Emma’s First Bike And A Ride To Celebrate National Bike Month With Huffy #MomsonBikes

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May is a pretty exciting month. In addition to Mother’s Day, it’s also National Bike Month and more importantly, it’s also the month Emma (our 3 yr old daughter) got to experience and enjoy her first two wheel bicycle.

Back in February her big gift for her birthday was a So Sweet Huffy Bicycle with training wheels that’s just perfect for her size. She spent two long months excited and waiting to ride her first big girl bike for the first time and now that the weather warmed up, the day finally arrived.

Emmas First Huffy Bike

With a little push from daddy, Miss Emma was off and riding all over the place.

toddler bicycling

I can’t help but smile seeing how happy she is to finally be riding on two wheels with her big sister.

Emma Riding her Huffy Bike

The best part of finally getting her on a bike is now we can all go riding together as a family and it’s my way of sneaking in some fun exercise.

toddler bike riding

Expert Tips from Huffy – Learning to Ride a Bike

Start Slow – Balancing, pedaling, braking and turning are all individual skills that take time to learn. You can make it easier for a kid by concentrating on one skill at a time. ~ Before Emma’s first ride we introduced her to her bike by helping her learn about the parts while I was assembling it. It made the experience fun and comfortable for her to see her bike come together.

Training Wheels or Not? – Some kids will benefit from riding with training wheels – especially if they have a lot of freedom to ride by themselves at a relatively young age. But if the child you’re teaching learns to balance first, training wheels might not be needed. ~ Our children have always preferred the security of training wheels. Just like her big brother and sister, Emma enjoys the freedom to ride and learn how to steer, pedal and brake before worrying about balancing.

Helmets Every Time! – Putting on a helmet is an important part of riding for everyone. Remind kids to put on their helmet every time they pick up a bike. ~ We’ve found if you make it a habit to wear a helmet from the moment they kids start riding bikes it becomes an easy part of the routine. Also, getting a helmet with their favorite characters makes it fun!


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 Disclosure – I am a Huffy Mom’s on Bikes compensated brand ambassador. Opinions expressed are my own.


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  1. says

    Oh she is just too darn adorable and I love that little bike! All of the tips are really helpful. We don’t do training wheels just because my boys have learned on balance bikes before. We are needing to get a bike for my 4 1/2 year old, I think he’s ready to graduate from his training wheels. Will keep Huffy in mind, they make great products. Still smiling from your cute photos.

  2. says

    All great tips for those learning how to ride a bike for the first time! I don’t particularly remember when I learned how to ride, but I DO know that I had training wheels before I learned to balance on my own. It just all depends on the child and their comfort zone.

  3. says

    Great post. Zoe is terrified of her bike. She refuses to ride it. Not sure how to make her less scared. We removed the training wheels because she said they were going to make her tip. She enjoys riding with our help now. Cute pictures and nice reminder tips!

  4. says

    Awww!! This is so sweet! Yay for Emma! (how is she big enough to ride a bike already?) Those pictures are beyond precious, Cat!

  5. says

    Your daughter is such a cutie pie! Love all of the pics! It’s a bit early, but hope you have a great Mother’s Day!