How to Bake Homemade Bread for the Holidays with Breadman

bread machine image 6

Baking homemade bread can often be a daunting task, especially for someone inexperienced with the ingredients, kneading and shaping process. If you want the texture and flavor of homemade bread without all of the guesswork, there's the Breadman Convection Bread Machine option. At less than $200, it offers you the ability to bake up to a two pound loaf of fresh, homemade bread. This holiday season, why not skip the flour clouds, kneading and … [Read more...]

Taste of Home Recipe | Parmesan Garlic Knots

Parmesan Garlic Knots Taste of Home Recipe

Last week I got a very cool delivery and when I say cool, I mean awesome because nothing gets me more excited than new cookbooks to read. I'm kind of a cookbook and recipe magazine hoarder, even to the point of scooping up all of my moms old recipe magazines from the 80's and 90's. Some people have cat figurines or baseball cards, I've got cookbooks. So the delivery was the new Taste of Home Best Loved Recipes book, which I'll tell you more … [Read more...]

RECIPE | White Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding

white chocolate banana bread pudding recipe

Earlier this year when our family was vacationing we visited the Downtown Disney area in Florida. We were overwhelmed with dinner choices and made the mistake of NOT making a reservation. I had high hopes of eating at the Rainforest Cafe until we found out the wait time was over 2 hours. We had two very hungry toddlers with us and decided to give in to my husbands idea of eating at the House of Blues where the wait time was only 15 minutes. As it … [Read more...]

RECIPE | Apple Mango Tango Mini Muffins

apple mango tango banana mini muffins recipes

As the fruit snacking mama of the house, I keep lots and lots of fresh fruit around. Since learning to eat healthier (and snack healthier) I find myself grabbing a banana or an apple when I'm craving something sweet. I also like to keep a fruit stockpile around for the kids when the "mommy, I'm hungry" starts just an hour before or after dinner. Among all the fruits we've tried or eat regularly, there's one that hasn't been in the fruit basket. … [Read more...]

RECIPE | Apple Pie Monkey Bread Cups with Green Mountain Naturals® Hot Apple Cider

apple pie monkey bread cups

There's a lot of things to love about Fall, even though it's one of saddest times of the year for me. The one thing that keeps me going through the debilitating sadness is my love for Fall baking. The apples, the pumpkins, spices, all of it. I just adore taking my kids to pumpkin patches, our local Apple Barn for fresh cider and baking all kinds of goodies at home. One of my favorites for a cool day is monkey bread. It's a pretty versatile treat, … [Read more...]

Bread Machine Italian Breadsticks with RoulPat and SilPat

bread machine Italian Breadsticks

For several months now I've heard family and friends talk about how much they just love using their Silpat baking mat. Personally, I wasn't convinced I needed it until I got tired of buying rolls of parchment paper and covering my baking sheets in non-stick cooking spray that often fail at actually being "non-stick". Then the folks at Silpat reached out to me and offered me a few of their products to try out. Being the baking loving mama I am, … [Read more...]

RECIPE | Iced Coffee Cubes with Iced Coffee Glazed Chocolate Chip Scones

chocolate chip scones with coffee glaze

During the days when my kids were babies, I often started my day with a big cup of coffee. There's nothing like a shot of caffeine to prepare you for a day of constant feedings, diaper changes and 20 minute sleep breaks. These days I've traded in my coffee cravings for something cooler. International Delight makes a carton filled with iced coffee that's pre-mixed and ready to poor over a tall glass of ice. It's refreshing on hot days like today … [Read more...]

Pioneering with Butter Recipe | Parmesan Garlic Olive Oil and Sea Salt Butter Spread for Bread

toast with olive oil sea salt butter and parmesan

This past week I treated the kids and myself to a nice little home-cooked lunch. It doesn't sound that special but it really is because lunch time is usually a quick sandwich or soup, even something that's eaten on the go. Sitting down at the table for a hot meal is a luxury during that time of the day. Knowing my kids are huge fans of anything Italian, I whipped up a quick pot of spaghetti and treated them to a big plate of warm bread with a … [Read more...]

Recipe | Bloomin’ Bacon Cheddar Italian Pull-Apart Bread Appetizer

bloomin bacon cheddar bread bowl

I've mentioned dozens (okay maybe hundreds) of times that potatoes are apart of almost every single one of our meals but I may not have mentioned that bread is too. It could be rolls, just a slice of Italian with some butter, garlic bread, whatever, bread, it's there. I adore bread. Plain, buttered, grilled, no matter how it presents itself on our table there is one way we eat bread that is by far the family favorite. It's so loaded with … [Read more...]

Recipe | Easter Egg Bread with PAAS Dyed Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Braided Bread

It's hard to believe Easter Sunday is just two weeks away. Seems like I was just celebrating St. Patrick's Day not long ago and here we are getting the plastic eggs filled and baskets full of goodies. Among many of our families traditions, my favorite, dying Easter eggs is something the kids always look forward to. They get a chance to get messy and I get a dozen hard boiled eggs to munch on for breakfast. This year we started a new tradition … [Read more...]