Mess-Free Kid Crafting Fun with Beados!

Beados Bunny Drying

Product provided. When it comes to crafts and kids, I tend to avoid the whole mess as much as possible. In general, I find crafting to be expensive, messy and somehow always involves me with fingers glued together (don't ask). But then I got my hands on a new crafting toy from Moose Toys¬†that actually makes the whole experience enjoyable. Maybe it's because my daughters are getting older (and slightly less messy) or maybe it's because this is a … [Read more...]

DIY Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Mason Jar Money Banks for Your Next Disney World Vacation

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Mason Jars for Vacation Savings

In less than a month, our family will be driving across the country for our 2nd Disney World vacation. It's been almost two years since our first one and in that time we've been filling up our old piggy banks with spare change and dollar bills. In that time we managed to save over $500 that goes towards the gas needed to get to Florida, some meals and hotels along the way. Every time we empty our piggy banks, I'm shocked at how so little can add … [Read more...]

How to Turn a Boring Space into a Kitchen Decor Masterpiece with Sauder

Decorate a Kitchen Wall with Decor and Sauder Bookcase

About two months ago, I got a creative itch that I just had to scratch. It started with repainting the living room and slowly crept down the hallway when I decided to repaint half of my kitchen. I update the pale brown to a deeper mocha brown that I think ties in quite nicely with the rest of my kitchen that's a deep red color. But my need to DIY around the house didn't stop there. I had this large blank wall that runs through my kitchen with … [Read more...]

Pinterest Try & Tell | DIY Toilet Cleaning Fizzies

DIY Lilac Toilet Fizzies

Over the last year or so, I've managed to collect well over 4,000 recipes, crafts and DIY projects on Pinterest. Seldom do I actually put any of those to good use by trying them out. The thing about Pinterest is that it's a lot of fun to browse but it's a gamble when it comes to trying things out. Up until now, I've had as many pin fails as pin wins. So I thought it might be fun to try out at least one new thing from Pinterest each week and share … [Read more...]

Spring Tulip Centerpiece with DIY Burlap Wrapped Ball Green Heritage Collection Mason Jars

Spring Tulips Bouquet with burlap wrapped mason jars

*Ball provided me with mason jars. Even more than the warm weather and green grass, there's something I love above all else about Spring and that's the tulips. While I wait for my own to bloom, if the bunnies don't munch them up, I enjoy the tulips from the local grocery stores. These particular tulips were just too pretty for an ordinary vase. I love to use my mason jars for canning, storage and many other things but my favorite use is … [Read more...]

DIY Easter Bouquet with a HERSHEY’S Candy Filled Vase #BunnyTrail

Easter Bouquet with HERSHEYS candy filled vase 2

Partnered post on behalf of HERSHEY'S through Global Influence Network. I know it seems a bit out of sorts to be talking about Easter when it's just now the beginning of March. I imagine there's a¬†leprechaun out there somewhere shaking his fist at the Easter Bunny yelling 'wait your turn, March is MY month!' But the truth is, I just love Easter more than St. Patrick's Day so I'm starting early and for a very good reason. March is cold and it's … [Read more...]

Dipped Marshmallow Pops with Flounder Candies for a Little Mermaid Birthday

Flounder Dipped Marshmallow Pops with Candy Melts for an Ariel themed Birthday Party

I know I've gone a little overboard with all of the Ariel themed birthday posts this past week and I'm sorry to say, I have quite a few more. I just had so much fun planning this birthday party for Emma and all of the little details that go along with it. One of the party favorites was this Ariel Treat Stand from Wilton that has three tiers for party treats. In the middle we used Little Mermaid baking cups from Wilton, filled with Goldfish … [Read more...]

The Little Mermaid Printable Milk Bottle Wrappers for an Ariel Birthday Party

Ariel Milk Bottle Wrappers Printable for a Little Mermaid Birthday Party

Ack! I can't believe this is the last day that my baby girl will be 4. It really does seem like yesterday I was holding her little baby body in my arms and now she's this amazing little girl that's trying to grow up on me. Continuing with our Ariel themed birthday party ideas, I just finished up the drink cups, or in this case, milk bottles. Rather than spend money on just the bottles themselves, I bought the 4 packs of Starbuck's Frappaccinos … [Read more...]

Ariel’s Friends Party Favors Boxes Printable & Craft for a Little Mermaid Birthday

The Little Mermaid Ariel Birthday Party Favors Printable Box Craft

I don't know who is more excited, me or Emma. Her 5th birthday is just a few days away and her Ariel themed party plans are coming along quite well. Sometimes I think I go overboard with the kids' birthdays because I'm thinking about what I missed out on as a kid. Having a winter birthday isn't a whole lot of fun. So I try to make up for that with fun extras and special decorations. Since we're doing The Little Mermaid themed birthday this … [Read more...]

Ariel’s Magic Wand Craft Tutorial for a Little Mermaid Birthday Party

The Little Mermaid Birthday Party Craft Tutorial Ariel Magical Wand from

We are less than a week away from our daughter's 5th birthday party! It was no surprise that Emma picked an Ariel theme for her party. This has been her favorite Disney Princess since she started learning all about movies and characters. So I'm busy making plans for the party and all of the little extras to make it a magical day for her. First up is a party favor for the birthday girl and her friends. Ariel's Magic Wand isn't 'real' but it … [Read more...]