DIY Canvas Photo Wraps by YouFrame

DIY Do It Yourself Canvas Wrap Pictures

One thing you may not know about me is that I love do-it-yourself projects, but I'm not very good at them. I try to learn something new whenever possible and avoid shelling out large sums of cash on projects I could potentially do myself. Sometimes they turn out wonderful and other times I'm left wishing I had just hired someone. The same is true for crafty types of projects. When it comes to printing photos I tend to leave that to the … [Read more...]

Organizing Your Life with Martha Stewart Discbound Notebooks from Staples

Martha Stewart Black Discbound Notebook

Organization is tricky word for me. In my own little world, I feel organized. I know where things and have a system for them but to everyone else it just looks like chaos. Rather than teach my family about my organized chaos I think it might be easier just to use more traditional methods the rest of them already understand. For instance, keeping track of our schedules, shopping lists and general to-do lists. It's best if those are written … [Read more...]

Snapshots | Getting Set Up for Success in 2013

sharpies for 2013

I live in a world of organized chaos. Everything has a place, whether it makes sense to anyone else or not, it's a place that works for me. I'm not a neat and tidy kinda girl but I try to be ... and usually fail. But this year I NEED to get more organized especially when it comes my life as a professional blogger and just as much in my home & personal life. I started by purchasing The Blogging Planner (which should be here soon I … [Read more...]

Turn Instagram Photos into Artwork with Printstagram

Printstagram Photo Frame

Instagram became an instant hit for me when I first downloaded the app onto my iPhone. Suddenly I felt like an awesome photographer with all those professional photo filters right at my finger tips. Okay, so maybe it didn't actually make me an awesome photographer but it made ordinary pictures become extraordinary (to me). So looking at the Food Family & Finds instagram stream you'll notice I've managed to collect over 800 snapshots in the … [Read more...]

How to Get Organized for the Holidays with the Brother P-Touch

brother label maker gift tag creator

Last week I shared my very disorganized spice cabinet. It's my go to cabinet when I'm cooking or baking especially during the holidays. With the help of my daughter we were on a mission to completely clean out this cabinet and get everything in order. We started by grouping bottles into categories like: baking decorations, extracts, bulk spices and more. Then we pulled out the Brother P-Touch Label Maker to create designers labels for the cabinet … [Read more...]

Getting Organized for the Holidays with the Brother P-Touch Labeling System

messy spice cabinet

Almost every year the family Christmas dinner is hosted at my house. In our family we like to trade holiday dinners between my mom, my sister and I. Somehow Christmas always rotates to me. Not that I mind, I love cooking a family dinner but I find myself getting extremely stressed in the weeks leading up to Christmas. We have so many family activities planned, decorating, shopping, wrapping and added to my list is prepping the menu for the dinner … [Read more...]

School’s In Session with Snapfish and HP

snapfish canvas print of disney vacation

Last month I was asked to be part of the Snapfish School's In Session program where I was introduced to a whole new side of Snapfish and HP. The kids are all back in school and while I thought I was completely done and over with all of the school shopping and organizing, I quickly found I was wrong. It didn't take long before I found myself in the middle of some learning experiences of my own that I thought would be helpful for other … [Read more...]

Setting Up Your Students for Success with the Right Back to School Tech Gear

tween office and computer desk

Just last week our son went off to school for his 6th grade year. 6th grade! Won't be long before he's in middle, high school and maybe even college. As much as I'd like to say I remember what it was like to be a 6th grader, I really can't. And honestly, my experience would matter much because the times have changed. What my son learns in school and the tools he uses are far different than they were in my day. I was growing up in the world of … [Read more...]