Creating a 30 Year Plan for Your Marriage and Beyond

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A little over 12 years ago, my husband and I said the magic words … I do. Those two words cemented our lives into one. At the time, we were very young and pretty immature. The only plan we had was the right now plan. We lived for today, never thinking about tomorrow.

It wasn’t until we had children and he had a career that we started to realize how quickly life moves. Gone were the days of living moment to moment and we started to need and want bigger things for ourselves and our family. Each year that passes by, we inch closer to one of those bigger things we want for our marriage … time alone together … retirement!

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When I starting reading this article, 12 Important Retirement Planning Deadlines, it prompted a discussion with my husband about our future. More importantly, our future together as we age. Being a self-employed mom, I almost entirely depend on my husband’s retirement plans. So we sat down together and came up with a 30+ year plan for our marriage and our lives together.

  • 8 years – We’ll be celebrating our 20 year anniversary and hopefully taking the dream vacation to Hawaii
  • 13 years – That’s how long we have as a family until our children are all moved out of the house.
  • 21 years – At age 55, my husband will be able to retire and draw a pension. We hope to spend much of the time after this traveling.
  • 28 years – My husband will become eligible for social security benefits.
  • 32 years – I will become eligible for social security benefits, adding to our income.
  • 32+ years – We’re hoping for a life of leisure, full of world travel.

Together, we’ve thought about all the things we hope to do after our life without children (at home) begins. We both want to travel, see the world and spend time together. To do that, we need an income beyond what we already have. One way we’re considering doing that is with a Traditional Fixed Deferred Annuity. They’re considered lower risk (than other annuity options) and can guarantee retirement income. This option would give us the extra income we’d need to enjoy a leisurely lifestyle. But it’s not something to jump into blindly. Genworth Insurance has provided a very helpful guide that compares annuity options. Which one is right for you? Take a peek through the guide to find out.

What about you? Have you thought about what life after retirement will look like?

This post is supported by Genworth through the Brandfluential blogger network.

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  1. I’ve thought about retirement, but honestly, PLANNING for retirement makes my head spin.

  2. We have thought about retirement but our financial situation never seems to be in balance with our goals. We hit 40 though so it’s become a priority!

    • Life always seems to work out that way doesn’t it? I think at this point I’d just be happy with a vacation a year.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever thought about things in the really broad sense like this, but I like how you’ve laid it all out. I mean, we pretty much just shove money into our retirement accounts and annuities without having a map of sorts, but just knowing that because Gareth came here from the UK and hasn’t been working in the US for even a decade at this point, his retirement savings won’t be built up to the point that others, who have built up the time, have. We have to push that much harder. So I’ve never really thought outside that box, but this gives me a lot of food for thought. It really does.

  4. You have genuinely inspired me to sit down with my husband & make a 30 year plan! It’s fun to see what you have to look forward to, and makes it easier to see how much longer you have until you can retire.

  5. A 30 year plan is good, my fear is that SS won’t be around when we need it so it is worth thinking of a back up plan now.

  6. I’m trying to really put a lot of thought and planning into it now. Enough of this goofing around. I’ve got to prepare.

  7. Really fantastic goals cat!

  8. Sounds like you have a pretty clean cut plan for retirement. I wish I could say the same.

  9. Reading this post made me realize just how LITTLE my husband and I have planned. Sure, we think about the kids’ futures all the time and maybe a few things about ours – do we want to stay in this house? Do we want to retire early or find jobs to keep us moving in our late years? But otherwise…no plans. I don’t even know what we have planned for next year. That’s bad. Time to get our butts in gear.

  10. My husband and I would also love to travel the world once we retire. I too think an annuity is a great option.

  11. What a cool way to break down long-term planning! I’ve never really thought about putting together a milestone list to help come up with a plan for our future. Retirement always seemed really far away, but this makes a lot of sense to help wrap my brain around it.

  12. I love that you really have it all mapped out, that is the way to go. We need to do more planning. We’ve been dropping money into a 401K for about 5 years but that’s as far as we’ve gotten.

  13. Good goals, Cat. A 30 year plan is pretty awesome. My wife and I are trying to deal with a 1 to 2 year plan right now! But that’s because we have some crazy financial situations going on right now. Hopefully it’ll all end well and we can work out a solid 30 year one like you did!

  14. We need to be more proactive about retirement planning. Those dreams aren’t going to fund themselves!

  15. It is hard to plan for retirement with today’s economy. I had a nice pension plan that started in my twenties, was with the company 16 years then the company folded and so did my retirement. Nothing like starting over.

  16. diane says:

    I am hoping life after retirement is way more relaxing than the one I have right now! Of course, that means lots of planning! Thanks for the resources…This is something I try to re examine ever year!