Accidental Gardener | The Mysterious Gigantic Vine in My Yard

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Several weeks ago something very peculiar started growing in our yard. At first we just assumed it was a weed because really, what else could thrive in the middle of this horrendous drought? Weeks passed and we paid no attention to it. Eventually my husband would pull out the weed whacker and cut it down, at least when it was time to cut the grass.

Except, that time never came. Since there has been no rain for a couple of months now, our grass just stopped growing. Never needing to cut it, we just left the weed alone.

Next thing I know it’s taking over my yard and even blocking the fence gate. To make matters worse, there’s a second one on the opposite side of the fence daring to block us from even using the gate at all. Being the curious Cat I am, I decided to just let it grow and see what becomes of it. The only problem is, I still don’t know what it is.

Here’s most of the vine in it’s entirety. Keep in mind, this is one plant vining out over the yard.

mysterious vine in yard

These are the giant leaves up close.

green white vine leaves

And some very pretty bright yellow blossoms have opened. There’s probably two dozen of these on the plant.

yellow flower blossoms on vine

Surely there’s a vegetable gardener out there that can tell me what this mysterious plant is???

The only thing I know for sure is I use to have a bunch of seed packets and Kaydence was playing with them in the yard. Clearly she accidentally planted something, but what?

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    • says

      It’s driving me insane not knowing what this is. I’ve heard pumpkin, watermelon, zucchini, some sort of squash … I feel like I’m pregnant and don’t know the gender. lol

      • Tonya says

        We have the exact same vine & flowers growing in our front yard right next to our front porch & it’s pumpkins. Wish I can inserts pics on here. My 2 sons were carving pumpkins last year & they threw pumpkin seeds on the side of my front porch instead of throwing seeds in the trash. Now, I don’t know what to do!

  1. says

    I’m thinking some sort of squash, it really looks like zucchini to me. How exciting to watch and see what it will become!!

  2. Diane says

    I’m pretty sure it’s a Zucchini….if not then maybe a yellow squash .
    Watch for the fruits to grow right around the blossom.
    Enjoy ..My garden is full of them as well :)

  3. Lori says

    We accidentally planted pumpkin by letting the kids’ jack-o-lanterns decomp in the yard. The dog took them around the yard and seeded as well–looks pretty similar so maybe it wasn’t even kaydence?

    • says

      LOL now that is funny. I’ll have to remember not to leave pumpkin seeds in the yard. We usually dump them behind our mums but nothing ever grew bc of winter.

  4. says

    That’s definitely a pumpkin vine! Well, I’m pretty sure. Lol

    Ironically, a few years back we had the same thing, but in our front yard right off the porch! It looked exactly the same as your pictures and we found out some time later we had accidentally grown our own pumpkin ^.^

    • says

      How sure are you? :) I think you’re right. One thing I didn’t take a pic of is these little curly q’s it has on some of the branches like you see on pumpkin vines.

      That’s funny that you did this too … so it only produced one pumpkin?

      • says

        I’m pretty sure because it looks exactly the same as the vine we accidentally grew down to the flowers and the curly q parts you explained :) One year for Halloween, my sister made her pumpkin ‘throwing up’ over the side of our porch and the next year there was the pumpkin! LOL So at least we know how it got there.

        And yes, it only produced 1 pumpkin. Not sure why just 1, but we were thrilled none the less ^.^

  5. Margot C says

    That is a Zucchini plant.

    Given even the most indifferent watering it will produce too, and a lot.

    Someone must have had a kitchen garden there at one time and some seeds germinated after being dormant, or your neighbor is growing them or the seeds were brought there by animals (do I need to describe how that happens?)

    You can eat the flowers too:

  6. says


    I love that you are growing a mystery vegetable! I’m pretty sure it is NOT a zucchini because we have several thriving zucchini plants and they are not vine-like (more of a huge center section with some outlying growths). Our cucumber is vining like yours, but, I agree with Geordon that the leaves are the wrong shape. Having just taken my laptop out to our garden and compared it to what is growing…I’m betting it is some sort of a squash. Is there a way for me to upload a photo? If so, I’ll send you a photo of what we’ve got growing (butternut squash) that looks most similar. One other thing AGAINST it being a zucchini — like you, we are in Illinois…and over the last few weeks I have found that our zucchini plant wilts mid-day unless I water it. Our butternut squash plant seems MUCH hardier…

    • says

      Um I think the only way to do that would be to upload the photo to like photobucket or even Facebook and paste the link here so I can look at it. That would be super helpful. I’ve googled images but everything looks a bit different.

  7. says

    It is definitely a type of squash. Since it randomly popped up, it has got to be a pumpkin.

    Most squash grow in a vining manner (you need to buy bush variety seeds for them not to), Pumpkins especially tend to go crazy like this.

    • says

      Well we think Kaydee planted this thing. She was playing with my seed packets randomly poking them around the yard a few months back. I did have pumpkin seeds so that’s a good possibility.

      • says

        Then this wasn’t an accident… it was just a tiny garden from a tiny gardener :)

        Hers is doing better than mine this year…lol

  8. Diana says

    it looks like some sort of pumpkin/gourd….don’t you think if it was cucumber or zucchini it would have the vegetable on it by now….have fun…. I let my little guy do gourds and pumpkins last year. it is so cool to watch the process….even though the vines go everywhere….

  9. says

    :) I have the same thing growing just outside my back door right now!!! I sure hope it’s a pumkin that would be soooo exciting for the kiddos!!! :) (and myself ;) I won’t lie)