About Learning Something New – Like the Windows 8X by HTC #Troop8x #HTC8

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A few short weeks ago I sat down and listed out 13 Things I Want to do in 2013. These are not resolutions folks, just personal goals. This list included things that were easy and difficult but most importantly, attainable. Making New Year’s resolutions have always made me feel like I was setting myself up for failure.

Not this year.

And among those 13 things I listed, one was … Learn something new. In 2012 I learned how to knit, it was challenging and fun. I want to find something else crafty to learn.

I wasn’t quite sure what I had in mind when I wrote that one down but I love to learn, school was the best part of my childhood because I was always hungry for more knowledge and skills. While completing this task wasn’t something crafty, it was something useful. I learned to get out of my comfort zone and try something new to me. What is it? I put away my Apple iPhone.


Yes, I know, sounds awful doesn’t it? But it’s true. After being an iPhone for years, as early as the iPhone 3, I’ve found something new and better to trade it in for.

The Windows 8X by HTC is unlike any cell phone I’ve ever used and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it’s a great thing! Right away I was impressed by how thin and lightweight this phone is. Fortunately, I’ve had some experience with the new Windows 8 on my HP TouchSmart so the concept of live tiles wasn’t completely foreign to me. They’re actually a lot of fun once you get the hang of them. It’s kinda like having my PC condensed into a handheld version.

All of my apps are right on the home screen and can be rearranged and adjusted in size to fit my needs. Since the time and weather are two thing I always need to know about I’ve got them up front and large on the top of my phone. And I mentioned the tiles are live right? This means many of the tiles actually rotate through information and image so I can see what’s new right away.

windows 8x by htc live tiles


Even more surprising (to me) is the fact that after using an iPhone for years I put it in a drawer and fell in love with the Windows 8X in about 5 minutes. If it weren’t for Instagram not being available in the Windows App Shop yet, I don’t think I’d use my iPhone at all.

Everything I’ve experienced so far is just superior – the wide angle front camera lens, Beats Audio integration, contacts management, even email, which is something I’ve never enjoyed using on a cell phone before. There’s so much I have to share about this phone and I will, just keep checking back as I go through all of the features I enjoy using.

For now, I’m just happy I can check something off of my 13 Things I Want to do in 2013 list. Learning something new is fun!

Tell me, what kind of cell phone do you have now?


* Disclosure – I was provided with the Windows 8X by HTC through Social Chorus. Opinions are based on my own experiences. #Troop8X #HTC8

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  1. I have the HTC Evo (I know, my contract is up in April and I will renew then!). My husband has the Samsung Galaxy SIII and I LOVE that thing!

  2. That is a SWEET looking phone! I have the Samsung Focus Windows phone, and I love it! I’m dure for an upgrade this year, and as much as I hear all the raves about the iPhone, I just can’t make the switch!

    • I still love the iPhone just not as much as the 8X, this phone has a bigger screen and feels like a feather in comparison.

  3. I really want a windows phone!! It took forever for us to get our smartphones, so it will be awhile, but hopefully our next upgrade will be one.

  4. I finally got an HTC One X and I absolutely positively love love love it. I’ve never even seen a windows phone – love to play on new phones though, and love to learn about new tech, too :)

  5. I am not willing to go give up my iPhone any time soon but I am excited you checked off one of your goals!!

  6. Tammy S says:

    I have a HTC Windows phone and love it! I can’t wait until I can get a Nokia Lumia Windows phone. Windows phone are amazing!