Put Your Best Face Forward for Graduation Day

Graduation Day

*I was provided with tips and products from Clean & Clear It's been 12 years since I've thought about Graduation Day. Honestly, I didn't even go to my own high school graduation ceremony. By the time my peers were walking across the stage I had graduated a semester early, enrolled at the local community college and walked down the aisle with my husband. I had no interest in being center stage, even if it was among 300 other classmates. But … [Read more...]

Meet The Official LEGO® Channel on YouTube

lego friends

When it comes to entertaining my kids YouTube has always been a social channel that I've felt wary about letting them use. While it's full of great user created content, there's also mature content I don't want them to accidentally stumble onto. What I have discovered is that there are fun and safe ways for my children to watch videos on YouTube. In my own account I can create custom playlists packed with age appropriate videos. Most … [Read more...]

The Holly Jolly Assembly Guide for the New Bicycle Under the Tree #MomsonBikes

holly jolly bike assembly guide

The holiday season is full of a lot of joy and equally as much stress. While it's fun to shop, maybe even wrap, it's the aftermath of Christmas presents that brings the most stress into our holiday celebration. Once the toys are free of wrapping paper, tape and bows, the kids immediately want them out of the packaging. The best part of Christmas morning is all the new toys to play with right? For parents, that can be a nightmare. I know … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift for Boys | Hasbro’s KRE-O Transformers

kreo transformers scrapper

This week my son was pretty lucky little dude. He got a very early Christmas gift when a few KRE-O TRANSFORMERS sets arrived at our door. One set in particular, the KRE-O TRANSFORMERS Destruction Site Devastator was packed with a whopping 650 pieces of fun. Designed for kids ages 8 - 14, my 11 year old son is the perfect age for this type of building set. The really cool thing about this kind of building set is that you can build the characters … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift for Boys | Huffy Super Hero Bicycles and a Bike Buying Video Tip – #MomsonBikes

huffy bikes

For the first time in my history of holiday shopping I can proudly say that I'm done buying gifts and it's not even halfway through December. This is a big accomplishment for a procrastinator like myself. But I also know a lot of folks have NOT finished their holiday shopping. So if you're scrambling to come up with last minute ideas I think you should put Huffy on your go-to list. For less than $100 you can find the perfect bike for children … [Read more...]

Christmas Shopping in July | New Winx Club Deluxe Toy Doll Collection

winx club

This post brought to you by Winx Club Deluxe. All opinions are 100% mine. If there's one holiday I need to plan ahead for it's Christmas. We have three kids to shop for and they almost always request a toy or two from the holiday hot list. The problem? Waiting until the holiday season to buy these hot toys can prove to be difficult if not impossible. That's why I like to start early and venture to guess which toys will be hot in the coming … [Read more...]

Gardening Find | Miracle-Gro Kids Mickey Mouse Vegetable Greenhouse

miracle gro mickey mouse greenhouse

Last summer we started our first real home gardening project. With the help of family we were able to construct a raised bed garden, fill it with vegetables, herbs and in the process teach our kids about growing food. It was a pretty large scale project that the kids seem to quickly lose interest in. They thought of it more as mommy's garden than something they could enjoy too. This year things are a bit different. We got a late start to our … [Read more...]

Clearasil PerfectWash No Touch Dispenser for Teen (and Mom) Acne

clearasil perfect wash dispenser

As a teenager, I was one of the not-so-lucky ones that experienced facial acne. For a girl (or boy) going through so many life changes at once, acne shouldn't be one more to deal with. I know my pre-teen son isn't emotionally prepared to start a new school year with a once perfect complexion now dotted with pimples. To help him fight the acne and keep his skin cleaner I introduced him to the Clearasil PerfectWash system. The starter kit … [Read more...]

Girl Fashion Find | Shopping at Justice for Girls

justice tanks tops

Every time my husband suggests hitting the mall as something to do, I roll my eyes and wish he had not said those words out loud. I don't necessarily hate the place (I don't like it either) since it gives me an excuse to grab an Auntie Anne's pretzel but walking in there means we'll walk by Justice. It's like heaven on Earth for little girls that adore fashion. Saying "no" to going in there is just impossible I tell you. So here we are ... … [Read more...]

Sport Some Color with SAFESKIN Kids Sport Wrap

Safe SkinRed Hand

April is National Youth Sports Safety Month – I teamed up with SAFESKIN® Kids Sport Wrap to bench the beige of traditional sports wraps for my kids. For many parents, this is a busy time of the year with Spring sports for kids. The temperature is warming up, kids are ready to get outside and get active, it's a good time to think about sports safety. Injuries are always on my mind especially as I watched my son get pounded into the ground time and … [Read more...]