Family Video | When You Tell Your Kids They’re Going to Disney World

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Now that we’re back from our family vacation I have a lot of photos to edit, stories to share and adventures to write about. It will likely take me weeks to write about everything but I can start with the one and only video we made during our trip. It’s important that I set the scene before you watch …

We had just come in from the beach at Marco Island when a storm rolled in. The kids were bored and grumpy. So Jon got the idea that we should cheer them up by announcing the big secret we had been keeping for weeks. The girls had dreamed, begged and pleaded to visit Disney World so we worked it into our beach vacation. Not knowing how we’d surprise them with the news it just kinda happened spur of the moment and this is what went down …. *not* I cussed, I know, it sounds bad but you really had to have been there to grasp the shock my husband and I were feeling.

As you can see and hear, the reaction we got was completely unexpected. They sounded like the biggest spoiled brats and truthfully, I wanted to cancel the Disney World trip right then and there. But I thought on it and realized it was just bad timing on our part. They were grumpy, hungry and tired.

However, when we did finally make our way to Disney World and the girls spotted this sign …

walt disney world entrance sign

… the reactions we got were exactly what we had expected. They were over the moon excited!

kaydee sees disney world sign

emma sees mickey mouse sign

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  1. LOL they had the exact same expression. I think they were expecting some thing more than a ticket LOL maybe you should of said your going to see the princesses at Disney world.

    • LOL I know, we really should have planned that better. In my defense, it was Jon’s idea to tell them at that moment. I wanted to wait until we were on the way there.

    • Evidently the video didn’t fully upload, the full version is up now. You totally missed the tantrum.

  2. HAHAHA! I’m glad you set the scene first or I would have been a little grumpy, LOL!!! When’d you cuss? I didn’t hear it! I’m glad they cheered up as y’all approached the park and had a good time.

  3. I pulled something similar when we surprised them with a trip to FL and Sea World. We told them they had an eye appt on the other side of town. Daddy was going b/c I couldn’t be in two rooms at once. We handed them each a DS in the car b/c their eye dr. is 45 minutes to an hour away… coincidentally the same distance to the airport.

    They didn’t look up until we told them to get out. At the airport. They were thrilled. i put it on youtube lol

  4. awwww. At least you got the smiles at the sign?! :)

  5. Oh goodness gracious….that’s DEFINITELY not the reaction I was expecting either. LOL Hey, the most important part is they were excited when you actually GOT there :)