Emma’s First Fish

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Friday started out to be a pretty normal day. Kids were playing, I was cleaning, catching up on blog work and all was just well.

Then we got invited to go fishing.

Sounds easy enough right? A couple of poles, some worms and a relaxing evening by the lake.

As if!  When it comes to doing anything around here, it’s never just that simple. It all started when I had to scramble to get the kids in the van for a quick trip to Dick’s Sporting Goods. Everyone but our son needed a new fishing pole. The girls had never been before. Hubby’s pole and mine never made is back in one piece from our failed weekend getaway last year. So $60 later, everyone got shiny new poles. I even managed to find the rod and reel my dad had told me for years to buy (but I never listened) and it was on clearance.

Then I realized we needed fishing licences. There goes another $30.

Then we get home and realize we’re low on fuel and need some snacks for the mini road trip. There goes another $50 at the gas station.

So we get on the road, headed for Sangchris Lake. About 5 minutes down the road we run into a big “road closed” sign. Sigh. We get turned around and have to go several miles out of the way through Pawnee to circle back around to the lake. We finally get parked, worms on the hooks and find ourselves settled between two giant bushes covered in bumble bees. But I figure, if I don’t mess with them, they won’t mess with me. Fortunately, those giant bees felt the same way and we carried on with our afternoon of fishing.

Miss Emma throws her line in the water and comes out with her very first fish in less than 5 minutes, a little white crappie I believe it to be.

emma first fish

The next hour or so, I spent my time fixing Emma’s tangled fishing line, putting new worms on and even replacing hooks. I think I got about 5 minutes of actual fishing time in thanks to the pesky turtle that kept stealing my worms.

Despite all of the frustrations and set backs, it wasn’t a bad trip. Emma got her first fish, Matt got a few and we even scooped up a baby soft shelled turtle in a net for the girls to see for about 1 minute before it took off like Turbo into the lake.

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  1. More work than you had planned, I’m sure, but sounds like a very fun day!

  2. Set back aside it sounds like you guys had a great time. And look how proud she is! So cute!

  3. Relaxing little day outings never go quite as planned. Emma looks so proud with her first fish!!

  4. Congrats Emma!!!

  5. So cute! I remember catching my first fish :) Have you ever been crabbing? I like it more!!