Help Say Goodbye to Sick Days with Culturelle Kids Chewables Probiotic

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There are many things we love about the kids going back to school, a few things we dislike and one thing we really, really dislike. Sick days! Every school year we know two things to be true. 1. We have to buy school supplies. 2. There's always the dreaded "back to school" cold bug that sweeps through our family. In the seven years we've been sending our children to public schools, they always bring home at least one virus around the first … [Read more...]

Summer Fun in the Sun with Banana Boat

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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Banana Boat. I received product samples and promotional item as a thank you for participating. Just when I thought summer was over we got another heat spell. Even with the kids back in school, we're still enjoying afternoons and weekends with some fun in the sun. We're spending a lot of our time at the park, the water park and even in our own backyard tossing the football … [Read more...]

Put Your Best Face Forward for Graduation Day

Graduation Day

*I was provided with tips and products from Clean & Clear It's been 12 years since I've thought about Graduation Day. Honestly, I didn't even go to my own high school graduation ceremony. By the time my peers were walking across the stage I had graduated a semester early, enrolled at the local community college and walked down the aisle with my husband. I had no interest in being center stage, even if it was among 300 other classmates. But … [Read more...]

Provella Probiotic Supplement for Women

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As a mom I spend a lot of time making sure everyone in my family is healthy. Sometimes I'm so concerned with everyone else's needs I put my own aside. It's a daily battle to remember to eat properly, exercise or even take a stress-free break. Skipping meals, lack of exercise, not getting enough hours of sleep and daily stress all contribute to frequent digestive problems from indigestion to constipation. Both of which are NOT something a mom … [Read more...]

Revealing the Truth about Mommy Me-Time #DoveTruth

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When your a full-time mom in a house with 3 kids, there really is no such thing as free-time or even me-time. Every day is a constant battle to clean up the trails of messes left behind, entertaining when the dreaded "I'm bored" whiny voices take over and all of the cleaning and cooking duties in between. There are days I wish I could build myself a soundproof room just to get away from it all for an hour a day. But the reality is, the only way … [Read more...]

New Deep Moisture Body Wash with NutriumMoisture®

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When temperatures drop in Illinois they really drop. This past week it has been below 30 degrees F, sometimes with a wind chill much lower. Along with the cold temperatures comes a season of rough and dry skin for me. Head to toe I get covered in dry, flaky skin that feels just awful. Since I'm not fond of lotions that often leave my skin feeling greasy, I focus my efforts on body washes that provide the moisture my skin needs to stay … [Read more...]

Resolutions #Cravebox Review | Zone Perfect, Smart Ones and More

Inside the Resolutions CraveBox

We're halfway through January and at the top of many people's resolutions was weight loss and fitness. While I didn't personally make this resolution, I have gotten back into the routine of tracking my activity with the FitBit One and I'm striving to make healthier food choices. It took me several months to lose 30 pounds and only a couple of winter holidays to gain over half of them back. So now I'm back in the game and ready to knock those … [Read more...]

Teen Time Cravebox Review | Mary Kay – Pantene – Schick & More #Cravebox

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Monthly delivery programs seem to have become quite a popular thing these days. There's a delivery service for just about anything and after months of wavering I finally picked a service that would be a good fit for me. Cravebox is one of the many but it's unique in a way that each box is based around a rather random theme. For instance, there are some boxes coming up that include the Big Game box (football theme), Return to School box (back to … [Read more...]