Wordless Wednesday | Baking FAIL

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Last week I saw the March Kitchen Challenge that Lindsay is hosting on her blog, Love & Olive Oil. I was excited to try something that I’d never done before …. make homemade croissants. The idea of it was a bit scary considering it required 6 pages of printed recipe instructions.

croissant recipe



Everything was going really good at first. I made the dough, did the chilling, made the butter block, did the layers several times, cut and shaped the little croissants. They were purdy! And then when it came time to let them rise, everything went downhill. They melted!!!

Croissants Baking Fail


Clearly my kitchen was much too warm. But I didn’t give up. I shed a few tears, trashed a lot of hard work (hours of it) and picked myself up. A new batch went in the oven today and came out gorgeous. I’ll share those later this week.

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  1. oohh noooooo!!! I’d be saying a few choice words :( BUT I cannot wait to see the ones that did work! I have never attempted homemade croissants. I bet they were SO DELICIOUS!

  2. That stinks!! I’d probably cry, too!

  3. SIX PAGES of directions?! I would have cried too. But the other batch looks YUMMY!!

  4. I think I would cry too. Look forward to seeing your new batch!

  5. Awww! That stinks… but practice makes perfection, right?

  6. Cooking can be so frustrating sometimes! You’ll get them to turn out!

  7. Carolyn G says:

    Oh no, those poor croissants look sad. LOL But I saw the good ones on your sidebar and they look fantastic!! Yummo!

  8. Now those are the types of photos I get when I bake….I’m more of a cook then a baker.

  9. 6 pages. Oh no!!! And after all that labor :( Think I’ll just buy the yummy ones at Sam’s. Yikes :(

  10. congrats on final success

  11. I love your attitude. I would have totally cried then given up completely. You are a TROOPER!!!

    • Thanks Rachel, first I get sad, then I get mad. I don’t little things defeat me and I’m glad I don’t because the second batch came out sooooo good.

  12. Oh man! After all that I would have probably just given up. You are much more patient that me. Cant wait to see how the second batch turned out.

  13. Wow, homemade crescents. Kudos for at least trying!!

  14. Oh my gosh! I have never tried to make real croissants from scratch but I do know that it is hard work! SO sorry your first attempt didn’t turn out! Congrats on succeeding the second go around though (I saw your FB post of the second attempt and they look delicious!)

  15. ((HUGS)) The good thing is you didn’t let the fail get you down. I can’t wait to see what they look like!

  16. Glad you didn’t get discouraged by the first bath not working out. I’ve ruined many a recipes until I got it right. Looking forward to seeing the finished batch


  1. […] -I didn’t buy high-protein flour, I used 3 ¾ all-purpose flour plus ½ cup bread flour (Thanks Lindsay!) -Get your ruler and take the time to roll your dough to the indicated dimensions. -You’re going to do a lot of rolling. -Take two days. Make your dough, make your butter block and laminate the dough on the first day. Save shaping and baking for the second day. -I was under the impression that European-style butter was much more expensive. I found it for $3.30 for 8 ounces. (European-style butter contains less water than the traditional butter we usually buy in the grocery store which helps create the signature flakiness of croissants) -I didn’t experience this but don’t try and make these if your kitchen is exceptionally warm or your croissants will melt. […]