Easy Back to School Snacks & More with Del Monte Fruit Cups

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Two out of three of our kids have been back to school for two weeks now. I’m fairly certain they are adjusted to the new routine after what seemed like a never-ending summer. Now for myself, I’m still working on getting this new routine down especially when it comes to meals. We have one child that prefers the school’s hot lunch and the other wants to take her lunch to school. They both come home hungry for an after school snack and of course I wasn’t fully prepared for that.

Today I took little Miss Emma with me to Walmart to get our next two weeks organized for breakfast, lunch and the after school snack. We set out in search of the basics … bread, peanut butter, cheese sticks and some Del Monte fruit cups. As much as I love fresh fruit, it’s just not the easiest option when I have to stuff food into a square container. So we opted for the fruit cups because they are the perfect single serving size and ready to use.

shopping at Walmart for Del Monte Fruit Cups

One of our biggest issues is getting breakfast ready. My husband is the early bird (not by choice) and has the task of putting together a quick breakfast for the kids. I wanted to make this job easier for him and healthy for the kids. One simple and tasty solution is instant oatmeal. You can pull out a packet of oatmeal, add a bit of milk and a cup of Del Monte diced peaches to create a one dish breakfast in about 1 minute.

peaches and cream oatmeal breakfast with del monte peaches

Our kids enjoy this one the most because I can mix up the fruits and flavors for a little variety. But their favorite is a simple peaches and cream oatmeal with the diced peaches.

del monte peaches and cream oatmeal breakfast

For our Kindergartener, I’ve been putting together little bento box lunches. She enjoys the variety and I like the simplicity of putting it all together. For this particular lunch I created a plain yogurt and Del Monte mandarin orange dish, a peanut butter sandwich dish, a corn and diced cheese stick side along with some mini cookies for dessert. There’s a lot of easy ways to make fruit more exciting where you’re mixing it with yogurt, oatmeal or even pairing it with a dip.

back to school bento box with fruit cups

For the after school snack I can sneak in another serving a fruit with Del Monte fruit cups and a granola bar. These of course are just a few simple ideas and you can find many more by visiting Del Monte on Facebook. To see how these meals came together check out our Walmart shopping trip photo album.

fruit cup and granola after school snack

I’d love to hear how you keep breakfast, lunch and snacks interesting for your school aged kids!

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    After-school snacks are always fun for me. A half hour before I go and get the children I prepare their snack and have it on the table. It is simple but always ready for after school. Sometimes apples with peanut butter and a few crackers, or yogurt, fruit and half granola bar.