what I would choose.

    I would really like to see trains or cars. We have a lightening McQueen theme and my boys love trains too.

  8. fan on twitter @Nightowlmama

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  10. i-was-an-irresponsible-mother-today

  11. love the safari!

  12. CaroleM says:

    I like the purple butterfly wings set. I would like to see a dragonfly set though as that is more inline with the nursery theme

  13. Safari would match my nephews nursery so cute! Would be fun to win for him!

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  18. Love the pink butterfly wings, this would look adorable in my daughters nursery.

  19. Jennifer H says:

    I think my son would enjoy the puparazzi ones. Too cute!

  20. Jennifer H says:

    email sub

  21. Jennifer H says:

    comment 2 on Toilet Training Tails

  22. traci smith says:

    i like the safari one, it will match little mans room

  23. traci smith says:

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  24. traci smith says:

    email subscriber

  25. Jennifer H says:

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  26. Patti Hess says:

    Love the Bugz one

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com

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    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com

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    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com

  29. The pink butterflies would match my nursery!

  30. follow Fandangling on Twitter – amyndavid87

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  33. I have your banner

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  43. Keitha says:

    The sufari would go great in our nursery! Thanks

  44. Keitha says:

    I subscribe

  45. Aww, so sweet! I don’t have any children yet, but I would totally buy the Safari kit as a baby shower present. Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. OMG these are so cute! I love them I would get the pink bflys and the Christmas set! Too stinkin cute, what a brilliant idea!

  47. Following on twitter

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  49. I would choose puparazzi for my son’s doggy themed room

  50. I follow Fandangling on twitter

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  53. Angela Bailey says:

    My fave is the purple butterfly wings set.

  54. Angela Bailey says:

    I subscribe via email.

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  56. Monique Rizzo says:

    I like the purple butterfly wings. Thanks for the chance.

  57. Those are really cute and a great idea!

    I didn’t see one that would match with what I am looking for but I would love to see a cowboy theme or sailboat theme for boys. Or a fairy theme for girls.

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  65. Kristy says:

    I like Ariel’s friends!

  66. Kristy says:

    Email subscriber!

  67. Tabathia B says:

    I like the butterfly design

  68. Tabathia B says:

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  71. Tabathia B says:
  72. The nursery is divided between two babies and the one would be great with the pink butterflies the other half would have to be somehting like leaves or dragonflies to go with our Zen nursery.

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    Love the dragons, castles, knights, fairies, unicorns

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  80. Katklaw777 says:

    I luv the purple butterflies. I’d luv to see green froggies jumping around up there. Thanks.

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    I subscribe via email.

  82. Katklaw777 says:

    commented on your I was a irresponsible mother post.

  83. Jennifer H says:

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  84. safari would be perfect my newest son’s nursery! Love it! What an awesome idea.

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    Pre-Order Twilight Series New Moon DVD w/ Free Gift

  91. Jennifer H says:
  92. (02/14/2010) Tweet for today. Thanks a bunch.

  93. Sheila Broadway says:

    My daughter would love the butterflies!

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    ■following Fandangling on twitter

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    left a comment

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  99. polly k. says:

    safari animals would be a hit!

  100. Stephanie Grant says:

    I really love the Safari Kit but I would really like to see some kind of cars type it would match my sons room better!

  101. Stephanie Grant says:

    I follow Fandangling on twitter @sgrant2005

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    I’m a fan of Fandangling on Facebook (Stephanie Petty-Grant)

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  109. Jennifer W. says:

    I like the pink butterfly wings. I would suggest flowers or smiley faces.

  110. Jennifer W. says:

    I’m a subscriber.

  111. Jessica Anderson says:

    Bugz. It has Ladybugs, yeah!

  112. Jennifer H says:
  113. Jennifer H says:
  114. I like the safari

  115. Lisa Taylor says:

    I would love the music fandandlings for my daughter’s room Dinosaurs and trains are two more I would love to see.

  116. Lisa Taylor says:

    Fandanglings twitter fan @lezanac

  117. Lisa Taylor says:

    Fandanglings FB fan Lisa Taylor

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  119. Pink Butterflies and sports


  120. become a fan on FB

  121. I like the hippiechick one.

  122. Marc Kelly says:

    The butterflies are so adorable.

  123. Marci says:

    I love the pink butterfly wings.

  124. Andria says:

    I like the safari kit.

  125. Kerrie Mayans says:

    The pink butterfly wings kit would look perfect in my daughters nursery. I am sure she would love it now that she is a bit too big for her mobile but still mesmerized by that type of motion while she is trying to go to sleep.

  126. Kerrie Mayans says:

    I follow fandangling on twitter as kmayans.

  127. I like the build your own kit! The Pink butterfly wings are cute too.

  128. I am following Fandangling on Twitter (@psychotichouse)

  129. prizehound7 says:

    The kit which would fit perfectly with my child’s nursery is: SPORTS.

  130. I would like the puparazzi

  131. Fandangling twitter follower. ellieb67

  132. Fandangling twitter follower

  133. Fandangling facebook fan. Ellie Brower

  134. email subscriber

  135. I like the purple butterfly wings.

  136. kathy pease says:

    i love the lady bugz kit :)

  137. kathy pease says:

    following fandangling on twitter klp1965

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    fandangling fan on facebook kathylpease

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    email subscriber

  140. kathy pease says:
  141. kathy pease says:
  142. Timothy Sternberg says:

    I think the build your own kit is really neat.


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