One the Go with Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls

quick tyson breakfast bowl breakfast

Today was one of those days where I woke up with a to-do list as long as my arm. Two little girls woke up hungry and I needed to get going with our errands. What's a mom to do? Grab a Tyson  Breakfast Bowl. While I usually spend a good 30 minutes cooking breakfast every morning, there are days where we just need to get something and go. So rather than waste time I grabbed a two pack of Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls out of the freezer and they … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Recipes from Land O Lakes

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One ingredient I image you'll be using quite a bit of this Easter is the simple and delicious egg. It's fun to hard boil and dye with kids, bake into an egg bread and of course the famous deviled eggs side dish many love so much. Eggs are also a great addition to any Spring Brunch menu. Land O Lakes has a great selection of online recipes to fit in your brunch menu with recipes like: Breakfast Biscuit Bakes and Mini Mexi Bites. It's so easy to … [Read more...]

How to Host a Kid Friendly Pizza Night #HormelFamily

hormel pepperoni pizzas

Last week I finally got tired of all the calorie counted and decided to take a night off. Well, not from cooking but from worrying about the calories. The kids were ready for a fun dinner and what's more fun that pizza night? I use to hate doing homemade pizzas because the crust would just never cook right. Either it would come out soggy or burnt, there was no happy medium until it clicked. No sauce! If you're using a premade tube of pizza … [Read more...]

Kitchen Find | New Pioneer Woman Cookbook & Clean Eating

pioneer woman cookbook food from my frontier

This weekend I went on a little shopping spree with some of my saved up Amazon gift cards. I usually just save them to buy Christmas gifts but then I remembered I had some things I really, really wanted just hanging out in my cart. And well, I just went for it. First up, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier .... umm yum! I bought her first cookbook last year and have loved trying out the recipes including my favorite, the best ever … [Read more...]

Organic Dinner and Dessert with Cascadian Farm Foods

organic triple berry angel food cake dessert

Earth Day is just a few weeks away and while it's a wonderful day to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's natural environment, we kinda think every day should be Earth Day. Over the past few months I've been slowly introducing a healthier, cleaner lifestyle to our family through organic food. It wasn't easy at first, especially given the fact that organic foods, fresh or frozen, aren't easy to find in this small town. But everyone … [Read more...]

Friday Food Finds – St. Patrick’s Day Sweets & Eats

friday food finds

Ever since starting this wretched fitness journey to lose the mommy fat, I haven't spent nearly as much time baking anything as much as I use to. I can't. I'll eat it and get fatter. But that's going to change this weekend. I let loose for the holidays and bake my little heart out even for smaller ones like St. Patrick's Day. It's time I get to spend with my kids, sample sweets and not feel too guilty about it. I found some pretty amazing … [Read more...]

Food Find | Spreading Smucker’s Traditions

smuckers strawberry

Smucker's is one of those brands that most families have grown to know and love for most of their lives whether it be a little Smucker's grape jelly spread on a peanut butter sandwich or the sweet Smucker's orange marmalade on a slice of warm toast. Our family is no different. My daughter's happen to love Smucker's fruit spreads any time of the day but especially at breakfast time. One of our personal favorites is the Smucker's Orchard's … [Read more...]

Dinner and Dessert with Pillsbury Crescents Rolls

pillsbury crescents recipes

Dinner and dessert is something our family often enjoys, as a pair. In moderation, a little dessert can hit the spot without being overly high in calories and I love the challenge of using one product in multiple ways. Pillsbury Crescents are exactly that kind of product I like to use because they're great in sweet and savory dishes. These are just a few of my favorite ways to use Pillsbury Crescents, including ... Slow Cooker Chicken Pot … [Read more...]

Friday Food Finds | Super Bowl Snacks and Sweets

friday food finds superbowl food

I'll admit, I didn't watch much football this season, except for the game where the Chiefs whooped up on the undeafeted Packers. Now THAT was a sweet game because 1) the Chiefs were kinda pathetic this year and 2) I got to laugh so hard when they beat my dad's precious Packers. However, despite not giving a hoot about who wins this year, I do love watching the Super Bowl ... for the commercials. And while my husband and son are mesmerized by … [Read more...]

Our Day Baking for Christmas

chistmas vanilla bean pizzelles

Today started with some warm vanilla bean Pizzelles fresh off the iron. Next came the mountains of peanut butter cookies for guys. More than enough sugar cookies that still need frosted. Sneaking a bite of milk chocolate fudge. Packing it all up for delivery. And finally .... resting my achy feet by the electric fire. It's not as awesome as a real one but the heat and ambiance is good enough for this tired mama. Only thing … [Read more...]