Cooking with Vapor Technology 360 Cookware Review

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A few weeks ago I was asked to try a new kind of cookware. Not just any kind of cookware, but something truly different. At first, I was pretty skeptical. 360 Cookware claims that you can cook foods healthier without using oils or butter or even cooking spray.

Before using the 360 Cookware by Americraft, I would have told you it sounded like a very expensive gimmick. After using 360 Cookware, I’m completely blow away by how amazing and delicious the food prepared in it tastes. Really, truly, impressed! More than that, my husband and kids even loved the food.

If you have about 4 minutes, I highly suggest you take the time to watch Celebrity Chef Akasha Richmond explain some of the benefits of using 360 Cookware and even prepare a few dishes. She can detail the cooking process far better than I ever could.


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What You Need to Know about 360 Cookware

  • It’s Green Cookware! – No chemicals are used in the manufacturing process
  • It’s Made in the USA – American made supports our economy
  • Vapor Technology – No hot spots. No need for oils or butter.
  • Cooking on a low heat saves you money.

Now that you know what 360 Cookware is, I want to show you what it does. Keep in mind, I’m probably one of the least experienced food bloggers around. While I have a few basic cooking skills thanks to tips from my mother during the past 10 years, I have a lot to learn in the kitchen. All of the credit for this amazing meals goes to 360 Cookware and Vapor Cooking Technology.

Everything I made for dinner was done in one pot, the Stainless Steel 3.5 Quart Saute Pan with Cover. The side dish for our meal started with white potatoes cut in half length-wise along with fresh broccoli florets and sliced red pepper.

360 cookware vegetables before cooking

After just 20 minutes in the saute pan ….

360 cookware baked potato broccoli

The end result was a plate of tender broccoli, not mushy like we typically have it after being boiled and “baked” potatoes.

360 cookware steamed potatoes broccoli

The real test of this cookware was cooking the chicken thighs. Typically, chicken I cook tends to be on the dry side however, bone-in chicken thighs in the 360 Cookware Saute Pan were anything but dry. Before being cooked the chicken thighs were rubbed in a mixture of olive oil with paprika, crushed rosemary, minced garlic and black pepper.

After 20 minutes in the saute pan, these chicken thighs were not only dripping with juices but the meat was so tender it nearly fell off the bone. Even my husband was shocked and made the remark, “wow, did YOU really cook this chicken?”

360 cookware rosemary marinated chicken thigh

360 cookware meal

Before moving onto dessert, I want to point out one feature of this cookware that makes it very user friendly. With most cookware, you have to watch the sizzle of oil or butter to see if the pan is hot enough to use. Not with 360 cookware! Since you’re not even using any fats to cook your food in, the process of checking your pan for readiness is simply water. When you toss a little splash of water into the cookware, you’ll know it’s ready for cooking when the water beads up and dances across the surface. If it doesn’t dance, it’s not hot enough. If it quickly sizzles away, it’s too hot.

360 cookware water beading

Now you may be thinking that was the end of my use of the cookware for the night but it wasn’t. I actually made dessert with the same saute pan I steamed the vegetables and cooked the chicken in. I “baked” a cake!

The biggest difference between 360 cookware and other stainless steel cookware is that instead of cooking foods from the bottom up, it actually cooks from every direction … thus the 360 Cookware name.

In less than 45 minutes, I made a pineapple upside down cake right on my stove top. Amazingly enough, it actually baked just like a cake except it was far more moist than any cake I’ve ever baked in the oven.

360 cookware pineapple upside down cake in skillet

360 cookware pineapple upside down cake

Now that you’ve seen what you can do with this cookware, I want to talk about the price. I did get a bit of sticker shock seeing the price tag attached to each piece in the cookware line. A single saucepan starts at $89.85 and the price increases up to $269.95 for an individual piece with a lid. I’ve never paid that much for a single piece of cookware in my life, but for 360 Cookware I would! In fact, I already have plans to purchase the 8 quart stock pot for large batches of pasta sauce and even cooking whole chickens.

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360 Cookware

Disclosure – I was provided with one piece of cookware for this review free of cost to me and this article contains affiliate links, opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Jenefer says

    ooh, I need this kind of cookware. I may have to buy one piece and try it out before committing to buying a lot of it

  2. says

    Holy time and dish saver!! I’d love to try that at college and see what my chef and classmates think. Great idea to get a whole mean in one pot!

  3. says

    Amazing. At first I thought it resembled a crockpot since you can cook everything in one thing. But I have yet to see delicious desserts in a crock pot.

    And no oils? thank you! I love that part! I am trying to cook things healthier and this looks like it will be a huge help. And the price point doesn’t seem so extreme for how useful it is. Thanks for the great review, I am really wanting one now!

    • says

      The no oils is my favorite part too. I can’t even begin to guess how many calories I’m saving myself just buy not cooking in butter, which I do way too often.

  4. says

    Wow! I’m going to have to look into this cookware. I just commented this weekend while cooking for Easter that it is time to replace some of my pots and pans.

  5. says

    Completely drooling here. I need you to come over and demo that at my house! YUM! Those potatoes look AWESOME.

  6. Just Coupons says

    This is great. I love that there is no need for oils or butter, saving lots of unnecessary calories.

  7. says

    Interesting that you can do so many things with one pan. I could see using this for baking while my oven is busy with something else. I love that you don’t have to use any oil, too!

  8. says

    You have caught my attention now. I love my current cookware but always up for trying something new. I definitely want to try out one of their pieces or their whole collection. :)

  9. says

    We love this brand too! I have some beautiful red pans and I love cooking in them and they are quite easy to clean. Awesome review Cat!

  10. says

    Oh that all looks REALLY good Cat! I am really wanting to get some of this cookware. Maybe for Mother’s day lol.

  11. says

    I need new cookware BADLY!!!!!!! The college pots and pans just aren’t working anymore.. ugh… Thanks for the review, I’m going to def. look into these as replacements, they look amazing!

  12. says

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    Also feel free to email me if you have some exclusive information on this subject, I don’t mind paying for great stuff!