Tollytots Toddler Dolls Now include Disney Brave’s Princess Merida

Tollytots Brave Princess Merida Toddler Doll

I was provided with a doll to review and giveaway. There's nothing in this world that gets my daughters excited quite like a Disney Princess does, whether it's meeting one, watching one in a movie or playing  hands on with a princess doll. And now that Merida of "Brave" has joined Disney's Royal Court of Princesses, they're even more excited. Over the years they've collected and played with just about every Disney Princess doll on store … [Read more...]

The Tooth Brushing Fight Is Over! We’ve Got ToothTunes to the Rescue

Kaydence Tooth Tunes

Growing up my mom was always hovering over my shoulder when it came time to brush my teeth before bed. It was an obsessive trait she passed onto me. Now as a mom myself I find myself having to constantly hound my kids to brush their teeth. Let's face it, it's not exactly fun but incredibly important. I've bought the character brushes, the electric spinning brushes and even the sweet flavored tooth pastes but none have quite helped get the job … [Read more...]

Meet The Official LEGO® Channel on YouTube

lego friends

When it comes to entertaining my kids YouTube has always been a social channel that I've felt wary about letting them use. While it's full of great user created content, there's also mature content I don't want them to accidentally stumble onto. What I have discovered is that there are fun and safe ways for my children to watch videos on YouTube. In my own account I can create custom playlists packed with age appropriate videos. Most … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift for Boys | Huffy Super Hero Bicycles and a Bike Buying Video Tip – #MomsonBikes

huffy bikes

For the first time in my history of holiday shopping I can proudly say that I'm done buying gifts and it's not even halfway through December. This is a big accomplishment for a procrastinator like myself. But I also know a lot of folks have NOT finished their holiday shopping. So if you're scrambling to come up with last minute ideas I think you should put Huffy on your go-to list. For less than $100 you can find the perfect bike for children … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift for Girls | Disney Princess Cinderella’s Transforming Pumpkin Carriage


Living in a house with little girls we get a lot of Disney Princess themed toy requests for birthdays, Christmas and pretty much anytime we just walk into a store. Right now the Disney Princess must-have items all revolve around Princess Cinderella thanks to the release of Cinderella Diamond Edition on Blu-ray and DVD. She's making a comeback in a huge way with a full line-up of dolls and toys including what is sure to be a hot item this holiday … [Read more...]

10 WINNERS GIVEAWAY | Pink Happy Owl Children’s Bedding by JoJO Designs

beyond bedding owl bedding

Several weeks ago we started the process of once again giving our kids each a bedroom makeover. Our son had grown out of his Cardinals bedroom and our daughters had just gotten their walls repainted. It was time for them to get a more grown up look, putting away the butterfly toddler bedding and theme they had since they were babies. The girls were undecided on their room theme until we started browsing the kids bedding options online. It … [Read more...]

Summer Fun Indoors with Crayola Color Wonder

crayola color wonder giveaway

This past week has brought some crazy hot weather, as it has for most of the country. Besides swimming, we were running out of ideas to keep the kids entertained and out of the heat. That is until a package full of summer fun arrived on our door step. Crayola, one of my all-time favorite brands shared a package with our family that included an assortment of the Color Wonder products. If you've never experienced these, you must try them soon. … [Read more...]

Emma’s First Bike And A Ride To Celebrate National Bike Month With Huffy #MomsonBikes

Emmas First Huffy Bike

May is a pretty exciting month. In addition to Mother's Day, it's also National Bike Month and more importantly, it's also the month Emma (our 3 yr old daughter) got to experience and enjoy her first two wheel bicycle. Back in February her big gift for her birthday was a So Sweet Huffy Bicycle with training wheels that's just perfect for her size. She spent two long months excited and waiting to ride her first big girl bike for the first time … [Read more...]