Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice (and Clean) with Method’s Holiday Collection

Sugared Mint Method Clean Happy

This holiday season my favorite household cleaning product is joining the festivities with a brand new collection. The sugar and spice¬†collection brings peace to your sinks with a modern twist in Sugared Mint and Gingerbread fragrances, while the Evergreen Nice collection is sure to evoke holiday nostalgia with the aroma of Frosted Fir and Mistletoe. Not only do these limited addition dish and hand soaps smell like the holidays but they fit … [Read more...]

Finish Sticky Dish Challenge & a Sloppy Joe Pasta Recipe

Sloppy Joe Pasta Recipe

Have you ever had one of those nights where you're just too tired to plan a meal or even bother going to the grocery store? That was me last week. I had about 3 of those nights right in a row which made cooking dinner quite a challenge. I was in complete lazy mode and found myself just piecing together whatever ingredients I had on hand. In most cases those meals come out just barely edible but sometimes, just sometimes I stumble onto a recipe … [Read more...]

Spray it Once, Wear it Twice with New Method Fabric Softener Spray #CleanHappy


I've never been very good at keeping secrets, especially ones that I'm excited to share. For a few weeks now I've been holding onto some new product news from Method (you know, the home cleaning product company I adore) and I finally get to share it. You may have even already seen in on store shelves. What I'm talking about is the new Method Dryer Activated Fabric Softener Spray. It's one more product that's been added to the Method laundry … [Read more...]

The Perfect “Pear”ing – Orla Kiely and Method #CleanHappy

orla kiely pear ginger from method

It's no secret I have a little love affair with Method home cleaning products. Since first discovering the brand at Target, I've found that there just isn't anything else on the market that compares. For Method, it's not just about how well a product cleans but how safe it is for your family, the environment and now, how beautifully it fits into the style of your home. Method recently released a limited edition designer collection that … [Read more...]

Review | Hoover WindTunnel Air Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover WindTunnel Air Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Over the course of the six years that we've lived in our house I've found it easier and more affordable to eliminate carpeting from the rooms. While there are some disadvantages to having hardwood floors, overall, they're much easier to maintain and stand up to the messes of young children much better. However, we do still have two bedrooms that are carpeted and our son's room is the one that takes a beating when it comes to dust, dirt and … [Read more...]

#CleanHappy and Eat Happy with Lemon & Lime from Method

method clean happy dish soaps

Wouldn't it be grand if the food you put in your mouth was as clean and healthy as the plates you eat that food from? Back in February I made a lot of changes in our home from the foods we were eating to the cleaners we used in our home. I wanted a healthier lifestyle for myself and more importantly for my children. As a result, my husband and I not only look healthier (thanks to weight loss) but we all feel healthier too. But what sense does … [Read more...]

Fight the Funk In Your Kitchen with Filtrete Odor Protection

kitchen odors

Germs, mildew, mold, pests and odors are common occurrences in kitchens. I know we've experienced our fair share from pesky fruit flies to funky smelling leftovers in the fridge. While I try to combat the problem by eating fruits before they go bad and doing a weekly fridge clean up, problems can still persist. Thanks to healthy living expert, Lisa Beres, I've got some great tips for keeping your kitchen and home a safe and pleasant to be … [Read more...]

Suffering from Sick Home Syndrome?

wave home solutions ventillation options

This post brought to you by Wave Home Solutions. All opinions are 100% mine. Until recently I had never heard of the term Sick Home Syndrome. After a little research it turns out Sick Home Syndrome is very real and characterized by respirator ailments, asthma, headaches, throat and nose irritation among other symptoms. All of these issues can lead back to one source -- your home!  Homes with basements and crawl spaces can often host … [Read more...]

High Five A Rainbow with Clean Hands #CleanHappy

method high five a rainbow

One thing you'll find in every room of our house, at least the ones with a sink, is a bottle of Method Hand Soap. We've got 10 hands in this house all carrying various germs from work, school, outdoor playing and various germs roaming our house. It's important for our family to have products available to curb the germs and if we're lucky, keep the illnesses away. It's also important that soap we use is as clean as we want our hands to be and … [Read more...]

Take the White Sock Test and Win a $15,000 Home Makeover

white sock test dirty socks

Spring cleaning ¬†in our home is currently in progress and while I usually go from top to bottom I decided to skip ahead go straight for the carpets. Our son is sharing his bedroom with his puppy these days and lately there's been a few accidents in there. Knowing the hair, dander, allergens, dirt and unmentionables that are likely lurking in the carpet fibers, I wanted to take care of this problem right away. Vacuuming the carpets may take care … [Read more...]