DIY Cold & Flu Care Package for Her with Kleenex at Target #KleenexTarget

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About two weeks ago, the first round of seasonal colds hit our family. It started when Miss Emma came home with the sniffles and progressed to a full blown Davis family epidemic. All five of us were miserable with coughing, sneezing, fever and all around feeling miserable. And when the whole family is that sick, even myself, someone still has dig deep and find the strength to take care of everyone. Times like those make you wish there was someone (or something) to take care of YOU and help you get through the worst of it. For me, hot tea, soft tissues and a really good movie helps.

When you’re too sick and too tired to go to the store for all the things you want and need when you’re sick, there’s a way to get through it. Before cold season starts, put together your own little cold and flu care packages. This could be for you, your kids or even a close friend or family member. For less than $50 you can put together a kit or two for yourself and some extras to share with the ones you love. And everything you need can be found at Target!

cold and flu care package for her #pmedia #KleenexTarget

First things first, whether it’s a cold, the flu or even dreadful seasonal allergies, everyone wants and needs something soft on the nose for those sniffles. Target carries 4-packs of the Kleenex facial tissues with lotion and aloe. In my experience, these are as soft and soothing as it gets when it comes to a red and irritated nose. This size is perfect for sharing in multiple care packages.

Along with the irritated nose, I find my lips get dry too. One of my favorite products for cold season is eos lip balm.

Kleenex and eos lip balm #KleenexTarget #pmedia

While it won’t help with fighting the flu, a cup of herbal tea with ginger root really helps with an upset tummy. If you don’t have fresh ginger root in the kitchen, these organic Ginger tea bags are perfect. When putting together a care package for someone else, a tea mug with a cozy sweater is a nice touch.

ginger root herbal tea with sweater mug #pmedia #KleenexTarget

So you’ve made it through the worst part of the cold or flu, what else gets you through the last leg of it? Me? I want to hang out in bed with a feel good movie and forget that calories exist. A couple of good quality chocolate bars will do the trick.

feel good movie and chocolate bars #pmedia #KleenexTarget

To finish off the cold & flu care package, pick up a few inexpensive gift bags and nestle the goodies inside with some tissue paper. You can put a few in the closet for yourself when you’re feeling bad and share the rest with friends, family and neighbor that are going through a rough time with an illness.

cold and flu gift bag #KleenexTarget #pmedia

While you’re planning the special items for your own cold & flu care packages, be sure to grab and print this $1 off Kleenex 4 packs or larger coupon and shop at Target. They’ve got everything you need to help you or a friend get through a bothersome cold.

Do you have some favorite products that get you through the miserable cold season?



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  1. says

    Oh my, I LOVE the mug with the sweater. That wold be perfect for when I drink my hot chocolate. I have been buying Kleenex products for years!

  2. says

    My husband and son just passed their colds to me this week. I have been going through Kleenex and applying Carmex chapstick like nobody’s business!!

  3. says

    Girl, I love that cozy sweater for the mug! How cute and thoughtful!
    I always have my cup of tea and honey handy and my homemade sanitizer so I don’t spread my germs. But Kleenex are my favorite tissues.