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Meet Cat Davis

I’m Catherine, better known as Cat, 31 year old blogger at Food Family & Finds (previously 3 Kids & Us). Although I do all of the writing, my inspiration comes from my husband and children. In just 10 short years our family has grown to “3 Kids and Us”. My time is filled with raising my three children,  shopping,  cooking, taking care of our home and finances. I’m a self taught web/graphic designer who enjoys amateur photography and sharing my love of cooking and cake decorating. Once all of the kids are in school I hope to go back to college and become a pastry chef.

Davis Family Disney World

Meet the Kids

Mattison – The nerd of the family (said lovingly) and quite shy 13 year old boy, has a one track mind for playing and watching football. He’s also a self-proclaimed expert in all things Green Bay Packers related. He has dreams of following in his father’s foot steps and becoming a police officer when he grows up, providing he doesn’t break his neck on that skateboard I swore I’d never buy for him.

Kaydence – Our bouncing 7 year old with the golden curls like Orphan Annie with such a beautiful personality to match. She encompasses all things girly with her unique sense of  “I can dress myself” style and daily reminders that she must have her piggies painted. This girl can light up a room with her friendly smile and if you give her two seconds of your time she’ll take a full hour and talk your ear off! She’s quickly gone from 4 to 14, at least she thinks she has with enough sass for the both of us. My husband swears she’s a little me, but I can’t possibly have as much energy as that girl.

Emmaleigh – Life smacked us with the surprise of our second daughter,  now 6 years old. A personality that leaves us guessing with her mysterious, watchful ways but can light up the room with her little “broken laugh” that sounds like one of those squeaky toys the dog chews on. As she grows we see more and more of her joker style personality that leads us to believe in the years ahead we’ll have our hands full with this class clown. She’s completely obsessed with Minnie Mouse and all things Disney Princess related which still surprises me. I thought for sure she’d be the “Tomboy” like me but again, she’s full of surprises.

Meet the Pets


This sweet girl is a 2 year old shorthair exotic that was surprise birthday gift for our daughter Kaydee. She’s a snorty, sneezy, wheezy little thing but as sweet as pie and will gladly accept pets for hours on end. Just be warned, she leaves behind so much white fur you’d think you were wearing a cat coat.

3 pets


This little guy is 1 year old and also a shorthair exotic that came to live with us after my mom just couldn’t handle the pet fur. As a cat lover, I can’t resist having them, even if they do shed enough fur to make me vacuum 3 times a day. He’s a feisty kitty that’s definitely all boy but has his moments of pure sweetness and loves to have his nose rubbed.


This girl is now almost 2 years old and has just as much energy as she did the day we brought her home as a puppy that could fit in the palm of your hand. The only difference now is that she’s a whopping 100 pounds of muscle that will take out anything within reach of her always wagging tail. I’ve never considered myself much of a dog person but this girl changed that for me. We couldn’t imagine our family without her!

Family Facts

  • Born & raised in Illinois, frequent visitor to Chicago & St. Louis
  • Dad, Mom, 3 Kids and 2 Kittens
  • Family friendly – no cursing please
  • Love comes in all colors, our multiracial family proves it!

Online Recognition

SparkAH named Food Family Finds one of the Top 100 Mommy Bloggers

3 Kids and Us was listed as #39 on ABIE Top 50 Most Influential Mommy Blogs

@3kidsandus was ranked #9 on Mom Blogger’s Club list of 50 Mom Bloggers with a 40+ Klout Score

3 Kids and Us was listed as #30 on MomDot’s Top 100 Mom Blogs of 2009

Featured on the Rayovac Power Bloggers Facebook Fan Page

Pop Secret Mom #PopCameraAction Featured Blogger

Recipes and food photography featured at Food Gawker

Creamy Corn Salsa Recipe featured in Foodie by Glam iPad App

Two branded recipes featured in the Party Plan Magazine

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Tech Geek – I currently use these products

  • Apple iPad 2, iPad 3, mini
  • iPhone 5 & 5s
  • Nook Color
  • XBOX One with Kinect
  • Nintendo Wii U
  • Nikon D5200
  • Kindle Fire
  • Dell Desktop
  • HP TouchSmart PC with Windows 8

Blog Topics

I write where the wind takes me but the majority of topics here are family friendly discussions about our family, parenting and all of the quirky adventures we experience. When I’m not raising kids, I’m sharing family-style recipes and food .. and plenty of baked goodies too. I also enjoy sharing my thoughts and opinions of the newest products to hit the market and good old fashioned favorites that are tried and true. I consider myself a very brand loyal shopper but am always open to new experiences and products.


I consider myself to be an honest person and never attempt to deceive readers in my writing. I do accept monetary payment for service reviews, product samples for review and monetary compensation for advertisements. Product reviews contain information supplied by the sponsoring company, my personal opinion and detailed use of the product. I strive to write balanced reviews that will provide features we enjoy and features that could use improvement. Each post will include a disclosure in the footer describing sponsor involvement in the topic, if there is any, and we’re always compliant with FTC Disclosure Rules & Regulations.

Work with Me

We accept a limited number of product reviews per month. Each review will include detailed usage experiences, personal photos and may include video footage. To have your product or service tested and thoroughly reviewed a full size, non-returnable sample must be provided in order to give readers an accurate and honest review. We’re also open to reader giveaways, banner advertising and recipe development. You can learn more about my brand relationships or contact me for more information.

Mom Brand Ambassador

Occasionally I enjoy partnering with brands for long-term relationships and these only include brands I can stand behind 100%, and are part of part of our regular purchases. If you’d like to know more about brands I’m currently or have worked with, please visit the mom brand ambassador page.

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Please contact me by email at foodfamilyfinds@gmail.com and you can request a copy of my media kit.