Fruit for All Project with Juicy Juice and Feeding America

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This month I've partnered with Nestle Juicy Juice to address a very important issue. As a mom, my number one goal is make sure my children are healthy and happy. Not being able to provide those two basic needs are is an issue very close to my heart. There was a time very early in my parenting days where my husband and I struggled financially. We were a young and normal American family just trying to make ends meet. Unfortunately, that didn't … [Read more...]

5 Unique Tips for Grilling Out with a Crowd

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Summers around here are a time for swimming, gardening and my husband's personal favorite, grilling. We tend to have family and friends over to the house quite often so he can grill up some burgers, chicken and hot dogs. The great thing about it is we always have fun and leave the stress behind thanks to these simple yet savvy tips for grilling when you're the host. Create a Self-Serve Toppings Buffet When serving food to a larger crowd it's … [Read more...]

Kitchen Finds (and Props) for Foodies from Crate & Barrel

kitchen finds for foodies

Ever since diving head first into the food blogger world, I've found myself swimming in a sea of kitchen props. My cabinets are literally over flowing with unique dishes, plates and bowls with no mates. There's one to two matching pieces but mostly dozens of mismatched dinnerware and serving dishes. My husband sometimes jokes that he's gonna have to hire a contractor to build me an extra cabinet just for all of my food photography gear. I'm not … [Read more...]

New Kraft Foods Products for Summer

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Now that summer is here our family is doing a lot of outdoor grilling. It saves us from heating up the house, my husband gets a turn to cook and well, it's fun! Thanks to Kraft Foods we've been changing up our summer meals with an assortment of new products. My absolute favorite right now is the Sizzling Salads Kits which we used to make the BBQ Ranch Salad topped with Fajita Chicken. I love throwing some grilled chicken on a bed of veggies and … [Read more...]

Mornings with 100% Natural Florida Orange Juice

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This post brought to you by Florida Orange Juice. All opinions are 100% mine. There was a time in my life when my day began with a hot cup of coffee or worse, acan of soda. I was always so busy and not as worried about my overall health as I should have been. Fortunately, I've gotten older and more aware of my daily food and drink choices. These days I limit my liquids to water, hot tea, a rare soda and lots of natural juices. One of my … [Read more...]

Recipe | Italian Sloppy Joe Sandwiches

italian sloppy joes sandwich

More often than not I find myself cooking many of the same meals over and over again for our family. There's a short list of go-to recipes that are easy, affordable and comforting. The problem is they can also become boring when you're eating them every other week. One of those dishes is the Sloppy Joe Sandwich. My family loves it, I love making it but the flavors can get boring. While browsing the website I found an Italian twist … [Read more...]

Grilling Recipe | Pineapple Blackberry Pound Cake Dessert

grilled pound cake pineapple blackberries

In celebration of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend and the official start of summer, Sam's Club is gearing up to challenge families everywhere to create a whole meal on a grill. Not only is this a great way to keep the mess to a minimum but it's a really healthy way to cook food. Grilling can also be fun as it brings the family outdoors and particularly fun for me becaue it gives me a chance to hand the apron over to my husband and let him cook … [Read more...]

Thin Out Your Lunch with Sargento’s #ThintoWin Challenge & Chicken Parmigiana Wrap

chicken parmigianna wrap

Three months ago I started a new chapter in my life that involved a lot of changes, especially in the way I was eating. I had a goal of losing 30 pounds and in order to meet that goal, I needed to thin out my life and a lot of calories. Part of that personal challenge meant losing some of the things I love the most like soda, potatoes, desserts and the most painful of all, cheeses. During my weight loss challenge I lost 20 lbs and I've got 10 to … [Read more...]