Recipe | Chocolate Mint Green Grasshopper Pudding Pie for St. Patrick’s Day

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St. Patrick’s Day isn’t far off and I’ve got two things flooding my brain these days.



Together these two things make some tasty desserts that are festive enough to celebrate with on one of the greenest holidays of the year. I may not be Irish (but I am super pale, does that count?) I don’t pass up the chance to make goodies for the kids.

green grasshopper pie st patricks day

This is so easy to make there’s really no “recipe” nessecary. Just pick up a premade OREO pie crust or I suppose you could crush some fresh OREOS and mix them with a little melted butter and press your own crust into a pie plate.

oreo pie shell

Next, mix 2 small boxes of instant vanilla pudding mix with 2-1/4 cups of milk. Whisk in a teaspoon or two of peppermint extract and a splash of green food coloring. You get this vibrant minty green pie filling that goes right into the crust.

green mint pudding pie filling

Use your favorite whipped cream to pipe some blobs around the border of the pie or cover it completely if you love your whipped cream. Me, I’m a Cool Whip kinda girl.

cool whip mint pie

Finally, pick up a package of Andes Creme de Menthe baking chips or just break up some of the Andes Mint Candies and sprinkle generously all over the pie.

green grasshopper pie

Refrigerate your pretty little grasshopper pie for an hour and serve it up with a big fork. Yum!

slice green grasshopper pie

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  1. says

    We usually don’t do anything special for St. Patrick’s Day, but I think I’ll make a green pudding pie. Bryson will get a kick out of that, because he loves anything that I make colorful. It definitely won’t be as pretty as yours though. It’s beautiful & great photos too!

  2. says

    Yummy! Pudding pies are my favorite, they’re so easy and delicious! I like your idea to sprinkle with Andes mints :)

  3. Lisa says

    This looks and sounds yummy, but I see you added water to the pudding mix instead of milk. Did you really add water, or did you mean to say milk?

    • says

      Milk! Yes milk, no water. Ha. That’s about as messed up of a typo as you can get right there. Thank you for letting me know, I fixed it. ;)