The Coolest Coffee Around! #DunkinMugUp

dunkin mug

Cool is so not a word I would ever use to describe myself. Quirky, weird, maybe even odd, those are more my thing. But even though I'm not so cool, I'd say my coffee is. I mean, seriously, how could my Dunkin' Donuts coffee not be cool when it comes in edgy flavors like chocolate glazed donut, blueberry muffin and jelly donut??? I'd say my coffee is even cooler because it gets to hang out in my awesome collection of coffee mugs. You see, I … [Read more...]

5 Minute Veggie Dinner Salad with the Magimix Food Processor

5 Minute Family Sized Veggie Dinner Salad with Magimix Food Processor

I was provided with a product sample to share my experiences. I have this quirky love for preparing dinner. Well, any meal really. Except for breakfast, that one always makes me feel like a crazed short order cook trying to time everything just right. But in general, my favorite part of the meal is preparing the food. I actually find it quite relaxing to slowly dice vegetables, sear meat and watch a pot as it begins to boil. I'd do it every … [Read more...]

Spring Flower Pot Cakes with Double Blooming Sugar Cookies #WiltonTreatTeam

Double Flower Cookie Pops with Cake Flower Pots #WiltonTreatTeam

I've never been much of a hobby person but there is one hobby that I've loved since I could reach the table and help my mom with in the kitchen. BAKING! I'm probably a little weird just for the simple fact that I actually love the process of baking more than eating the end result. And that's why I'm so happy to partner with my all-time favorite baking brand, Wilton, for another year of baking fun. I've been part of the Wilton Mom Brand Ambassador … [Read more...]

Clear & Clean Water with the Laica Mineralbalance water filtration system

laica filtered pitchers

I was provided with a Laica pitcher and filters. For me, drinking water has always been a chore. Water straight from the tap never tastes quite right and bottled water is just too expensive (and wasteful with all of those plastic bottles). I'm far too lazy to hook one of those over-the-faucet filtration systems on my kitchen. So that leaves me with water pitchers. I recently started using the Laica filtration system and it's not your ordinary … [Read more...]

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with #OutbackBestMates Steak Menu for Two Combo

Valentines Day 2014 Combo from Outback Steakhouse #OutbackBestMates

Valentine's Day is a bit of a sore spot for me. In the past, my husband has been less than romantic when it comes to planning our special day together. But that's going to change this year because not only am I not leaving the planning up to him but I'm going to surprise him with a dinner out for just the two of us. This happens so rarely when you have three children! As an Outback Best Mates ambassador, I've been given the unique opportunity … [Read more...]

$500 GIVEAWAY | Hot Chocolate Milkshakes with Limited Edition #TruMoo Chocolate Marshmallow Milk

Hot Chocolate Milkshake with TruMoo Chocolate Marshmallow Milk #TruMoo

Bought to you by TruMoo. All experiences, opinions & recipe are my own. Valentine's Day is all about love and perfect matches. Well, in my opinion, nothing goes together quite like chocolate and marshmallows. They're the perfect combo for this cold, winter holiday in a cup of hot cocoa. But even better, is when you combine the two in the new Limited Edition TruMoo Chocolate Marshmallow milk! This special flavor combo is available for a … [Read more...]

New Year, New Me? I Hope So! Win with #DunkinMugUp

dunkin mug up january

Every new year I like to think I have a clean slate before me. A fresh set of three hundred and sixty five days where I can choose to be a different person, a better person who makes better choices. This year, like so many others, I want to make better choices for my health. For me, this means saying goodbye to soda, cooking healthier meals and making time for exercise. The exercise part is most important to me at this point. I'm very fortunate … [Read more...]

Kitchen Find | DIY Spice Rack for more Cabinet Space

do it yourself spice rack

*republished from 2012 For years I've been collecting McCormick spices. As of this moment, I have around 50 spice bottles and I truly use every single one of them. The problem is I can never find the right one in the exact moment that I need it. Just this week I was cooking dinner and quickly needed to find my bottle of ground ginger. I opened up those cabinet doors you see below and was greeted with a mass of red lidded bottles. They were … [Read more...]