Emma’s Traumatic Ear Piercing Present

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Just about 6 months ago we were all in Claire’s when Kaydence first got her ears pierced. She was such a brave little girl and didn’t even cry although I was fully prepared for it to happen. Unfortunately I got a bit lazy about keeping earrings in her ears and the holes closed up. Then out of the blue yesterday she’s begging to have earrings again. Daddy can’t ever say no to his little girl so we packed the girls up to visit Claire’s again to have them redone. Somewhere along the way Kaydee managed to talk Emma into getting hers done too.

She’ only a couple of months away from her fourth birthday so we figured why not.

And then she got in the chair.

Oh boy, poor thing started to get really worried seeing the piercing gun, especially after she just saw an itty bitty baby scream her little head off from the process and even a teenage girl jumping in her seat trying not to cry. It really wasn’t the best timing on our part.

Emma at Claires

What happened next nearly traumatized us both. Against my better judgement I let two associates pierce both her ears at the same time. This baby bawled like you wouldn’t believe. As hard as she cried, it made me feel like the worst parent in the world. Even worse the gun got stuck on one of her ears for a few seconds and had her freaking out.

But the initial shock and pain wore off and she was just fine, even proud of her new daisy earrings.

So now my baby Emma joins the big girl club with her very first real earrings.

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  1. says

    I will admit, when you’re that young and getting your ears pieced, it’s a scary experience! Especially seeing kids before you getting it done o.O

    What a brave little…excuse me, BIG girl to get it done! I’d be proud of those little daisy earrings, too ^.^

    • says

      She really is growing up fast. But the hard part is over, now she’s just happy and excited to have big girl earrings. It actually happened at the perfect time because they’ll be ready to switch on her birthday.

  2. says

    I’ve seen plenty of people freak out by getting their ears pierced. I think the anticipation is the worst. I’m sorry to hear she got traumatized but she looks darling with her newly pierced ears.

    • says

      I think if we hadn’t walked in during a busy time she wouldn’t have worried so much. She had already seen at least 3 others get theirs pierced.

    • says

      She was surprisingly brave .. well until the earrings went in. I could see the worry written all over her face though.