Lucky Lime Leprechaun Party Punch Recipe for St. Patrick’s Day

Lucky Lime Leprechaun Sherbet Party Punch Recipe for St Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day isn't a big holiday for our family. None of us are Irish or have any idea what the holiday is actually about. My history of this holiday involves my grade school classroom covered in paper foot prints, desks knocked over and the classroom "trashed" by those pesky Leprechauns. We don't do corned beef (that stuff looks raw), we don't drink alcohol but I can certainly appreciate a potato or two. So our holiday usually involves some … [Read more...]

Lightened Up Pistachio Milkshake Recipe with St. Patrick’s Day Straw Toppers

Kiss Me I'm Irish Straw Topper Craft

I am a compensated member of the Truvia network of Honestly Sweet Bloggers. Product has been provided but opinions and product usage are based on my own experiences. March is probably my least favorite month of the year. It almost always comes in like a lion as it is this year with the snowstorm on the way and it tends to forget it's suppose to go out like a lamb. Weather aside, there is one thing to love about this month and that is St. … [Read more...]

Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls Recipe from A Cowboy’s Wife

Ice Cinnamon Rolls

A few days ago I got this intense craving for someone cinnamon rolls. I didn't have any canned ones hanging out the fridge and my husband was working so a trip to the store wasn't an option. (kids were already in bed) So I started doing some searching online and found this video recipe of Paula Deen's cinnamon rolls. They looked amazing! But uhh ... they're actually kinda dry and flavorless. I've also tried Pioneer Woman's recipe and it's about … [Read more...]

Recipe | St. Patrick’s Day Green Velvet Cupcakes with Fluffy White Icing

st patricks day green velvet cupcakes

No matter the holiday, cupcakes are one treat you can dress up for any occasion. Green velvet cupcakes are no exception. Much like red velvet cupcakes, these have a velvet texture and vibrant color ... green for St. Patrick's Day! Making these green velvet cupcakes is extremely easy and comes with the added bonus of playing with food coloring. When I'm not working with coloring buttercream, I love using McCormick green food color to … [Read more...]

Recipe | Chocolate Mint Green Grasshopper Pudding Pie for St. Patrick’s Day

green grasshopper pie st patricks day

St. Patrick's Day isn't far off and I've got two things flooding my brain these days. Mint. Green. Together these two things make some tasty desserts that are festive enough to celebrate with on one of the greenest holidays of the year. I may not be Irish (but I am super pale, does that count?) I don't pass up the chance to make goodies for the kids. This is so easy to make there's really no "recipe" nessecary. Just pick up a … [Read more...]

Chocolate Mint Grasshopper Cookie Ball Pops for St. Patrick’s Day

green grasshopper mint cookie balls

If you're a fan of cake pops then you will absolutely positively be head-over-heels in LOVE with cookie ball pops. As an added bonus, they are so much easier to make. You don't get the burnt egg flavor of cake pop makers or the sticky fingers of traditional cake pops, instead you get this smooth texture that holds shape considerably well for being made from a cookie. You can bake your own cookie to crumble or use your favorite store bought … [Read more...]

Mint Chocolate Shamrock Shake for St. Patrick’s Day

chocolate mint shamrock shake

For a couple of weeks now I've been hearing buzz about the McDonald's Shamrock Shake. People are literally tripping over themselves to get in line for one, or maybe that's just my husband. Regardless, I've never ever tried a Shamrock shake. For some reason, the idea of a mint flavored milk shake just doesn't sound appealing. For me, mint is meant to be a subtle flavor in desserts, not necessarily take the star role. That said, I decided to try … [Read more...]

Mint OREO Cookie Balls Recipe for St. Patrick’s Day


Whether you're hosting a family get together or having fun with your little leprechaun's, these cookie balls will make a fun and easy treat for St. Patrick's Day. This no bake recipe is perfect for children who love to be in the kitchen and can help every step of the way! For even more fun, you could arrange the cookie balls into the shape of a lucky four leaf clover on a large serving platter for guests. Cool Mint OREO Cookie Balls … [Read more...]