Fair Trade Jewelry from ReStyle

ReStyle Fair Trade Leather Bracelet

A few weeks ago I received a bracelet from a completely new-to-me company called ReStyle.  Aside from being beautiful, it's special because it was created using recycled leather collected from Colombia s leather handbag industry. These leather pieces would have been discarded into a landfill or incinerated. The 1 1/2" wide cuff bracelet is designed to fit most wrist sizes with an open cuff and flexible material. It's just one of many beautiful … [Read more...]

Fashionable & Affordable Fitness Clothing #C9atTarget

c9 bras and shorts at target

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target. This past week I took myself out for a little treat. Well, not so much a treat as it was a necessity. I have been in dire need of warm weather clothes since I gained back the weight I lost last year. Knowing I would be working hard all summer to shed the pounds once again I went to Target. It's my number one destination for fitness clothes that are both affordable and fashionable. The … [Read more...]

Keeping Warm with Free Country Outerwear

Free Country Liberty Fleece Jacket

This has been yet another odd winter in Illinois. There was a time you could expect November through March to be two things: cold and snow covered. Weather just isn't like that anymore. Now we're lucky to get a couple inches of snow and there is the occasional week of weather I would almost describe as warm. When it's 60 degrees outside and the typical high is only 35 degrees, that's warm! But that's not a complaint. It just means I get to … [Read more...]

Know What to Look for when Purchasing Maternity Formal Wear

trendy tummy maternity

Unless you are carrying more than one child, it is likely that you won’t start showing until your second trimester. Once the second trimester rolls around, you’ll need to quickly rethink your wardrobe. If you are a planner, you might want to consider stocking your closet with the necessary maternity clothing that you’ll need throughout your pregnancy. However, you can also have fun by shopping for clothes as you need them so that you don’t get … [Read more...]

Mom Fitness Find | Nike Tees & Shorts at Nike Outlet Store

nike fitness shorts for moms

If you have a Nike Outlet store nearby, now is the time to visit. When we were checking out the one in Tuscola, IL I found some great buys in the women's fitness apparel department. I scored four t-shirts for $16 each along with 4 pairs of shorts for just $10 each. I haven't seen either of the exact ones I bought online but I can tell you, these shorts are ridiculously comfortable. Unlike other shorts I've worn, they don't ride up the thighs … [Read more...]

Mom Fashion Find | A Little Country, A Lot of Cute

mom fashion country and cute

I've never been huge into fashion, at least not since I became a mom. The last decade of my life has been sloppy ponytails, basic tees, sneakers and Old Navy jeans. Comfy, casual (and blah) is how I'd describe my fashion style. It sounds as pathetic as I've looked. Well, ever since I've started losing weight (down 24 pounds as of today) I've been feeling the urge to stop with the mom clothes and find my inner fashionista. There was a time I … [Read more...]