Christmas Wreath Cake Pops

When it comes to holiday decorating in our home, the Christmas wreath is the first decoration to go up and the last one to come down. It’s that special little symbol that gives the warm fuzzy feeling to everyone that approaches our front door. And now I’ve found a way to bottle up that comforting symbol into the sweetness of a cake pop. The Christmas Wreath Cake Pop has been by far the most difficult one I’ve taken on.

Using round nested cookie cutters, you start by filling a large cutter with cake pop batter and use a smaller round cutter to cut out the center, creating a simple wreath ring.


Once chilled and secured to a lollipop stick, it gets a bit tricky dipping this one in the green candy melt. The wreath is a bit top heavy and needs to be dipped vertically to prevent it from breaking off the stick.


With a nice thick coating of candy melts, the pop becomes more stable for decorating, displaying and sharing with friends and family.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year friends!


Looking for more cake pop inspiration? Check out the Wilton Pops Sweets on a Stick book full of full color photos, cake pop design ideas and recipes.


  1. says

    Wow, that is really cute! I made cake pops once, two summers ago, and wow, what an undertaking. I don’t know if I’ll do it again, but I’ll admire the handiwork of others. :)

  2. says

    I think this one is my favorite at all. Love the background you took the picture on too, it makes them pop!

  3. TRISTAN says

    So I took on cake pops at christmas and I have to say I discovered.. .#1 use whipped icing if you can it is lighter and keeps the mix from being so heavy… #2 These things look doable..not so much! This was so hard! I am gonna try again since I know where my mistakes were but definately make them 1 or 2 bites anything bigger is really to stinking hard to manage!