‘Cake Boss’ Cakes at Walmart | When Celebrity Bakers Disappoint

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I’ve never been the kind of person to idolize celebrities of any kind. They’re people just like the rest of us with the exception that everyone happens to know who they are. Whether I mean to or not, I have certain expectations of celebrities, especially when it comes to the TV Chef/Baker. I figure they got in the position they’re in because they’re very good at what the do and have a personality to go with the talent. You spend years watching these chefs build up their brand, envy their skills and even hope to one day taste a bit of what they’re cookin’ up.

Then that day comes and you find out they’re not all their cracked up to be.

That recently happened when I visited Walmart and say a display full of cakes stamped with ‘Cake Boss’ on the box. I’m not naive enough to think Buddy baked and decorated this cake personally but I did have some expectations. Surely a man this talented would only put his name on a cake that would be heaven in a box right?

cake boss cake from walmart

From all outside (and inside) appearances this looks like a delicious cake. The problem … it tastes like … for lack of a better word … crap.

I really wanted to like it, I even had a second slice to make sure I wasn’t just being petty. But the truth is, it’s a terrible cake. The frosting tastes more like a chemical concoction than buttercream, the cake itself is dry and flavorless, and that fudge layer between the cakes … oh gag. Even my 5 year old daughter (who will eat just about anything sweet) took one bite and gave me the plate back. That is bad folks.

The sad thing here is it’s not just this cake.

Weeks ago I was in Michael’s and picked up some Duff Goldman cake mixes and buttercream. Surely the ‘Ace of Cakes’ personally approved these products to be sold to home bakers like myself because they were the best he had to offer. Yet again, there I was in my kitchen whipping up a yellow cake from this $7.99 box of mix and right away I knew something was off. The cake batter smelled horrendous. I baked it anyways and while the cake looked beautiful and even had a nice springy touch, it tasted absolutely terrible.

What I can’t wrap my head around is the fact that these professionals put their name on these products. I can understand the need to make a buck but is it really worth tarnishing your brand for?




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    • says

      That’s bad, you’d think he’d have learned his lesson the first time trying to put a crap product on the market. I can’t figure out why this guy has so much shelf space at Michael’s … there’s no way he has any repeat buyers.

      • says

        It doesn’t overly surprise me though..there are very few celebrity endorsed products I ever feel are actually worth it. So far paula deen and jessica simpson may be the only things I have bought that I like.

  1. says

    Wow, that is really crazy! I guess some things are more hype than actual quality. I hate when those things happen.

  2. says

    I hardly ever get anything that is celebrity endorsed or supposedly made by them/their recipe. It always turns out to be so disappointing. I admit his cakes look amazing, they are work of art, but we don’t know how they taste. Not all pretty things taste good. Funny thing is even when making a recipe from chefs on TV networks I have to adjust them to actually taste the way I expected. Hardly ever was I able to follow their recipe completely and get that wow result.

    • says

      I agree and that’s pretty sad. There are two exceptions when it comes to recipes though, I’ve never made a bad one from Paula Dean or Ree Drummond following the directions.

  3. says

    That is a shame these brands put their name out there for products that aren’t worth eating. When it comes to cakes, I have been trying to make them all from scratch. I do cheat on occasion and buy a box of Betty Crocker.

  4. says

    The crazy vibrant color in the frosting is enough to make me cringe. That stuff ALWAYS taste like crap.

  5. says

    I’ve heard that the cakes Buddy and Duff make themselves are pretty flavorless. Guess they need industrial-strength cake batter to stand up to all of the wood/plastic/metal/styrofoam they add on top to make up the structures of the cakes. I don’t know that I’d ever want one of their actual cakes, much less something they endorsed/mass-produced!

    • jenn says

      i can’t speak about buddys cake but I have personally tried his cheese cake and it is amazing. the best I have ever tasted. But I got it straight from his bakery in jersey. I would assume the cakes in the store are mass produced which is a total shame.

  6. says

    What a huge disappointment. I wonder if he tasted and approved of the final product before it was mass produced? I dunno…..I have never really enjoyed a mass produced bakery item. Fresh is always better! And then I am brought back to – if mass produced bakery items are tasteless, why put your brand on it? ick.

  7. Laura says

    I have to ask. Has anyone let these people know about how bad their products are? I mean is there a number to call or an email or website to let them know? It could just very well be that they just DONT know the product that carries their name. I ask my cake clients for feedback from each cake I’ve made. I want feedback. Positive or negative. I want people to like my cake. If they don’t i want to fix that.Just a thought.

    • Nancy says

      I also had a taste of a Cake Boss cake, but I had an overall completely different experience. I loved it! The inside was very light and moist, and the icing was good as well. I guess it is just a matter of what you like. My mom was a chef for many years and a great one at that ,so I think I know a good tasting cake.

  8. april yedinak says

    You would think that they would try the product before putting their name on it. But, then again, they are known for making pretty and/or decorative cakes, not necessarily tasty. I haven’t watched their shows very often, but I still don’t remember anyone ever eating the cake and raving about the taste- all I saw was about how it looked. I had a friend who worked in a bakery tell me once that wedding cakes were the worst because they were baked far in advance and to be dry to hold up to all the decorating. Go figure.

  9. says

    It’s a cake from a supermarket. It’s going to be nasty no matter whose name or photo is on it. They’re using their moment to make some money, and that’s how they do it on tv. Having said that, I wouldn’t buy that crap anyway…

  10. Joanne says

    I am a “cake lady” with a VERY small shop in Central PA– I have a customer who lives 3 blocks from Carlo’s Bakery in NJ and she DRIVES 3+ hours to MY shop to get cake for her kids–says their stuff has become just AWFUL since the show!!! Oh well…

    • Eneida Courtney says

      This isn’t related to Buddy’s cake at Walmart, even though I would not buy it, but you said you were in a small town in Central Pa. Where might that be? I live in Clearfield, and was wondering how close you were to me.

  11. says

    I’m shocked to hear this…but glad you let us know. I just spotted these in my grocery store and was like, AWESOME! These will be a hit at a birthday party…but, why? If I can get a cake significantly cheaper that is made in the grocery store’s bakery, and it tastes great…why buy this? Just because of its connection to the Cake Boss? No thanks.

    • says

      It’s pretty sad to say but Walmart bakery cakes are 10 times better than this cake and those aren’t even really very good.

  12. Diane says

    I Love Buddy “cake boss” I to saw his cakes in Walmart the other day and tasted a piece and yes it was Awful the so called Butter cream had a strange bitter flavor and the cake had no flavor at all I was told that they get them in Frozen so I wonder if that has something to do with it and how long it had been frozen also.
    I was sad when I saw his cakes at Walmart anyway I mean I love Walmart but I just never thought I would see a Cake Boss cake there:( Maybe somewhere else but not A Walmart bakery.
    The ones I saw were around $30 dollars for 8-9 inch cake ( same one you posted) but they were marked down half off and Nope I did not by one !
    Oh and Cat I did reply and put a link to a Cardamom cookie recipe I like under that post in case you didn’t catch it :)

    • says

      You know, I don’t even think I looked at the price of the cake, I’d hate to think I spent $30 on this thing.

      • Lisa says

        That was going to be my question…how much are these going for at Wal-Mart?

        What a disappointment indeed!

    • Dorathy Wilson says

      Hey Diane, no freezing them actually helps the cake however, the problem is mass production n no one to make sure its going out properly

  13. Lynn says

    Good, Lord!…I wish they would just take that crap off the air! If anyone is reading this…IT’S NOT REAL, FOLKS! It takes many hours to produce a lovely, clean, great tasting cake!

  14. Melanie says

    I have to say this: if you are going to be a critic of something, and put it out there for all to see, please make sure that the grammar in your critique is proper. The “flavor” of your writing, for a lack of better words, is crap.

    • says

      Melanie, I’m inclined to agree with you. I’m not a grammar major or even a professional writer. I’m a mom that works and blogs from home and yes, my grammar sucks on occasion.

    • says

      If something sucks, I want to know about it. I don’t need it written by some poet laureate, I just want to be warned.

      The entire post could have been, “Yo, ‘dis cake sucks y’all, you ain’t gonna want to be buyin’ none of it,” and I’d be thankful.

      • lee says

        LOL, Greg!
        I also (lesser degree) agree that one not need to be a grammar major in order to make a point. If Cat were to say, “cake boss….yuuuck”, the point is well understood.

    • candace says

      Melanieee, who the hell cares if the critic can’t spell correctly or has proper grammar! Most people are working with limited funds and don’t have money to waste on products that don’t taste good. I like Greg, wouldn’t care if the person writing had a few grammar issues, all I want to know is if the product is good. Stop putting people down for just trying to help others. Damn, that’s whats wrong with society now. Always quick to judge others, and I’m sure you are not perfect!…Thanks, Cat your posts were most helpful

  15. says

    Simply stated.. he is taking it too far. Shows are one thing but this mass production of his mediocre baked goods is getting to be a bit much. I enjoy going to Hoboken and even tried their cupcakes and hubby had a cannoli. The cupcake was just okay, really nothing special. The buttercream tasted like a hydrogenated grease mass. Hubby couldn’t even take another bite of the cannoli and said he preferred a supermarkets. They get their heads all full of fame and then late us down. It’s sad.

    • Shannon says

      I was wondering if the cakes from the actual Carlo’s bakery were this bad. I guess they are. Good to know. I have a cake business out of my home, and had seen these cakes and wanted to try them, thinking they would be “God’s gift,” and wanted to see if I could come up with a similar recipe. Uh, no thanks, I’ll stick with what I’ve been using. My husband got me one for my birthday today, and I just tried a piece. Yuck!

  16. Yvonne says

    How disappointing, but not surprising. They get too big, they don’t double check on quality. I tried a Mrs. Fields Red Velvet Cake mix recently; I didn’t even know her name was on cake mixes, I just knew of her for the cookies. It was $2.20 for the same size box, (so double in price) but the smell as it cooked, and worst the taste, was terrible! Ugh! I will NOT buy that brand again!

  17. Cindy says

    To be honest I don’t know why anyone would idolize Buddy. He is the Snooki of Jersey Shore of Cake Decorating.

  18. says

    It’s all about the money – they don’t care what it tastes like because they know that people will buy it just because they THINK it’s going to be great. :( Celebrities usually have no integrity.

  19. Diane Sallans says

    Thanks for the honest review – guess this line won’t last long.

  20. Jan says

    First of all how ugly is that cake? Second, look at that bulge in the middle! And third, it’s SOLID GREEN icing!!! When I make my cakes I put uncolored buttercream on first and then layer a thin coat of highly colored BC over the chilled and crusted first layers. You get the effect without all that artificial taste. This is a poorly constructed…badly decorated cake that I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot fork.

  21. says

    I thought about trying one of Duff’s cake mixes for some cupcakes but couldn’t bring myself to pay that much for a cake mix. Like other’s I’ve found very few “celeb” endorsed things that I actually like. The exception to that rule would be my Emeril all-clad cookware. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The only “Celeb chef/cook” that I haven’t had a recipe fail was Alton Brown.

  22. Cathy Arnold says

    I’m glad I came upon your post. I haven’t tried either Duff’s or Buddy’s products, mainly because of the price, but just looking at the BOXES turned me off from them. Thanks for the confirmation of my suspicions.

  23. says

    It makes you wonder if the celebrities have actually tasted or tried the products themselves before stamping their brand on it.

  24. Aracely says

    Im sorry to say but why would you buy a cake from walmart that is displayed as it being buddy’s cake. I love him and his show and i would never do it. I actually went to Hoboken this past summer and went to his bakery and it was absolutely delicious. So that cake from walmart was just fake.

  25. Lee says

    I bought the same cake boss cake at Kroger – it sucks! No exaggeration. It is absolutely terrible. The frosting is tasteless. I realize it is marketed by the Discovery Channel and Cake Boss and not Carlo’s Bakery but I expected better. I assume Buddy would expect better. No repeat buyer here.

    • Sharon says

      I bought a cake boss cake for my daughters 14th birthday because she wanted it even though I read the reviews. Though I do think $30 is a bit much I did not think it was bad at all. It is not the best cake I have ever had but mine was very good and moist and the chocolate layer was really good. It does not taste like the store bought chocolate and yellow cake but it is a good cake. It is different. We all enjoyed it.

  26. Vanessa says

    Do you think it may be the transporting of the food to these stores that makes the taste so off? Maybe they’re sitting too long or not stored properly? I’m surely not trying to make an excuse for this guy, but maybe that could be a cause? I’ve never tried one, but I saw an article a few days about his cakes hitting stores and I wanted to buy one; I think I still will, but now I’ll have no expectations :)

    • says

      Honestly, I think transportation has little to do with these cakes. They’re just a bad quality product selling on the name alone.

  27. says

    I live in the Chicago area & spent $28 for a Cake Boss cake @ the local Jewel-Osco. What a waste of money. The cake was dry and tasteless, the frosting had the consistency and flavor of Crisco shortening. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY.

  28. betty says

    Excessive dye in buttercream can make it bitter. I have used some Martha Stewart recipes for cakes that were wonderful!

  29. says

    First and foremost let me say that I love the show Cake Boss. Having said that, I do know that it is a television show. It is painfully obvious sometimes that they’re pranks a nd jokes and different ideas that they come up with are staged. I watch the show full well knowing that it is mostly for entertainment.

    I did recently buy Buddy Valastro’s book. I bought it half for the recipes and half because of the pretty pictures. So far the recipes that I have took from that have worked out well. They are written for the home cook.

    I think it is important for everyone to remember that home recipes are best because they are written for 1 person to make measuring out cup by cup and teaspoon by teaspoon. put 2 a mass prod put 2 a mass production scale, the best that can come out of it is a Pepperidge Farm cookies or a Little Debbie snack cake. I love both of those, but I have to remember that they can be baked better at home.

  30. says

    I was doing it on my phone with voice r I was doing it on my phone with voice recognition and it got a little weird.

  31. Jimbob says

    I must disagree. Just had a Cakeboss cake from Kroger, Bada Boom cake. It was moist, delicious, sweet. As a matter of fact our family commented that it had no chemical taste like all the prefab cakes nowadays. Maybe we got a shipment straight from NYC! Seriously, it was very good….

  32. says

    Wow, what a disappointment. I will have to try one myself, before I can agree. I wonder if they taste good fresh. I noticed no one from New Jersey has posted and disagreed with any comments though. Leads me to believe there is some truth to this. My daughter and I would still like to have a taste :-D

  33. alhiya says

    Thats crazy thanks for telling me how it tastes before i tried it i’m with you why do celebrates do that i got the same exact cake,for a minute i thought he was in the back whipping up cakes ..

  34. Peggy says

    My son and his girlfriend were “hooked” on the Cake Boss show a few years ago and decided to take a trip to New Jersey just to visit the bakery and buy a few cakes. They brought back a small layer cake for me and I have to say I was disappointed in the real Cake Boss product. The fondant frosting was tough and dry and the cake was nothing special. Like you, Cat, I was expecting that his cake would be better than anything I had eaten from our local bakery, but it was was not. These cakes aren’t available anywhere near where I live, but even if our Walmart starts selling them, I’m not buying.

  35. Lori Hester says

    I bought this cake at Giant Eagle the day before Christmas the frozen section. That night, Christmas eve, I decided to Google the cake and read this review. Wow.. I wished I read it before I bought the cake. Was SO scared to serve it to my family. I paid way to much for it to be bad.. in fact.. I purposely didn’t tell my husband how much it was (27.95) because he would of had a hissy fit for sure. I usually bake everything myself.. but this holiday I really didn’t have the time, unfortunately. Well… I did serve it on Christmas day. It honestly wasnt bad. It wasnt dry.. actually really moist. The buttercream wasn’t bitter or didn’t taste like chemicals. I was pleasantly surprised. Now… is it worth 27.95??? Hell no. lol … will I ever buy one again.. no. The price is just to outrageous.

  36. Lucille says

    I disagree. A friend surporised me on my birthday with a Cake Boss cake, from her church pantry and it was absolutely delicious!!! One of the best cakes I ever tasted from a store. The fudge filling was so good and creamy. After a few days of course cakes do dry out, even homemade. I am so glad to hear I can get another one at Wallmart, although I don’t personally like or shop at Wallmart, I would pick a cake up. And I am pretty picky, usually only like my own vanilla buttermilk frosting.

  37. Steve D says

    Hmmmm…..I picked up one last night from Krogers. It was marked half off ($12.50), so I thought “why not?” The show is fun to watch and for half-price, it felt like we couldn’t go wrong. Honestly, we did not think it was not bad at all — even considering the mark-down — and we might buy another one someday.

  38. Steve D says

    Think I used an out-of-date email address earlier. Sorry. We had one of the Cake Boss’s cakes last night and it was very good. Would definitely buy again.

  39. Brenda says

    Hi Cat,I didn’t try the one you had,but I was at a party and they served the red velvet cake and I gotta say it was excellent.All 15 of us loved it.Maybe it’s gonna be a hit or miss with these cakes.

  40. Rueth says

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I thought the cake boss cake was actually good. I don’t care if it is a celebrity cake. I like the fact that it was not too sweet and I didn’t think it was flavorless.

  41. Tammy says

    As I notice the cake in the box, I see the bulge between the layers. That does not look professional at all!

  42. Mickey says

    Cat, we bought the exact same cake. To say its CRAP is being very nice. Its worse than Crap. My son did what your daughter did, handed me back the plate with a No thank you. Wasted a lot on this one, 25 bucks for this nasty cake. Tried to write cake boss but I can’t find an email just an address. Please, save your money on this one folks,. Its CRAP

  43. Lori Johnson says

    This so funny, I spent $15 on a “Sprinkles” cupcake mix from Williams and Sonoma ( Candace the founder of Sprinkles cupcake shop and a JUDGE on Cupcake wars) ….This was suppose to be a red velvet flavor, it had no flavor and so much red food coloring it left EVERYTHING in its path red….your mouth, hands, sink, bowl……Lesson Learned!!!

  44. E. Smith says

    Cake Boss brand is the dryest, worst cake I’ve ever bought & the most expensive! I called the company @ 1-877-519-2824, as listed on box. They do not stand behind their product. They told me the cakes should be marked with a 5-day use-by label, but they aren’t. I cut into it (was not about to serve it) on the same date as affixed to the box. (The date sticker has no explanation – just a date & price.) They expected me to do all the work to make things right. I was told to drive back to walmart and try to find the specific manager (that they had contacted concerning my issue), to present the partially missing “brick” with the receipt (that I no longer had), to request a refund. I explained that this was not an acceptable way to solve the problem; because I did not want this store, where I have to shop frequently, to begin negatively viewing me as the lady who turned them in to the Cake Boss. That was the end of the conversation, and the end of my willingness to risk buying any future Cake Boss products.

  45. Missy says

    I live near the ‘Cake Boss” and the cakes from there are dry and have that freezer taste to them…so I am not surprised…his cakes look good, the only good thing from his bakery is the crumb cake.

  46. Bill says

    I spotted the Cake Boss cakes at my local Kroger. I balked at the $24.99 price tag thinking they were WAY OVERPRICED! Sure enough, about 2 weeks later I picked one up for $5.oo!!! with the “Manager Special” sticker on the box. Definitely not worth $24.99, but not too bad for $5.00! Not sure if Buddy will be around for long………

  47. Veronica says

    Me and my son are big fans of “CAKE BOSS” but, you are right the cakes they sell in Wal-mart are nasty as hell. I couldn’t believe he actually staped his name to that cr*p…….

  48. Chris says

    I too bought a Cake Boss cake – the chocolate one. It was terrible. I looked at the box and saw it was a Dawn Foods product – no wonder it tasted so industrial. I too was shocked that Buddy Valastro would put his name on such a terrible product. Besides the taste was how expensive the cake was! I bought it because I was “behind the eight ball” for Easter dinner and didn’t have time to make my own chocolate cake – what a mistake that was! I told my grocery manager how I felt and she said she was surprised as sales were really good. I told her they were probably first time buyers and that sales would be dropping like a rock very soon.

  49. Christine says

    I attended my friend’s surprise birthday party and her husband had gotten her a cake made especially for her from Buddy’s bakery in NJ.The fondant was grotesque, the cake was dry and flavorless and they put in the wrong filling. A HUGE disappointment to her as she is a huge fan of his.

  50. lee says

    Since cake boss cakes are massed produced, I presume that the cakes/ batter are placed in some type of compartment which may have been treated with a chemical? Anyway, I think that WE should inform “Cake Boss” of the less than edibleness of (some?) his cakes and ask if HE personally tasted any of the cakes which were made and sold for retail? I also think that the cakes should be sold directly from the place where it is created, instead of, or along with the retailers. Of course, this means that shipping costs would be added, if purchased directly from the manufacturer.

  51. Sue says

    I thought the cake was great! I really do not know what you expected, the flavor was so on target. I think they are worth the price!

  52. cindy kenney says

    I agree with the fact that these cakes are misleading to the public. You think you’re getting a Cake Boss cake, when actually all you are getting is a crappy tasting cake with Buddy’s picture on the box. If I were him I would not endorse this product because it makes people think that is what his bakery products taste like and if that is the case NO THANKS, it is not worth the trip to NJ.

  53. Priscilla says

    A friend of mine went to a party where the parents spent $2000 on a custom Cake Boss cake. She said the cake was dry and tasteless. The fondant was cracked and hard. The mother was completely embarrassed and aside from the initial slices served, no one would touch it. Talk anout a waste of money. I have personally gone to Hoboken from CT and was NOT impressed. I am a cannoli fan and wanted to try the cannolis they rave about on the show. Disappointed. They were ok (mind you we got them fresh from the back) but I’ve had better locally. I do love his cookbook but can’t say I would bother to ever buy something from his bakery ever again.

  54. anita says

    the cake Boss was never a great baker or cake maker he lost every challenge on the bakers competition on tv..He has a nice personality and is good to his mother..but a great baker hes not..

  55. Jim says

    The Bada Bloom is probably the worst one. There are 2-3 really good ones such as the Chocolate and Red Velvet Cake boss cakes. My friends and I love getting them every now and then for special occasion. I think the best is “Dulce De Leche”.

  56. Marilyn Bianco says

    I would like to comment about the review posted about the Cake Boss Cake. i bought one of these Cake Boss cakes yesterday for my birthday to be celebrated at work today. After reading the horrible remarks about this cake i almost returned it but didn’t. So i cut the cake and gave my co-workers each a slice and to my delight, the cake was delicious. In fact, everyone wanted more it was so good. Whoever doesn’t like this moist yellow and chocolate cake with buttercream frosting, must have bad taste buds. Next year I will buy another Cake Boss cake and so will my friends. Maybe you’re just jealous that your cake isn’t so tasty.

  57. Regina says

    Dear Cat,
    So glad you wrote of your “Famous Brand Name Foods” experience. Today at Michaels, I just saw a box of
    Buddy Valstro’s CakeBoss Cake Mixes. I usually bake from scratch anyway with ingredients I know and can
    pronounce. Michaels at least has coupons we can use and to Buddy’s credit vs. Duff’s cake mixes — at least Buddy’s didn’t have the “Hydrogenated” or “Partially Hydrogenated” ingredient as Duff’s cake mix had. That stuff isn’t good for you cumulatively — it’s like a cheaper, chemical way of making oils but for our bodies, brains in particular –it makes it shrink over time, like we’re feeding ourselves plastic. I don’t buy anymore store frostings either or in our area Publix cakes from the bakery — the problem is many good moms bake from the box and that causes the kids of America to love that taste more than when you bake from scratch. My nephews and nieces are proof of that so I can never bake them anything from scratch, it doesn’t taste like…name your store bought brand of goodie here… (sigh). The good things we don’t want when we should and the bad things… we seem to love… LoL — but Thanks for your comments, I hear you!! If you have to have the mix — Ghirardelli is making a line of cake mixes that says it has no hydrogentated/trans fats for sure on the box, costs a bit more but I believe worth it when you need a little bit of time saving and convenience. I’ve found that line so far only at the “Super WalMarts” they are priced a bit more than the other Ghirardelli cake mixes…no brownie mix so far though in that line… Thanks!!

  58. says

    Cake boss is all media hype. I have given up watching it ages ago. As a cake decorator it makes me want to throw up at the methods and means in which they handle and make those monstrosities. there is no finesse in what they do. Its just there for size and colour and oomph effects. I have had a number of friends in the US taste his cakes and heard nothing but crap reviews. The bakery cakes and goodies are apparently ok sometimes but the celebration cakes are rubbish.

  59. zaicha says

    Maybe all the one’s who have tasted it should email Carlos bakery and let them know about this. This doesn’t sound like he’s products at all. I’m sure that if he manufactures it himself like he does with the onlne pie orders the cake would be of a better quality.

  60. jaycee says

    I haven’t tried any of the grocery store cakes — but I did order one of the crumb cakes on-line from the bakery at Christmas last year and it was worth all the hype! It was great — expensive, but worth a Christmas treat.

  61. April says

    The cake boss cakes are disgusting.I bought one for my daughter because they looked fabulous and we were all so grossed out that i had to go buy her a second cake from a local bakery and trash the cake boss cake.Jealousy isn’t really a factor because we all spent our hard earned cash to try the cakes , the problem is that this is a lousy product.

  62. Emily says

    My husband and I just bought one of these cakes from Kroger since it was half-price and we’ve been wanting to try one but they are normally so expensive. We were very surprised at how chemical and weird the frosting tasted. The cake itself was pretty good, but the frosting was noticeably off. I am no stranger to grocery store cakes and I’ve never tasted frosting like that from a grocery store before. We would have been better off with the regular grocery store cake!