Celebrating Matt’s 11th Birthday with a Basketball Themed Party

Last week we got the family together to celebrate another birthday. It seems like in our family there’s always a birthday party going on. Looking at all the months we celebrate there’s my husband and both of my parents in November, my birthday in January, Emma’s in February, my niece’s in March, my sister’s in June, Kaydee’s in July and my other niece’s along with my son’s in August. Even if I tried to get away from all the cake it would be impossible. But that’s okay because birthdays are a lot of fun.

This year our son picked a basketball themed party … which I find completely eye opening because I had no idea even liked basketball. Evidently, he’s also a Miami Heat fan. I suppose that’s what I get for tuning out Sports Center on the tv.

basketball themed birthday party decor

We had a really easy day all planned out. Pick up the hard rolls we ordered, the balloons, wait for the cake to be delivered and put up a few decorations. It all was really easy until two things happened.

1. Jon didn’t tie the balloons down in the van.

2. I opened the van doors in a windy parking lot.

All it took was one big gust and the balloons were sucked out of the van and we were watching them drift into the clouds.

basketball shaped birthday cake

Aside from the balloon incident, Matt had a great little party. He blew out all 11 candles in one shot, got some new clothes, football cards, the Madden 13 for XBox he was begging for and some decor for his newly decorated Packers bedroom. I’ll share pictures of that very soon, we’re still waiting on his furniture to be delivered.

Mattison 11th birthday party

The only downside to birthdays … I have to look at my kids and realize they’re not my little babies anymore. This kid is just a few inches away from outgrowing me. When did that happen?

  1. Happy birthday to your handsome guy! I love the cake!

  2. What a wonderful cake. I too have had balloons fly out several times. Looks like he had a wonderful birthday! Happy birthday to him

    • This was a first for us. We all kinda just stood there stunned and then played the blame game. Matt didn’t even care. LOL

  3. He looks so grown up and the cake looks amazing! Hope he had a fantastic day!

  4. The balloon incident sound exactly like something that would happen with my husband & I. I’m glad the day went smoothly other than that. He is definitely not a baby anymore. Happy birthday, Matt!

  5. Happy Birthday to your son! They do grow up too fast. It stinks! The cake turned out really cute!

    • It stinks big time. I never could imagine my kids ever being taller than me and it’s actually happening now.

  6. Diane says:

    Happy Birthday to Matt!
    Between my hubby myself my kids their better half’s and my grandkids all of our Birthdays are between Sept and Dec with One being in march..Yep and throw the Holidays in there and it’s Crazy:))

    • I can so understand that. It seems like there isn’t a single month going by where we aren’t having some sort of holiday celebration.

  7. Happy Birthday Matt :) He looks like he enjoyed his party. Beautiful cake too.

  8. What a wonderful birthday! Even if the balloons weren’t there. HA!

  9. I can just picture those balloons being sucked out of the van and into the sky…Well, it definitely makes for a memorable special day! Lol

    It sounds like everyone had a wonderful time, especially your son who got something he’s been wanting quite badly!

    Happy birthday to your handsome “baby” boy :)

    • LOL it was definitely a scene to remember. I was about 20 feet from the van when I started hitting the sliding door release buttons, next thing I knew balloons were dragging through the parking lot. I dropped my groceries and started chasing them down. One gust and up the went. We just kinda stood there staring as they floated off towards the clouds.

  10. Looks like Matt had a great party! You have such patience to be making that cake! Sorry about your balloons though!

  11. Happy Birthday! I love your cake, my daughter plays basketball and she would like a cake like that!

  12. Looks like he had a wonderful birthday even if it the balloons flew away! The cake is great, you are so creative. I agree it’s fun to celebrate our kids birthdays but it’s tough sometimes too to see them growing up so fast.

  13. I love the cake, it turned out awesome, but then again I would expect anything less from you. I’m glad he had a great birthday. I bet he’ll have outgrown you by his next birthday.