Candy Dipped Oreo Cookies for Valentine’s Day

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Are we really talking about Valentine’s Day already?

Yes we are! Even though it’s still well over a month away, it’s one of my favorite holidays to spoil my family with sweet treats. It’s a holiday all about love and I like to express it with all sorts of goodies … candies, cookies, cakes … even better, cookies dipped in candy!

And what better cookie to start with than an Oreo? They’re already baked and delicious.

Oreo Cookies Stacked

You could of course just melt down your favorite chocolate or almond bark and dunk the cookie, but it wouldn’t be quite as festive. I picked up these Wilton Heart Cookie Candy Molds that are specifically designed for coating cookies in sweet candy melts and only cost about $2 per mold.

Red Candy Melts Piping Bag

Piped Hearts Wilton Cookie Mold

Pink Candy Dipped Oreo CookieYou can see how easy it was to pipe in the heart design with pre-colored Wilton candy melts, dunk the cookie in and after a little chill time in the fridge, they’re ready to share. If your child’s school allows homemade treats, these would be an inexpensive and unique goody to share along with those cute little Valentine’s Day cards.

Heart Candy Dipped Oreo Cookies

Candy Dipped Oreo

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  1. mandie says:


  2. My goodness ~ those look too good to eat!

  3. Cathy Wallace says:

    You are talented, Those are lovely!

  4. Those look so pretty! I love Oreos- might have to try this ;)

  5. What a great idea! I love it. Simple and adorable. I’m going to make these with our kids for V-day. They’ll love it!

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  6. So cute and so inexpensive. Great idea and they look good!

  7. Yum! And your pictures look AAAAH-MAZING! Seriously.
    I think I need to make these for Valentine’s day.

  8. What a neat idea!

  9. Yummy cuteness!

  10. How cute! I love these (and your new?) design too! It’s been a while since I’ve been here! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Love the cookies but love your new lights even more! :)

  12. Did you use your new light things? The pictures look aweesome. And the cookies are pretty darn cute!

  13. These are so cute and look yummy!

  14. Those look awesome! I need to get some Wilton stuff and have some fun! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Crafty says:

    This is just great. I want to try did with my nieces. They love to “cook” with me. The great part is you cannot mess this up. Anything with an Oreo is still good! This looks like the item for their Valentine’s party. Thanks for showing how to do this.

  16. Donna B. says:

    very pretty :) I’m not an Oreo fan but I bet they’d be yummy with the blonde ones :)

  17. Don’t forget GIRL SCOUT COOKIE season started today!

  18. Heather Henderson says:

    Seriously these look amazing!! I now have the perfect gift for my boyfriend who always says the way to his heart is through his stomach.

  19. Cat these look delicious!! I see those lights work like a charm!! :)

  20. Love this idea. I did not know about the molds. Have to check them out.

  21. Lori Thomas says:

    mmmmmm, and sooo cute

  22. Ooh. love this AND the new fancy lights! Nice!!!

  23. We’ve make chocolate dipped Oreo’s. We’ve even added sprinkles but we’ve never done anything as pretty as this. Wow!!

  24. Oh my gosh Cat we have to make these. Owen is obsessed with the White Chocolate oreos and I know he’d love to help make these anytime of the year and not just at Christmas lol!

  25. okay.. another winner!!! Love this too!

  26. Stephanie Phelps says:

    Yum! Oreo’s and anything is great but this looks wonderful!

  27. Rachael says:

    This sounds really cute!

  28. Angela L. says:

    Those are so pretty and they look DELICIOUS! I’ll have to try those out for the holiday. Thanks for sharing!!

    Angela L.

  29. They are so very pretty! What a great idea! Yummy!

  30. OMG, these look delicious. I’ll eat anything with Oreos. :)

  31. Jennifer H says:

    Omg, my hubby would love this!! Thanx for the idea.

  32. Oh, what absolutely GORGEOUS cookies! Seriously, I would have never guessed those were Oreos under that colorfully decorated exterior xD

  33. oooh, oooh, LOVELY!!!!

  34. The boys would probably love this so much because they love Oreos. I guess I’ll have to get my apron on and try something like this!

  35. This is so awesome. We attended a birthday party over the weekend and these were in the goodie bags, but on a stick. Definitely trying this out.