Because He Loves Me … A Day Shopping at Coach

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Aside from enjoying my day completely offline and with my family, something else that was equally as special happened.

My husband bought me a gift!

For some that might not mean much but for me it means everything. My husband has never been the sentimental, romantic or gift giving type. Unless you count the time (years ago) when he stayed out too late drinking and came home with a handful of flowers he tore out of someones yard … roots and dirt still attached.

But today he really went over the top and spoiled me. I didn’t necessarily deserve it or even really need it but he did it … because he loves me. The thought alone would have sufficed. However, I came home with this …

coach shopping bag

We were shopping at the St. Louis Galleria and my husband all but pushed me into the Coach store. He knew I had been looking at these gorgeous bags but I never actually thought I’d be treatied to having one. After browsing the bags for a few minutes I was ready to walk back out the door but instead he did the unexpected. He asked which bag I liked and before I knew it he was at the counter buying it for me.

madison petal coach purse

But he didn’t stop there. I also got to bring home the matching tote, a bit larger for travelling and day trips when I need to stuff more things in my bag.

audrey op art pink petal tote coach

My gosh I love this man. Well, I loved him before he bought me the bags but you know what I mean. It’s just so nice to be spoiled, even if it only happens once every 11 years.

Has your spouse done anything unexpected or sweet lately?

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  1. says

    Oh they are beauties! My hubby does nice things all the time, one day I hope to have a Coach bag:) I agree with Jennifer, you sound so happy!!!

  2. says

    Congrats!! You sooo deserve this! It is beautiful! The last time I got a romantic gesture like that was last August. So I know how ya feel! Lol

  3. says

    I am so happy to read this post. Truly. (If you could see the grin on my face right now, you would know!) Glad you are finding some real happiness!

  4. says


    My husband earned a trip to the Caribbean as part of his employee compensation plan this year. We had a spectacular time sleeping in, hanging out, drinking great wine and just being together (in no particular order, as we were often doing those things in tandem). Early in our trip we took a great tour of the historic town on the island and poked into a few jewelers…just browsing. On the second to last day the weather was horrific and we ended up back in town…where my husband bought me not one but two beautiful pendants. Neither one was terribly expensive, but, I love them both. I wear one or the other almost daily…and I love that they remind me of the time we spent hanging out and reconnecting. Enjoy those bags — THINGS aren’t much in life, except when they symbolize something really special, like time with loved ones — I think your bags are like my pendants. So glad you had some special time together!

  5. Lyn says

    How beautiful! Both you and your husband have great taste. You picked out wonderful designs and he picked YOU! Lucky girl you are.

  6. says

    Oh wow….That man is a saint! I’ve heard of chocolate and flowers, the occasional piece of jewelry but a COUCH BAG!? You are one lucky, lucky lady Cat :)

    Enjoy both of your beautiful new bags!!

    I wouldn’t say it’s exactly FOR me, but my boyfriend and I bought matching shoes. Lol

  7. says

    Aw Cat this is just such a sweet post! I’m glad you got a little spoiled today – every now and then it’s nice ;-) Hubby has spoiled me with fruit lately because honestly that’s what I crave. Chopped fresh fruit daily is what makes my day now :)

  8. Jessica says

    Hey this is your neighbor, I seen you got a coach purse thats awesome!! I am so addicted to them. Just wanted to let u know that I can invite you to be able to buy from the coach factory online , if you want. Just let me know

    • says

      I can see how they’d become an obsession. Jon would probably have a coronary if I got another purse. LOL I was actually thinking of seller the larger one. I end up stuffing so much stuff in there I can’t find anything at all.