Creative Concoctions in the Kitchen to Get Kids Eating Healthy

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It’s no secret I have one very picky eater in my house. My 10 year old son has been a picky little guy since he started solid foods, refusing to eat meat. The pediatricians all said it was a phase he would grow out of and ten years later, I still find myself getting creative in the kitchen to get protein in his diet.

Over the years I’ve learned how to dish out some creative concoctions in the kitchen to hide meat in foods that he already loves. Of course, my daughters are quite the opposite so I find myself creating ways to hide vegetables in meat.

Creative Ways to Hide Protein

  • French Toast – This hearty breakfast food may look like bread and sweet syrup on the outside but if you soak the bread in egg yolks, it’s an easy way to slip protein in a meal.
  • Stuffed Vegetables – From tomatoes to mushrooms, it’s easy to hide meat inside these tasty vegetables when you create a non-traditional “stuffed mushroom”. A little rice, ground meat and sauce fits perfectly inside these “Trojan Horse” vegetables.
  • Protein Alternatives – If you have the pickiest eater in the world, you may have to get even more creative and find alternative sources of protein outside of typical meats. Try using yogurt, string cheese, protein powder shakes or peanut butter sandwiches to get a little extra protein in their diet.

Creative Ways to Hide Fruits and Vegetables

  • Scrambled Eggs – Most kids love scrambled eggs for breakfast and if you had a touch of minced vegetables, it makes it easy for them to devour their least favorite food group.
  • Juice It – Orange juice is a great base for other juices such as carrot juice. Mix them together to create a tasty and healthy drink.
  • Meat Mixture – Whether your making spaghetti, meat loaf or burgers, you can hide finely chopped vegetables right into the meat mixture and the kids won’t suspect a thing.

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