Sausage Cheddar Breakfast Biscuits Recipe with #JDCrumbles

Sausage Cheddar Drop Biscuits Recipe #JDCrumbles FoodFamilyFinds

Breakfast is a tricky meal around our house. Most of the time, I try to just skip it altogether during the week. I have gotten better about it with making fruit smoothies, but it's still my least favorite meal of the day. Even our kids aren't big on breakfast. They'll have a yogurt, maybe a small bowl of cereal but like me, they try to skip it if I don't coax them to sit down for a bite to eat. Fortunately, there's one dish they'll come … [Read more...]

Blueberry Muffins with Lemon Streusel Topping Recipe

Very Blueberry Muffins with Lemon Streusel Topping Recipe

This is a sponsored post on behalf of US Highbish Blueberry Council through the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. Since the new year, I've really been trying to broaden my horizons when it comes to food. I've always been a picky eater and healthy foods, especially fruits haven't always been a priority for me. That all changed when I decided to take control of my life through food and exercise. These days, I'm swapping a few morning coffees for a … [Read more...]

Strawberry-Banana Stuffed French Toast with Hershey’s Spreads Chocolate with Hazelnut Recipe

Strawberry Chocolate and Banana Stuffed French Toast

This is a partnered post with Hershey’s brand. When it comes to breakfast, I'm not big on a heavy meal. During the week, I prefer something quick like a granola bar or smoothie. But when the weekend comes and the kids sleep in, I love to go all out and make a big breakfast that we can all enjoy together at the table. French toast ranks pretty high on the breakfast foods favorite list for the kids (and me). So like always, I got up a bit earlier … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Cherry Chip Pancakes with Cheesecake Sauce Recipe

Pink Valentine's Day Pancakes Recipe

I know it seems a little soon to think about Valentine's Day but I can't help myself. Ever since I had daughters, I just became obsessed with the color pink and Valentine's Day is the one time of the year that you just can't go overboard on pink. Since our kids are still young and responsible babysitters are hard to come by, my husband and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day in the traditional sense. While other couples are out enjoying a quiet … [Read more...]

Gingerbread Pancakes with Warm Cheesecake Sauce Recipe from JELL-O #JelloHoliday

Gingerbread Pancakes Stacked with Cream Cheese Sauce

Brought to you by JELL-O. Anything can go wrong during the holidays. Except these recipes. During the often stressful holiday season, I like to take moments out of each day to make it special for my children. That usually involves cooking and baking together in the kitchen. Together, we have fun making easy dishes and savor the time together afterwards around the table enjoying our treats. One of our favorite things to cook together is … [Read more...]

Play with Your Food! … Eggo Kitty Cat Waffles

cat shaped waffle

I am a compensated Chief Waffle Officer for Eggo. When it comes to cooking for my kids, I tend to focus on the flavor of the food. But sometimes, the presentation is what makes it extra special. While I'm not the mom that will do the fancy bento box lunches for school, I will find easy ways to make food fun at home. This week, Eggo challenged me to create a fun animal shaped breakfast with frozen waffles. At the request of the kids, we … [Read more...]

Baked Apple Pie French Toast Recipe

Baked Apple Pie French Toast Recipe

Last week we visited our local apple orchard that was part of a pre-school field trip with our daughter, Emma. While there we learned a ton about the apple growing business and seeing all of those beautiful fruits on the tree just further cemented my plans to grow two of my own apple trees. But the thing that really got me was the price of the apples! We bought a peck of HoneyCrisp apples that came with a hefty price tag. Why that particular … [Read more...]

Breakfast for Dinner | Ham Egg n Cheese Waffle Sandwiches

Ham Egg and Cheese Waffle Sandwiches

I am a compensated Chief Waffle Officer for Eggo. Do you ever have a day when you start thinking of things to cook for dinner and there's isn't a thing that sounds good to eat? We have days like the every few weeks. We go through our list of common meals, I go through cookbooks and it's all just blah! That's when we switch things up and have breakfast for dinner. The kids especially love this kind of dinner because I get to be the … [Read more...]