Celebrate World Pasta Day with Barilla & The Modern Family Pasta Cookbook

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Today our family is joining the World Pasta Day celebration by enjoying an easy pasta meal for dinner thanks to the Modern Family Pasta Cookbook (which you can download yourself). It’s full of inspirational recipes and meal planning tips to make week night dinner prep one less hurdle in your life.

I know for our family that meals during the week nights can be a real challenge. My husband gets off work later in the afternoon than they typical 9-5 job so it pushes our dinnertime later into the evening which coincides with baths, story time and bedtime. That’s one of the biggest reasons we eat a lot of pasta dishes. Well, that and because I absolutely love pasta. I have a few different recipes I cycle through when using pasta but I’m always looking for new ideas. The Modern Family Pasta Cookbook includes lots of quick and easy recipes like this one I made that uses Barilla Whole Grain pasta shells and a some basic ingredients including: tomatoes, basil, onions and some Parmesan cheese.

Barilla Whole Grain Pasta Shells with Tomatoes Basil and Parmesan Cheese

How do you feel about Meal Planning and Pasta?

Personally I find my biggest hurdle to planning weeknight meals is a combination of my husband’s work schedule and my constant need to keep up with household chores. I try to help reduce the stress of dinner time cooking by picking meals that take 30 minutes or less to prepare and plan our dinners for later in the evening.

Leading contributors to a hectic lifestyle, making meal-planning and preparation a challenge:

  1. Work
  2. Household chores
  3. Errands
  4.  Kids’ after school activities
  5. Kids’ homework

Pasta provides the perfect meal solution for time-limited households:

  • Pasta is recognized by parents and non-parents as a tasty (88%) and easy (87%) meal option and one that can be prepared using on-hand ingredients from a pantry (82%).
  • Other benefits of pasta that help alleviate chaotic schedules include that it is versatile (52%), a quick go-to meal (51%) and allows for multitasking while it’s cooking (44%).

(click on image to see Pasta Love info-graphic full-size)

pasta love infographic

World Pasta Day isn’t just about sharing recipes and time saving tips. It also happens to be a day that you can help others put food on their table. Today only you can visit the Barilla Facebook page and Share A Hug tab where you can share a virtual hug with friends and Barilla will donate the equivalent of 4 meals to Feeding America. You’ll also get hugged back with a coupon for $1 off Barilla pasta and sauces.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Barilla. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

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  1. That pasta dish looks delicious. I made the lasagne and my kids liked it better than how I normally make it. I want to try the lemon spaghetti in the book next.

  2. Oh man that dish looks great! Nice and light.. which I think would be perfect for the summer!

  3. Eh, I missed it, it was a cool program to tout though and I hope they got a lot of donations over to Feeding America.

    Pasta’s my go-to meal if I haven’t got a lot of time. It’s easy, versatile, & everyone loves it.