Strawberry Pickin’ at Jefferies Orchard

Jefferies Orchard Fresh Picked Strawberries

Going to Jefferies Orchard for the u-pick strawberries has been a May tradition for as long as I can remember. One day each year my parents would pull me out of bed with the sun rise and take me out to the orchard where we'd go row by row picking juicy strawberries. They almost always ended up being squished and sugared for strawberry shortcake. Me, well, I like to take a less traditional route. Sure, we'll still have plenty of … [Read more...]

Inside the New Five Guys Burgers & Fries in Springfield Illinois

Five Guys Burgers and Fries Springfield IL White Oaks Mall Location

Conveniently located on the west side at White Oaks Mall in Springfield, Illinois, there's a new burger joint to get your greasy fix. Today was the grand opening of Five Guys Burger & Fries and not nearly as packed as I'd thought it would be. There was a steady stream of customers but no more than a five minute wait for your food. If you didn't make it out today you can get your burger fix 7 days a week from 11am to 10pm. The only down-side, … [Read more...]

Weekend Things | St. Louis

St Louis Zoo Kids

When it comes to taking trips or vacations ... we are planners. I've never been the spur of the moment kind of person and doing so takes a huge leap of faith for me. Luckily I'm married to the kind of man that is perfectly calm about jumping in the car and just going wherever, whenever. He pushes me outside of my comfort zone whether I want to be pushed or not. And that's pretty much what he did on Sunday. Saturday night we were laying in bed … [Read more...]

Flashback to Jamaica & Belgian Waffles with Bananas Foster Topping

Bananas Foster Belgian Waffles

Sometimes I walk into the living room and catch a glimpse of the curio cabinet shelf lined with souvenirs and photos from our "babymoon" trip to Jamaica back in 2007.  It's kinda funny when I think about it because now I can look back on the trip and see how perfect and peaceful it was having my husband all to myself for a week on a tropical island. My feelings weren't quite the same while we were there. I was very pregnant, got a nasty … [Read more...]

Photography | Snapshot with Daisy Duck at Disney World

Daisy Duck Hugs at Disney World

We got the opportunity to meet and greet a lot of Disney characters during our last trip to Disney World and most of them were after a very long wait. Like anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour of waiting. I can't remember which park we were in but we were on our way out and spotted Daisy just hanging out all by herself. As luck would have it she was setting up for a meet and greet and we happened to be the first ones there. So we got a few minutes … [Read more...]

Snacks and Sweets Found Around Disney World

Disney World Minnie Mouse Dipped Apples

I have to admit, when we planned our first trip to Disney World there were only two things on my mind. First, we had to find and meet Mickey Mouse. Second, my sweet tooth was craving all the confections found around the Disney parks. I had seen various pictures online of Mickey shaped treats that I just couldn't wait to try. I may have even gone a little overboard in my search for sweets. My first stop was the Main Street Confectionery where I … [Read more...]

Dining at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Tony's Town Square Tiramisu

When my husband and I booked our very first (and so far only) Disney World vacation package, we weren't quite sure what to expect in terms of dining. Looking at the website I saw there were a ton of options throughout the resorts and theme parks. What we didn't realize was that many of them required advance reservations, and I mean ADVANCE, like months. During our stay we called every day to see which restaurants were available and the cast … [Read more...]

Staying in the Port Orleans Riverside Royal Guest Rooms at Disney World

Disney World Mickey Shaped Bath Towels

When my husband first brought up the idea of a vacation last year I was very hesitant about it. Vacations are insanely expensive and exhausting. In fact, I don't think we've had a vacation to date that I hadn't wished we just put the money in savings and stayed home. Don't get me wrong, Disney World was an amazing and new experience for us but we picked one of the worst times of the year to go (August before kids go back to school). The weather … [Read more...]

Now THIS is How You Plan a Date with Your Husband


My husband and I don't go on many dates. I can probably count the number of times we do them each year on one hand. With three kids, getting a responsible babysitter and the extra money to actually go do something isn't easy. When I made my list of 13 things I want to do in 2013 one of them was ... Take a trip with my husband. Not just a date but like 2 nights minimum alone with my husband and no children, stresses, work or worries. Well … [Read more...]

It was a Gutter Ball Saturday | #Troop8x #HTC8

cat bowling

Jon spent has spent a lot of time working this month. Not even just his regular 8 - 4 job but a lot of off-duty jobs to help keep our heads above water financially. He works hard for our family and occasionally he needs a night off that doesn't involve taking out the garbage or squished until a pile of kids begging for the same book to be read for the 25th time. So we grabbed some coupons and took the family out for some Saturday … [Read more...]