Early Signs of Labor?

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned about giving birth to two children and soon a third, it’s labor is very unpredictable. I honestly can’t remember what the days leading up to both of my children’s birth was like but writing it down may have been helpful. Since I didn’t know when things would get going it never occured to me to pay attention to the little changes.

Mattison – I had an appointment with my OB the day of his due date. I was extremely uncoformtable but unwilling to do an induction. My doctor suggested she do a “membrane sweep”. Well, that didn’t sound so bad until she mentioned the phrase… “this is going to hurt”. Lovely. She went on to brag that over 50% of the patients she performed this little trick on went into labor the same day, claiming she was the best in her practice at it. I didn’t care, I was still thinking about the “this will hurt” part. Undressed, feet in stirups, this woman shoved what felt like her entire hand and forearm into my hoo-ha started moving things around…I’m still wondering if she dislodged a kidney after all of that. After what seemed like hours (but was probably only a minute) it was over…and so was my dignity. The reality of membrane stripping aka membrane sweeping is the doctor places a finger or two just inside your cervix and sweeps them around the uterus lining in an attempt to seperate the bag of waters from the walls, in turn stimulating contractions. Well….it worked. Seconds after walking out of her office I was having terrible cramping. It didn’t stop either. About 12 hours later I had my son in my arms.

Kaydence – With a  new OB in hand this not so fun procedure was attempted yet again. Unfortunately, it didn’t do anything other than cause a few mild cramps and some bleeding. I was grumpy and very over due. My daughter proved to be stubborn arriving 3 days after her due date. The funny part of it all is that I was actually sleeping when labor started. I woke up to what felt like the worst Aunt Flo of my life shortly followed by my water breaking all over the bedroom floor as I was headed to the bathroom.

I suppose the moral of the story is that either a) I didn’t pay attention to what may have been signs that labor was coming or b) there were no signs

Well, this time I’m paying closer attention. Maybe it’s all in my head and nothing other than normal pregnancy woes or it could be that Emma is coming very shortly. So here’s what’s been going on, and don’t say I didn’t warn you…there’s a healthy dose of  TOO MUCH INFORMATION coming….

  1. Contractions – I’ve been having them off and on for a few days now. Slightly painful but nothing regular.
  2. Discharge – I’m pretty sure the not-so-lovely mucus plug is gone. I’ve been leaking goo by the ton the last couple of days.
  3. The Other Discharge – Yep, gross I know, but my bowels are in overdrive. I’ve been constipated for weeks until the last 2 days.
  4. Hunger – I had a few days of wanting to eat like crazy, and now I can’t stand the sight of food. It’s like my body told me to build up a stock pile of energy.
  5. Ill Feeling – Strangely, I haven’t been feeling well. Nauseous, tired, just overall feeling cruddy but not in the virus kind of way.

So now I’m curious. What kind of changes did you notice, if any, in the days before you went into labor?

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  1. says

    I really did not have any signs — with my last two my water broke ovwe 24 hours before labor started, so that was my clue.

    Hope things are going well and all happens soon and as easy as possible for you.

    Yesterday I was too feeling blah — so maybe soon here!

  2. says

    I hope that you start feeling it soon! With my previous two, I had contractions from mid pregnancy. I was on medication to stop them until 36 weeks and yet they continued after that. I was so scared that I would misjudge them! I never went into labor with false labor even though I went numerous times for preterm labor! I was very skeptical going in both times and within hours they were born! So LISTEN to your body! Expect ANYTHING! I have had my water broken with 4 out of 5 babies. of course my last, it broke! It’s never going to happen the way it’s supposed to!

  3. says

    I would say that your body is trying to tell you to get ready! With my first I was having pretty regular contractions for about two weeks. Then on the last day I was done! I went to the hospital and they told me that I was dialated but wasn’t progressing fast enough and they wanted to send me home. “Umm…no! I’m not leaving this hospital without my baby!” to which the nurse replied, “Oh honey, you will, she’ll just still be inside you.” She was a ‘funny one’ NOT! “No lady, I mean I’m NOT leaving this hospital until I have a baby in my arms! Now go get the stuff to finish this! I’m done!”. I was cranky to say the least…I hadn’t slept in 2 weeks. My other two were c-sections; 1 emergency and 1 scheduled so I can’t really say a whole lot about them. But I would definately say you’re in the beginings of labor! Good luck!

  4. says

    All of my three pregnancies were planned c-sections. I never had the water breaking, contractions, etc.

  5. AJ @ A Little Bit Nutty says

    My first Ava was stubborn and refused to leave. A week later she was evicted. There were no signs at all that I can think of.

    My second was 3 weeks early. I woke up with a constant drip and thought my water was breaking. Went to the hospital and they ran the test and said no…not 5 minutes later my water broke. He was the most uncomfortable. 3 days before on the 4th of July my Dad came to visit and I was so tired, crampy and my feet were so swollen.

    My third I had no signs either. The day before my due date I went in to my appointment I hadn’t had any signs either but was progressing and was a 2 already that night I starting having contractions and went in at midnight. They said I wasn’t progressing any since my appointment and wanted to send me home. I told them no that I was in so much pain that something was going to happen. I had him at 10:00am. A mother’s instinct is always right.

    With my 4th though I did have the signs. For a week I had contractions every 15 minutes or so. Nothing really to consistent though. I was in so much pain for a week. It was horrible. I didn’t want to schedule an induction because out of my other 3 that one was the most painful in my opinion. Exactly one day before I had him I lost my plug, and I had to go to the bathroom constantly. So I had all the signs with him.

    I’m going to guess that you will be holding your precious bundle of joy soon!