#CleanHappy and Eat Happy with Lemon & Lime from Method

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Wouldn’t it be grand if the food you put in your mouth was as clean and healthy as the plates you eat that food from?

Back in February I made a lot of changes in our home from the foods we were eating to the cleaners we used in our home. I wanted a healthier lifestyle for myself and more importantly for my children. As a result, my husband and I not only look healthier (thanks to weight loss) but we all feel healthier too. But what sense does it make to buy organic foods and then serve them on chemical ridden dishes?

None at all.

That’s why we use Method.

method clean happy dish soap lemon and lime

There’s not a room in my home where you won’t find a bottle of Method whether it’s hand soap, bathroom cleaner, wood cleaner or dish soap. Aside from being colorful for look at, delightful to smell, it’s also the safe to use in a house full of surface touching children.

A word from the Method Green Chefs about Method dish pump…
Method specifically excludes phthalates from its formulas and chooses packaging materials that do not contain phthalates. So you can be sure that none of these sneaky chemicals will find their way into your home from any of Method’s products. Phthalates are softeners used in the process of manufacturing plastic, and they’ve been found to disrupt a person’s endocrine system functions. Instead of using potentially harmful chemicals, Method’s dish cleaners include derivatives from coconut oil, aloe vera, and purified water. And Method’s natural dish formula comes in a pump design for squirting directly into the sink or onto the sponge, minus the drippy mess.

Speaking of food and clean dishes … did you know you can give your nose a hug? Why yes, it’s true. Method dish soaps smell so lovely it’s really like a hug for your nose. There’s nothing harsh about the scents, just good clean fun in scents like lemon-mint, lime + sea salt and one of my personal favorites, clementine.

I put my sniffer to the test next to some homemade lemon sherbet and the Method Lemon-Mint dish soap … sweet success.

homemade lemon sherbet

And the limited edition lime + sea salt Method dish soap against some homemade lime and sea salt sorbet … it’s a tough choice.

homemade lime and sea salt sorbet

But don’t take my word for it, try some Method dish soap out for yourself. You can also make the oh-so-refreshing sherbet and sorbet with simple ingredients like fresh, organic lemons and limes. (recipes coming soon!). If nothing else … give your nose a little hug.

Facebook Quiz & Sweepstakes – The Nose Knows. A Scents-ability Test

Are you a sweet clementine? Or are you feisty like sea salt + lime? Take a dishy personality test on Method’s Facebook page to find out your signature fragrance, and enter a sweepstakes to win a year’s supply of Method dish soap at the same time. Residents in the US and Canada (excluding Quebec, désolé!) are eligible to enter once through the Sweepstakes app on Method’s Facebook page. Contest is open from July 10 to August 6.

Disclosure – This is a compensated post as part of the Method Mavens blogger team. Although I’m a paid ambassador I’m also a proud Method customer.

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  1. says

    I have to be really choosy about dishwashing liquid because most of the ones on the market today break my hands out. Where can I buy Method? Oh, and can not wait for the recipe for that sherbert!

    • says

      Karen, I know what you mean. I have sensitive skin and eczema on my hands, Method had never irritated them. You can buy online at methodhome.com, amazon.com but I also shop for Method products at Target and Lowe’s has a surprising large selection.

  2. says

    The lime and sea salt sorbet looks amazing!! Yum! My son has really severe allergies so we have to be careful what products we use in the house as well ! Method sounds great!

  3. says

    I pass by Method products in the store all the time and have yet to try them. Sounds like I need to at least give them a chance.

  4. says

    AH! Almost all dish soaps made me break out in hives or eczema. Thank you so so much for sharing about this I’ll have to pick a bottle up at Target. And I’ll be looking for the sherbet recipe. :)

  5. says

    I’m really picky about dish soap since my hands are so sensitive since I did a million remodeling projects and messed them up. It’s nice to hear of another brand I can try. BTW – Your lime and sea salt sorbet just looks delicious.

  6. says

    We’re big fans of their hand soap (the Mickey Lemonade is our favorite) and I like their daily shower cleaner too. I unfortunately had a not so good experience with the daily granite cleaner though … More my fault then theirs, I didn’t realize our countertops weren’t sealed and it stained part of the stone. :( But overall I like Method products.