Life with Daughters … Sometimes You Just Gotta Roll With It

round brush stuck in curly hair

Up until yesterday, my husband and I thought we had most of this parenting thing covered. We've made it through years newborn to 13 with our son and he put us through just about every situation imaginable, short of broken bones and life threatening illnesses. And we've thus far survived years newborn through 7 years with our daughter. By the time Emma is a teenager, I figure we'll be pros. But that doesn't mean we don't hit stumbling blocks that … [Read more...]

Kaydee’s 7th “Beach Party” Birthday

Kaydee 7th Birthday

For the first time in years I actually got away with a super simple birthday party for Miss Kaydee. On July 1st, this little girl turned 7 and wanted a beach themed birthday. Instead of all the decorations and little themed foods I usually do, she decided to spend the day at the local water park. That of course was a lot of fun, despite the mean¬†lifeguard that made her cry. I suppose part of why that happened is our fault. My husband gave this … [Read more...]

A Smile Changes Everything #PowerOfASmile

smiling kids

A smile is one of the simplest expressions we can share with the people around us. It's a way to spread joy without much effort at all. My own children, they smile dozens of times every single day. In fact, seeing their little smiles every day ¬†are one of the best parts of being a mother for me. When I'm in the worst of moods, one little puffy cheeked grin from my little Emma can turn my whole day around. But not every parent is so … [Read more...]

Happy Easter

Kaydee Emma Easter 2014

I hope y'all have a wonderful and blessed Easter holiday! We'll be spending out day hunting Easter eggs, cooking up a delicious ham, carving into a special cake and hopefully some relaxing in between. Oh, and probably trying to tame the kids with their awful sugar high from all the Easter candy. … [Read more...]

Pass the Camera and Get In the Photo with the #MomIsHere Sweepstakes


This sponsored post was written while participating in my partnership with Sprout and One2One Network, but as always, all opinions are my own. In my closet, there's a bucket. This bucket is full of photo albums and loose photos that I've taken over the years. There are hundreds of them! If you were to look on my external hard drive, you'd find thousands of photos I've taken. Most of these photos are ones I've personally taken since the … [Read more...]

Finding the PERFECT Dog for Your Family – MEET TINK! #PredictablePurebreds

6 Month Old Purebred Labrador

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Kennel Club. All opinions are 100% mine. For years, I’ve lived with the fact that I’m probably just not a dog person. They’re certainly cute and mostly friendly, but I’ve never had quite the same draw to dogs as I have had with cats. That is, until I met TINK. This adorable and sweet purebred Labrador Retriever puppy instantly captured my … [Read more...]

What Else Is New?

sebastian cream exotic shorthair kitten

1. I was rushing off to the dentist yesterday (woohoo more cavities, ugh) and I open my car to find someone had pulled everything out of my glove box and storage compartments leaving quite the mess. Then we look in the minivan to find some little jerk dug through there too and sprayed a bottle of baby powder all over the seats. Clearly somebody thought they were being funny and they're quite luck we didn't catch them. 2. Now that I finally … [Read more...]

Photos and Ideas from Emma’s Little Mermaid 5th Birthday Party

Ariel and Friends Character Ice Cream Cake

Forgive me now. What you're about to experience is photograph overload and it's not just because I'm a snap happy mommy with a camera but because I LOVE celebrating birthday parties. So long as it isn't my own. On February 24th, my "baby" Emma celebrated her 5th birthday. She may give me the stink eye when I call her that but she really will always be the baby in this house whether she likes it or not. It's a special place in the whole birth … [Read more...]

Starting a New Job? Check Out the $1000 Scavenger Hunt Sweepstakes for Tips!


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of BMO Harris Bank N.A. Member FDIC. All opinions are 100% mine. It was about this time last year when my husband came to me and started a very serious discussion about not only looking for a new job but completely starting over in a whole new state. At the time, we were up to our knees in snow and the bitter cold drove him (and me) to the breaking point. Illinois life just isn't for … [Read more...]

Weekend Things | Things that Never End

snow covered tree in illinois

So the theme of my life right now is 'things that never end'. What never ends you might ask? Well, for starters .... being SICK. I've seriously had one virus after another since early December with no signs of it ending. Cold, Flu, Cold, now Pneumonia and a sinus infection. On the bright side, I finally broke down and bought health insurance since the government pretty much forced me to. It's that or pay a fine. So come March 1st, I'll … [Read more...]