Cast Iron Skillet Hobo Potatoes Recipe

Cast Iron Skillet Home Fries

It was Monday afternoon, we had just gotten kicked out of the water park because of visible lightning in the area and someone popped the dreaded question. Mom, what's for dinner? Ugh. Sigh. Groan. I don't know. I never know. We don't have a cutesy "meal plan" because well, I'm just too lazy to think that far in advance. On most days, dinner is planned just an hour or two before it's consumed. Most of the time I like it that way because it … [Read more...]

Broccoli Cheddar Mac n Cheese Casserole Recipe

Broccoli Cheddar Mac n Cheese Casserole Recipe

*I was provided with a casserole kit and the prizes for the giveaway. Last month I was invited to join the Country Crock Casserole Club. This is pretty exciting because not only do I love to bake casseroles but my family loves to eat them. It's such an easy way to make lunch or dinner (and fewer dirty dishes). This month I was provided with a recipe card for inspiration and asked to put my own spin on it. Well, that's exactly what we did. I … [Read more...]

Rosemary Parmesan & Garlic Buttered Cast Iron Skillet Rolls Recipe

Rosemary Parmesan Garlic Cast Iron Skillet Rolls Recipe

I'm probably the last to know but apparently Easter is coming early this year, early as in MARCH. For some reason ever Easter I have in my memory took place in April when it was slightly warm. Actually the only Easter that really stands out in my mind was the one that happened on Sunday, April 15th, 2001 ... the day after my wedding. I remember because rather than having any sort of honeymoon I was stuck at a buffet with my in-laws and the rest … [Read more...]

Broccoli Cheese Potato Skins Recipe with Black Forest Brand 25% Lower Sodium Smoked Ham

Black Forest Ham and Broccoli Potato Skins

This post brought to you by Boar's Head. All opinions are 100% mine. A typical weekend lunch for family consists of cold cut sandwiches and soup. Occasionally I'll pull out the skillet and make the grilled cheese but no matter what we're making it has to be on the healthier side because my husband is trying to lose weight. And the rest of us easily get bored with the sandwiches so this weekend we set out to try something a little … [Read more...]

Green Giant Steamers Side Dish with Quick Chicken Parmigiana Strips

Steamed Broccoli and Potatoes from Green Giant

Some week night meals can be a real challenge for a busy family like ours. There are nights that my husband comes home late, the kids frequently bring home illnesses from school or to be honest, I just get tired. I still like to have a fresh meal on the table, even if that means it's a semi-homemade meal. I'll occasionally turn to the freezer section of the grocery store to help me throw together a complete meal without a lot of time or work … [Read more...]

It’s National Pierogi Day and I Went on a Pierogi Making Adventure

broccoli cheddar potato pierogies

There's a good chance that when I say the word "Pierogi" out loud, I'm probably not pronouncing it correctly. Truth is, up until last week when I got an email about October 8th being National Pierogi Day, I'd never even heard of one let alone eaten one. I'm not one to get into all these made up national food days, but I took this one as a personal challenge. I love to cook and even more, I love to cook things that are new to me. I challenge … [Read more...]

RECIPE | Smashed (not Mashed) Potatoes with Sour Cream and Chives

sour cream and chives smashed potatoes

Smashed, mashed, what's the difference? Is there one? YES! Well at least in our house there's a difference. I'm the queen of potatoes around here with Kaydee following in my foot steps as the second biggest potato lover. So in essence, we cook a lot of potatoes. When it's hot we do them mashed or fried. When it's cool out we do them smashed or baked. The difference you see is all about the texture. Mashed = peel, quartered, boiled and … [Read more...]

Kraft Sizzling Salad Kit Fajita Chicken Salad with BBQ Ranch Dressing

Fajita Chicken Salad with BBQ Ranch Dressing

This past Memorial Day Weekend we celebrated like many do with a family cookout and plenty of food. When we do a get-together everyone always brings a few different side dishes so there's a variety available. One of the dishes I whipped together was made with the help of the new Kraft Sizzling Salads kits. Each kit comes with two bottles: a cooking sauce for the chicken and a dressing for salad. You can pair them on a plate as a whole meal or … [Read more...]