Mom Find | I’m Not Ready to Look 30, Testing out Meaningful Beauty

cindy crawford meaningful beauty kit

The title pretty much sums it up ... I'm not ready to look 30. After just turning 29 last month, I've taken a deeper look into my skin care regimen that started with an acne wash years ago and well, I never really got out of the "teenage" skin routine. While the acne subsided I never thought much about my skin aging until recently. While smiling in front of a mirror I've begun to notice "crow's feet" around the corner's of my eyes and brown sun … [Read more...]

Baby Steps Towards a Natural Lifestyle with Johnson’s Naturals

johnson naturals

One of my biggest goals for 2012 is to take small but important steps towards living a more natural lifestyle. This started with changing over all of our bills from paper statements to electronic, choosing organic meats and vegetables and we're even working on choosing more natural healthy & beauty products. While I've found that natural and organic choices tend to be more expensive and difficult to find, this isn't always the case, … [Read more...]

Kid Find | Safety 1st ProGrade VersaScan TALKING Thermometer

safety 1st talking thermometer versascan

For the past few weeks our family has been under attack by one virus or another. Between the sneezes, coughs and stomach bugs, there's been more late night fevers than I care to experience again. As a mom, a fever is probably the most worrisome part of illnesses for me. I see how it can make my child feel terrible and I spend my time watching and waiting for the fever to go down or get so bad that we need to get help from a doctor. One of the … [Read more...]

Beauty Find | Cake Batter Conditioner from Glop & Glam

kaydee blond curly hair

Sweets in the Shower ... not quite as naughty as it sounds but definitely delicious (for the nose). I was doing some blog hopping earlier this month and ran into yet another blog post from Nichol at where she shared a review of Glop & Glam organic hair care products. As soon as I saw "candy apple shampoo" and "cake batter conditioner" I was sold. My two favorite scents in the whole world!   So I asked … [Read more...]

Neosporin Essentials for Eczema Review

neosporin essentials

For as long as I can remember I've suffered with the occasional eczema breakout. This includes mild symptoms of irritation, itching (severe) and dry/scaly skin rashes on my hands and feet. While it can be found other places on the body, those are my trouble spots especially during the dry winter months. It usually starts out as very itchy spot on the palms of my hands that when left untreated (or scratched beyond belief) becomes red, scaly and … [Read more...]

Soothe Winter Dry Skin with Neutrogena® Hand Cream

neutrogena giveaway

During the winter months, like many people, I experience dry skin skin. Some days the dryness can be so bad that my palms burn, turn bright red and flake. It's not an experience that looks or feels good. Having sensitive skin that is irritated even more, I tend to look for products and hand creams that are fragrance free and marked as "Dermatologist Recommended". One recent product I've tried is the Norwegian Formula Hand Cream from Neutrogena … [Read more...]

Gift for the Guys | Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D Shaver

3d shaver

If you're still on the hunt for a great holiday gift for the man in your life, my husband and I (yes, I tried it too) recommend the Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D Shaver. Don't let the high price point of around $250 deter you, it's one gift that worth the extra cash. My husband has been using it for about 2 weeks now and may never got back to disposable razor ever again. Top Features GyroFlex 3D contour-following heads adjust seamlessly to … [Read more...]

A Sensitive Subject … For Your Mouth


Did You Know? Up to 57% of adults suffer tooth sensitivity people 25-44 are just as likely to experience teeth sensitivity as those over 45 75% of people using a sensitive toothpaste say they still experience painful flare-ups Unfortunately, I am one of the unlucky that fit into each of the statistics above. My sensitivity issues even go as far as causing me to avoid certain foods like extremely hot soup, ice cream and sour candies. … [Read more...]

Find Your Balance with Family Fitness Fun

3 Kids and Us soccor

Now that fall is almost here and I'm getting back into the swing of a busy schedule with my three children, I'm striving to find more balance in my life especially when it comes to fitness. Often times as parents, we put our physical needs aside to make sure our kids are getting good meals, dedicated one on one time and shuffled to and from after school activities. This kind of crazy scheduling can put your body's needs on the back … [Read more...]

Don’t Fret the Sweat Facebook Application

dont fret the sweat prizes

This summer I've teamed up with Unilever to promote their newest campaign, "Don't Fret the Sweat". As the parent of a 9 year old son who is developing his manly odor, more prominent during these hot months, especially after football practice, I want to make him comfortable with his bodily changes. We want our son to feel confident on and off the field so we've begun working with him to create a hygiene routine to can keep the man smells at bay … [Read more...]