East Peoria IL | Our Trip to FOLEPI’s Winter Wonderland Festival of Lights

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If you’re following me on Facebook or Twitter there’s a good chance you saw many of these photos flash through our stream at some point. However, I really wanted to share them again because the East Peoria Festival of Lights at FOLEPI’s Winter Wonderland is AMAZING. If you live in the central Illinois area, this is one holiday attraction you do not want to miss. For three years now we’ve been making the hour trip (each way) to see this amazing display of holiday lights and always make a stop at Avanti’s Italian Restaurant for dinner.

When you arrive, you’re greeted by … well… first a long long of cars waiting to get in … but then the most dazzling light displays you’ll ever see in this part of the state. During the nearly 2 mile drive you’ll see giant displays of 3D light figures including all of the ones I snapped pictures of and so much more.

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  1. I was watching your updates on instagram, this is absolutely amazing! We have something similar close to us, but I’m not sure it’s THAT good.

    • You’ll have to share some pics of your light display. I always love seeing the lights even if they’re just plain ones on a house.

  2. Those lights are soooo pretty! There is a street that is local to me that is always on the news that is completely done up. Each house on this court goes way out and we take a family trip to cruise the street each year. Nothing as fancy as these you have, but something fun to do.

    • That sounds like fun. We do something similar. There’s a neighborhood in Springfield and on one block it seems like they all try to outdo each other every year.

  3. That looks AWESOME!!

  4. Oh wow! Look at some of those displays-We have an annual show of lights here, but nothing near as spectacular as that.

    Maybe one year my family and I will be able to make it there for a visit :)

  5. I search for places like that during the holidays, but I never find them. You’re so lucky!!! Those are just beautiful!

  6. Those are some serious lights! I can only imagine the time it takes to do something like that.

    Cool tradition for your children. I’m sure they’ll think back fondly on it many years from now.

  7. courtney b says:

    great pics! you are an amazing photographer

  8. How gorgeous. I did see your updates. Holiday light festivals are so fun. I really wanted to get back to Niagara Falls this year but not sure we are going to.

  9. Oh man that whale is awesome!!!

  10. Wow, my kids would love this.

  11. anna pry says:

    awww, those ducks are so cute

  12. Hi Cat Davis,
    I’m bringing a group of adult seniors to Peoria for the light festival in December.
    Could you tell me a great place to eat that serves homemade food? I only have $13 per person for tax, tip and meal.
    Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Mary, I’m not familiar with many of the restaurants in East Peoria but when we visit we always go to an Italian place called Avanti’s http://avantispeoria.com … you could definitely eat there for $13 a person and the food is excellent but I would find out about making reservations if they accept them. Every time we’ve gone there’s been at least a 30 minute wait.