DIY Bathroom Makeover for Under $100

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Occasionally I get bit by the home improvement bug … the one that just nags at me to spruce something up around the house. We’ve lived here for over 5 years and have yet to personalize every room of the house. Having lived in apartments for several years we just got so use to not being able to point or decorate anything. I’ve been trying to change that, very slowly.

Last year I tackled the laundry room and gave it some fresh paint and a border. Still not much actual decorating going on in there. I even gave my office a mini makeover. And now I’ve got the guest/kids bathroom to deal with. I’ve always found that bathrooms are always changing, kinda like my moods. Several years back we did a monkey themed bathroom minus any painting or decor. It didn’t take long for the kids to get tired of it. So this past week I finally decided it was time to give this room a more permanent theme.

I gave myself a $100 budget and hopped over to Walmart to get some supplies. After two days of work, this is what we ended up with ….

sea green bathroom makeover

I quickly found that little decorative touches can make a big impact in such a tight space. Rather than using the cheap, plastic shower rings for the curtain I picked up this satin, nickel finish ball hooks that only cost a few dollars more but give the room a more elegant look. Plus they match accessories and door knob in this room.

The shower curtain was the first thing I picked for the room because it’s what set the tone and color scheme for everything else. Walmart carries the Better Homes & Gardens brand of products that are all very simple (and affordable). Knowing my husband and son would spazz if I went too girly I decided on a neutral brown, tan, blue, green color scheme.

Then over at Target I found a clearanced candle for the top of the toilet, my favorite Method hand soap and some framed prints for the wall.

I also painted the walls which were a neutral almond color before. To save a bit more money, rather than buy another gallon of paint for the trim, I bought Magic Erasers. These little sponges can make practically anything look fresh and new again. And they did!

bathroom makeover with green and brown

DIY Bathroom Makeover Under $100

  • Walmart Better Homes & Gardens Shower Curtain – $20
  • WalmartĀ Elegant Home Fashions Metal Ball Hooks – $13
  • Walmart Mainstays Basic Stripe Hand Towel (2) – $8
  • Walmart gallon of Glidden Brilliance Collection Paint – $28
  • Walmart magic erasers – $5
  • Target double candle (clearanced) – $4
  • Target framed prints (2) – $20
  • TOTAL COST – $98 + tax

Overall, it was a fun little project that kept me busy in the midst of boredom. Now I’m thinking I should tackle the bathroom in my bedroom, it could use some color too. Perhaps … PURPLE.

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  1. says

    Wow, you did good on that Budget. I think it looks like it cost a lot more than that to decorate. Love it! So stylish and cute.

  2. Mary Beth Elderton says

    So nice! When we moved recently I found several items for the new place from the Better Homes collection at Walmart. It really is the detail that makes a room.

  3. says

    It looks great Cat! Our upstairs bath is the last room, minus the hardwood flooring. It needs completely gutted which isn’t going to be fun. Purple is fun, that’s what our bedroom is!

  4. says

    The room looks great! Now I want to go update the rings on our shower curtain from plastic to the nicer ones!

  5. says

    Good for you taking on a small home improvement project like that! I really think that a lot of people, instead of going balls out on home improvement products when they really don’t have the $$$ should do what you did; set a manageable budget and stick to it!

    I’m very impressed at what you accomplished :)