Buying into Fads for Your Kids, even ZigTech?

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Growing up I didn’t own a lot of name brand apparel or footwear, at least not until I was in high school, with a job, buying them for myself. My parents wouldn’t buy into the hype of styles and fads just because it would have made me feel cooler. While the child in me is tearing up thinking about the ridicule I got for wearing Walmart clothes and Payless shoes, the parent in me is thinking, the kids will get over it. But will they?

Even as an adult, I rarely buy myself anything without a label, at least when it comes to athletic shoes and apparel. By no means am I a label snob, I just have a thing for Nike, Reebok and Adidas.

Back to my point.

Now that I’m a parent, I won’t buy into the trendy fads for my kids in most cases … at least not this ZigTech fad that’s making the rounds at my son’s Intermediate school. For years I’ve gotten away with buying Walmart $15 athletic shoes for my son. The reason … he DESTROYS shoes. Within a week the laces are frayed, by the one month mark anything that use to be white on them is now a murky shade of brown/gray and three months in they are well on their way to talking (aka big hole or flapping heels). It makes no sense to spend $100 on a pair of shoes that won’t survive three months. And my son didn’t care … until this week.

Sometime between 2010 and 2011 my nine year old son realized the “cool kids” wear labels and now he has to have them too. Crap! My days of $5 gym shorts, $10 tees and $15 shoes are gone. But I will draw the line and that line ends right where these new Reebok ZigTech shoes begin. Aside from the sticker shock I got when looking at the whopping price tag of $99.99 per pair … they’re ugly. Like really ugly, as you couldn’t pay me to wear these shoes kind of ugly. The shoe pictured below happens to be the the least ugly of the color options available … they get worse … much worse … as in neon yellow, pink and green. Pair them with some hammer pants, a neon colored shirt and I start getting flashbacks to a time when fashion should have been bottled up and dropped in a black hole to never return.

reebok zigsonic blue

And of course these are the shoes all of his friends are wearing and now I face public humiliation every time we walk by a shoe store showcasing them and my melodramatic son breaks down because I refuse to buy them.

I’m thinking he’ll just have to get over it, or get a job.

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  1. says

    Funny – I have two teen girls and the days of clothes and shoes from Target are a thing of the past.. It’s not so much labels – well they did get UGGS for Christmas… and they do wear TOMS.. but their clothes are label less or is Wet Seal a label???

    Love to you

  2. says

    OMG.. those are ugly. As parents we do try to please our kids, in a sense. Samantha likes Roxy and starting to get into Justice and Abercrombie Clothes. I find deals on ebay for some of the more expensive things, as far as shoes go we can get away with anything at the shoe store.

    You definitely have to draw a line of what is practical and excessive. Those shoes are so not practical LOL.

    • says

      Oh so not practical! I was such a “mom” today … when I turned them over I was like “Mattison, look at these deep grooves in the bottom, you’ll get huge chunks of dirt and mud stuck in there then track it in the house” lol

  3. says

    Those are FUNKY!!! LOL

    I’m not one for labels really but I do want to give my girls a sense of style. But um whats the big deal with those shoes? They just looks well. Space age or something. Maybe I’m getting old.

    Get some Jordan’s kid!!

  4. says

    I got a pair for review for my son and he loved them for playing outside and running. He wore them constantly until he wore them out. Kids have their own sense of fashion and I don’t let my opinion get in the way unless of course its inappropriate. We are an old navy type of family here, cheap and durable. I spend a lot on my teens shoes because he has to have them not fall apart, but then again he is 13.5 years old. Little kids I buy cheap shoes they grow too fast!

  5. says

    My hubby just bought a pair of those for himself. The worst part is they are a white/silver/bright orange combo and he feels the need to wear to them to work with slacks!!! Who says it’s only kids that are fashionally challenged? I usually end up buying my boys Skechers because you can find some great deals on them and I’ve been impressed with their quality. One pair can last my son at least four months! That amazing since this is the kids who destroyed a pair of Wal Mart shoes in 2 days!!

  6. momznite says

    I like to get the best value for the money, but allow an occasional splurge on an emotional purchase.

  7. Colin Thorpe says

    wow. fads may be irrational but the fact is that spending a little extra money on clothes, etc, is buying your kid confidence and the ability to fit in with others. making him wear cheap clothes is a great way to embarrass him in front of everyone at school and make him feel inferior and unloved. my single mother, who was extremely poor, still managed to buy reasonably stylish clothes for me and my two siblings. if you can’t shell out a little bit of extra money to make your kid happy then you shouldn’t have been a parent in the first place, i feel terrible for your kid

    • says

      Well let me just say this. If a child feels “inferior and unloved” because of clothing and/or shoes, that child has self esteem issues beyond what a pair of $100 shoes will fix. My son knows he’s loved, he hears it every day and feels it when I hug him every day, but he’s also going to learn the value of the dollar.

    • says

      Not giving into your child who wants to make an outrageous purchase on an ugly pair of shoes does not make Cat a bad parent. It is our job as parents to try and teach our children that our confidence shouldn’t come with a label. That we shouldn’t let our self worth be determined by a pair of shoes.

      I’ll admit that I never grew up wanting for nice clothing and my kids will go to school with nice clothing as well. But I also draw the line at buying a pair of ugly $100 pair of shoes simply for the sake of “fitting in”. Because if those so-called friends only like my kid for a pair of shoes, then they aren’t quality friends anyway.

      After reading your remark, I feel terrible for YOUR kid.

    • Chelsey says

      Maybe your mother was “extremely poor” because she was more interested in teaching you and your siblings to be materialistic than in appreciating things money can’t buy. If you seriously think that clothes and shoes make the person, perhaps you shouldn’t have children.

      Cat, my parents bought me what they could afford and what they felt was appropriate. When I was older and wanted more fashionable clothing, I was told to get a job. And I did. And instead of spending that money on items that hardly lasted, I wish I had set that money aside and spent it on something more worthy. But lesson learned, and I have my parents, who loved me and made me confident regardless of how much they spent (or didn’t spend) on me, to thank.

    • says

      Honestly, I feel sorry for YOUR kids, Colin. I also feel badly that your single mother taught you to value your self-worth through a dollar sign. My children would actually be appalled if I even suggested spending that amount of money on shoes. There are so many other things that you can buy with that much money! My kids (and I have 7) do not lack for much. They enjoy “the Florida lifestyle” but do not get caught up in the latest name-brand hype. I’m so glad for that.
      That being said, if it is a “must have” thing, I would watch for a sale and buy them when they are 50% cheaper…

  8. says

    Seriously? They aren’t even cute. I guess I’m glad I haven’t seen them here.

    I’ll admit to loving designer clothes, but my budget sure doesn’t. We’re stylish but we don’t do fad-of-the-week. I have a closet full of stylish clothes, many with desirable labels–and so do my teenage girls–but they’ve all come from the thrift store and no one knows because we don’t wear the price tags.

    You can be stylish and attractive without breaking the bank. And if your self-esteem is determined by the labels in your clothing, you are definitely in need of some esteem repair.

    • Jeanine Owen says

      Wow, we are in Louisiana where style is stagnant and people don’t really care about what you wear, but when it comes to comfort, I had to do what I can to get all 4 kids at least 2 pair each. Somehow hard to find and the ugly ones are cheaper. But your feet will love you. Find a sale….learn how to shop. As far as anything else,,,generic for us. Take care of your feet people. You torture them so much. Warmly, Ms. Owen

  9. Elijah says

    I LOVE THESE SHOES! You have to step into them to know what they are all about. It is so comfortable. When you step into them it feels like you are walking on memory foam. They have great support.

  10. says

    My older kids gave me grief over name brand shoes too, when they were younger. My oldest daughter pitched a real b*tchfest over a pair of Nike’s. I told her I would give her the $10 that I would normally spend on shoes at Walmart, she would have to come up with the rest. She got herself a job, and bought herself the Nikes…and told me I could keep the $10 to get one of her sibling shoes! From that moment, I did not have to buy shoes or clothes for her. Her three siblings followed her lead. Now, she is a mom of four herself, and tells me she is glad I made her buy that pair of shoes herself. Oh, FYI, she is a mother of four herself now, and buys her kids clothes and shoes at Walmart too… We shop together and if we can find name brand on the cheap (at Ross or T.J.Maxx) for the kids, we’ll get them.

  11. Jenefer says

    I am so glad you said these were ugly lol I have been telling my daughter that these are ugly and she’s like mom, no, you just don’t understand style. I will buy my kids clothes with labels IF the price is right. If it’s not, then they can go elsewhere and find clothes that are just as cute. Of course, I’m lucky in a way because my girls like Forever 21, H&M, and a lot of other inexpensive stores.

  12. K says

    I think you are being ridiculous… I own about 6 pairs of these shoes.. as a runner they are the Greatest. i run on multiple different and challenging surfaces from distances from 1 mile to 13 miles, from a runners standpoint these shoes have the least amount of effect on fatigue and stress of the foot..
    Now, i do have two little girls that mean the world to me. and Fads yes do get expensive good for me they want what daddy wants. and are just as active as me… the day i substitute their sense of style for my own will be the day I am no longer their father.. I will not impose on their sense of style.. their mother can do that.. so Kudos for preventing your child from his/her individuality and comfort..
    It may be a fad, it may not, and if they want them cause their friend has them its not the product more of the reason of the choice.. these shoes are highly functional and both my girls own a pair. they love them. as i love them. and think its cool my girls and myself can go places wearing the same shoes.. And BTW, the main reasons why most shoes fall apart are because YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR… I am super hard on shoes. and still wear the first pair of Zigs i have bought. i own so many cause they are the GREATEST shoes for what i do. so i have stocked up in the event these shoes disappear.. the only label I look for is my shoes.. you can wear a tablecloth and still be presentable. however your shoes protect probably the most valuable asset you have.. YOUR FEET

  13. Trey g says

    As a kid thoses are some of the ugliest shoes made. Buy him a pair of Nike free runs and he’ll be the cool kid. I wore out shoes really quick so what my parents did was buy me two pairs of shoes and just trade days on them so they don’t wear out as fast.