14 Days of Laughter Bright Starts InGenuity Review

bright starts ingenuity accessory holder

Meet the Bright Starts InGenuity Playard Convenience for travel, styling for home. The InGenuity Playard is designed with the One Less Step™ folding system for the easiest portability and beautiful fabric styling to complement your home decor. But the patented Sleep Easy™ feature in the bassinet makes this Playard a stand-out in offering the most comfortable and healthy sleep for your baby. The bassinet mattress can be adjusted to a slightly … [Read more...]

Baby Shower Gift Ideas from Johnson’s Baby

johnson bedtime bath

If there's one thing we love in this house it is babies, so much that we're now up to three of them. With each of our children, some of our best memories were made in the bath tub. Between discovering the fun of bubbles and making little mo-hawks out of their soap filled hair we have a lot of memories all built around bath time fun. But sometimes, the bath tub isn't always for play time. There are moments, especially for newborns and late in the … [Read more...]

Fandanglings for your Nursery Review


Every so often I run into a mom made product that just amazes me. I'm not sure why, considering only another mom would truly know and understand the needs of other moms and children. This month, I was introduced to a product so simple, yet to so smart for nursery decor and entertainment, I just had to share it! Meet Fandangling Invented by work from home mom to two young children, Anne created the Fandangling - a less than ordinary mobile style … [Read more...]

Developmental Toys from Sassy Baby Review


New from Sassy Toys Sassy, known for its innovative infant products, is again taking a leadership role in the developmental toy category with a redesigned line that reflects the latest findings in infant development and play. The toys were created to enhance the development of the senses, which is critical to learning as we grow. The more developed the senses become during infancy, the richer and better the information is received as one grows … [Read more...]

LeapFrog My Pal Violet Review

leapfrog tag jr purple

LeapFrog My Pals Scout and Violet - ages 6 months to 3 years Now with embroidered paws! Give learning a personal touch with this soft, cuddly purple puppy named Violet! Violet connects to the computer so you can customize the music and personalize the learning with your child's name and favorite food, animal and color. Violet comes with 5 pre-loaded songs, or you can select and download your choice of learning tunes and lullabies from an … [Read more...]

Evenflo Triumph Advance Review


One of the most difficult choices a parent has to make before leaving home with their precious newborn baby is finding the safest and most convenient car seat that fits into your budget. For our family, the right choice is to use a convertible car seat that grows with our baby from the day they leave the hospital until they are toddling around the house. Evenflo Triumph Advance™ LX Convertible Car Seat A luxurious convertible car seat that … [Read more...]

Playskool Blocksters Review- Educational and Fun

blocksters babies

Did you know that when your child is playing with a toy that requires lifting lids and exploring movable parts your child is also building the muscles he or she will need to grip a pencil when it's time for school? This can be especially important for children learning hand writing skills in the near future. This is just one idea behind the Playskool Blocksters and Blockimals toy line. Watch this short video below from Playskool to learn how toys … [Read more...]

Softspot by Wozzy Review

infant softspot play mat

In my 8 years of being a mother, I can say without a doubt one of the most difficult times for me is has been when my children first started walking. The wobbly legs, the ups and down, stumbles and tumbles. It's a nerve wracking time! As proud as I am of our 8 month old daughter, Emma, I'm also fearful of her getting hurt on our hardwood floors. They may be great for keeping the messes at bay but they can also be a hazard for young … [Read more...]

Gerber 8 Grains Yogurt Review

gerber baby thumb

Gerber 8 Grains and Yogurt Cereal adds variety to your baby’s diet while introducing her to the taste of yogurt. It is made with 8 natural grains (Wheat, Barley, Rye, Corn, Sorghum, Rice, Millet, Oat), real yogurt and Live and Active Cultures. 8 Grains and Yogurt has no artificial flavors and is an excellent source of iron for healthy mental development. In addition to real yogurt and contains Live and Active Cultures, GERBER® 8 Grains and … [Read more...]

Lamaze Motion Gym Review


Every once in awhile I'm introduced to a baby product that clearly stands out in the crowd of squeaky, musical, vibrant baby toys. For instance, baby play gyms. I'm sure you've seen at least a dozen of them. They all start with the same basic structure, a soft round mat with two flexible arms overhead and little toys to dazzle your baby. None of my children have ever had one. Why? They lack creativity. This week my 7 month old daughter, … [Read more...]