Are Old Navy BEST-TEES really the BEST?

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I’ve been an Old Navy shopper since the store first opened in our town about ten years ago or so. I remember because it opened right after I moved to St. Louis where there was an Old Navy in every direction. Talk about timing.

Well, since then, almost all of my clothes have come from there, especially jeans and t-shirts. While I haven’t always been into the various fashions that have made their way through the clothing offered, I’ve always been able to count on jeans that fit well and tees that come in every color under the sun. Recently, Old Navy introduced BEST-TEES which claim to offer a better fit without the sagging material or skin tight fit. Are they really the best?

I think so.

The new tees are contoured to fit a woman’s curves and are just loose enough to not stick to the “mommy fat” I happen to be carrying around. When I got a tee to review and ordered it in my usual XL I was surprised to find it was actually too big. Craziness! I had to go into our local Old Navy, exchange it for a large and picked up an extra one because I loved the fit so much.

Old Navy Perfect Fit Tee

My only concern with the BEST-TEES is how thin the material is. Worn alone I feel like it’s too thin for me personally but it’s perfect for layering. When I wear solid colors I like to spruce them up a bit with a contrasting cami underneath and together they’re super comfortable especially during the warmer weather.

Aside from the fit, I love all of the color and style choices. From crew neck to v-neck and even striped patterns, there’s a little something for everyone including styles for men, women and kids.

old navy best tees

If you’re looking to add some affordable tees to your Spring and Summer wardrobe be sure to visit Old Navy online to check out the selection or better yet, watch this BEST-TEES mini infomercial which is actually kinda funny.

Disclosure – I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Old Navy and received a product sample to facilitate my review, and a promotional item to thank me for participating. I also purchased a tee myself.


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  1. says

    thats a pretty color on you! I dont generally wear old navy because they run too small on me..but my husband likes them.


    • says

      Well thank you Trisha. :) I usually go for lighter and bright colors but I love purple so I went with it. It shows off my awesome paleness lol

  2. says

    I’ve found that all of my Old Navy Tees require layering, so during my last trip there I got 4 tanks to layer under my tees. I love being able to mix colors and do go crazy with my combos! You look great!