Recipe | Carrot Sheet Cake Cutouts for Easter

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Carrot Cake. Hmph.

Truthfully, I’m not sure if I like this stuff.

You see, I used a box mix, the Duncan Hines one with the real (dehydrated carrots and raisins). So this puts me in a position where I think I need to try a homemade carrot cake recipe before judging it because the box mix version was kinda gross. I suppose gross is a strong word but the spices in the cake batter were just way too strong for my liking. The density and moisture level was wonderful but those darn spices left me feeling like I chewed up a cinnamon stick.

Anyways, my suggestion, make these cute carrot shaped cakes but use your own recipe. Wilton makes a variety of cookie cutters and I found a 3 pack in the Easter section of the store that included a carrot cutter.

All you need to do is bake the cake on a sheet pan with edges, let it cool, frost it with cream cheese frosting and cut the carrots out. I used a tube of premade orange icing to trace the carrot shape on top and bit of green colored coconut shreds to finish it off.

carrot shaped carrot cakes

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      Now you should make an awesome homemade carrot cake (with a bunny on it) so I can try it out and see if I really like carrot cake. ;)

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    Carrot cake has to be incredibly moist for me to like it. If you find a good carrot cake recipe, I’d love to know. The actual carrot and presentation is so super cute though! Perfect for Easter!

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      This box mix comes out really moist but the flavors are just so STRONG. If I were to attempt it homemade I’d probably mince the carrots instead of using shredded ones in there, it’s a chunky cake.

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        Good to know. I’ve never actually made carrot cake, but I’ve had some really good carrot cake and some really bad carrot cake. I think I’m just afraid mine would turn out badly.

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          My sister once made a carrot cake but I didn’t care for it that much, it was chunky like this one. It might just be that I don’t like the flavor combo because I don’t like spice or gingerbread cake either. I think you should give it a shot … a low cal version. :)

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    very cute – I’m with you though about the box mix. I use box mixes for everything BUT carrot cake – homemade is just so superior on that front.

  3. says

    I love carrot cake. I’ve actually tried the carrot cake box mix from Duncan Hines and thought it was really good. So I’m not the person to ask for a recipe. Then again, I don’t know if I’ve had a carrot cake I didn’t like. Yummy!

    Your carrots are adorable!

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      It’s a Wilton cookie cutter that I bought around Easter. They might still have it for sale on the website year-round.