Valentine’s Day Dipped and Decorated Strawberries

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Last year I shared my version of Hugged and Dipped Strawberries, which are still my favorite just because of the simplicity and my love of Hershey Hugs. Today, I want to share a sweet Valentine’s Day treat that really makes dipped strawberries pop. The key to making really delicious dipped strawberries is all in the chocolate you use. Buying the “chocolate bark” blocks do save you money and come in a larger quantity but why sacrifice taste when you can use a chocolate that you really love.

Dipped strawberries are such a fun project that you can really get the kids involved in and any mess they make is totally edible.

Ingredients You’ll Need:

  • 8-10 whole strawberries
  • 3 – 5 bars of your favorite chocolate, I prefer Hershey’s Milk Chocolate and Ghirardelli White Chocolate
  • decorating sprinkles
  • Wilton pink cookie icing

Let’s Get Dipping

1. Prepare a pot of water over high heat and bring to a low boil. Place a larger heat proof bowl over the pot of water to create a double boiler. In this case, I used Pyrex bowls that are safe for high heat.

*note – you may also microwave the chocolate but you run the risk of burning it

2. Break the chocolate bars into small pieces and continue to heat until melted and smooth. Stir frequently.

3. When the chocolate is melted and smooth, turn off the heat.

4. Slowly rolls your strawberries in the chocolate, coating each side and place on wax paper.

5. Decorate and refrigerate for 2 hours.

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  1. OMG now I’ll be thinking of those the entire day :) thanks a lot LOL

  2. Jennifer H says:

    How neat! They look wonderful Cat! :)

  3. Ok Cat, this looks fun. I think I will grab some stuff tomorrow so the me and the kids can make some. Thanks.

  4. Oh those look wonderful! Thanks Cat!

  5. Cat,

    They look really good and I’m sure they tasted that way, but I’m all for eating them straight up natural. I am so looking forward to strawberries all summer long.

  6. Those are so cute!

  7. Laura Rucker says:

    HOLY COW!!! I’ve GOT to try these. They look fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing. Got love anything covered or dipped in Chocolate.

  8. susan says:

    Those look divine and you made it look so do-able!

  9. oh yum those looks delish! They look almost too pretty to eat though!

  10. How gorgeous are those, not to mention extremely tasty looking!!! Oh man, I would love to make some of those for myself and a few friends :D

  11. Katklaw777 says:

    I want these for V-day. I may have to make them for “us.” thanks for the great instructions and yummy pics!

  12. Wow, these look gorgeous!

  13. OMG! Those look amazingly delicious!

  14. vanessa says:

    Those r so cute !! Love them !! I want to try and make them .