Family Game Night with LEGO Board Games

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Almost every night after our daughters are fast asleep, my husband and I challenge our son to a board or card game. Having three kids in the house, it’s not always easy to give each child the one-on-one time that kids need with their parents. It makes this hour or so before bed extra important for us and for our son. He gets a chance to talk with us about school, his friends and just catch up on the day-to-day while we have some fun.

This past week we traded in our usual card game for something a lot more hands on and fun. LEGO brand has a whole line of board games that are pretty exciting if you ask me. Each board game has a theme and you get to build it from the ground up to create a 3D game arena using LEGO blocks.

lego board game building

The graphic building instructions are incredibly easy to follow and once the game is set up, you use a dice to move your LEGO people around the board. My husband, son and I set up the LEGO Minotaurus, a game that requires each player to get their heroes from the corner, through the maze and set up in the safe zone at the center of the board game. The fun twist is the mighty Minotaurus that can send players back to starting point. You also get a chance to move the maze walls and block your opponents. My son thought it was just oh-so-funny to block me into a square where I couldn’t move.

lego family game night

Family game night in our house is one tradition I don’t ever see changing. I’m hoping it’ll also help break the ice with our upcoming “teenage” discussions with our son. The 30 minutes of game play gives him a chance to talk to us like friends instead of parents.

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LEGO® Games are the world’s first collection of board games that can be built, played and changed, that delivers a whole new way for families to have fun together the LEGO way. Whether challenging friends or family to a LEGO Game in a variety of themes and types – guessing, strategy, memory, logic and chance – no two LEGO Games experiences are ever the same!

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