A Surf Adventure on Dry Land … Spring Shopping at Gymboree

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*Gymboree provided me with a gift card.

It’s a good thing it’s actually starting to feel like Spring because when I told the girls they were going on a little Gymboree shopping spree the squeals could be heard a block away. If they were that excited about going shopping I knew it would be just seconds before they tore off the tags and wanted to play in new clothes for summer. And that’s pretty much what happened.

We packed the kids into the van and went straight for the mall and let them lead the way to their favorite clothing store. As much as love shopping with my daughters, it also breaks my heart. They’re not the little toddlers that let me do everything for them (including picking out their clothes). Now I have to gently guide them towards the styles I like but so long as what they pick is age appropriate and matches they get to choose.

That’s why I LOVE shopping at Gymboree.

Every piece of clothing in the store is 100% age appropriate for children (in my opinion). Since our daughters have always been “off the charts” for their weight and height finding clothes that fit their size and actual age can be difficult. Miss Kaydee wears a size 9/10 which is typically worn by 10 year old girls and she’s not even 6 yet. So I’m sure you can understand my problem.

Surf Adventure Belted Dip Dye Sun Dress Gymboree

Miss Kaydee looked at just about every collection on the shelves but just knew this was the dress for her. She’s my girly-girl with a dash of tom-boy and loves dresses but prefers blue. I’m thinking that has something to do with my husband turning her into a Dallas Cowboys fan.

Gymboree Surf Adventure Accessories

The Belted Dip-Dye Sundress is from the Surf Collection which is great for a beach vacation or just some tromping through the front yard. The material is thick but airy so she can play as rough as she wants without me worrying about her clothes getting a hole in the first week of owning it.

Gymboree Glitter Flower Flip Flop Sandal


Gymboree Dip Dye Dress and Accessories


Miss Emma, she’s all about the pink. And it weren’t for the winter months we’d never get her out of skirts.

Emma Surf Adventure Collection Gymboree

The thing I love about this Gymboree skirt is that it’s absolutely age appropriate. It’s knee length and there are shorts built in under the skirt so I don’t have to worry about her doing cartwheels in the front yard or bouncing on the trampoline.

Gymboree Surf Collection Cutie

Of course neither outfit would be complete without all of the mix and match accessories … shoes, sun glasses, bracelets and of course headbands. You can never have too many of those!

Gymboree Bow Glitter Sneakers


Gymboree Surf Adventure Mix and Match Outfit

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  1. So so cute! Love the fresh and bright colors, your girls look adorable.

    • Thanks Tiff …. now tell me, how crazy have you gone shopping there for little girly on the way?

      • Let’s just say I have something from every line at Gymboree for her right now, lol. I had to stop buying because I’m afraid that she’s not going to be able to wear everything before growing out of it. I also picked up some cute stuff for my boys too though. You can never go wrong with Gymbo.

  2. They have SUCH cute stuff! I love both pairs of shoes- I wish I had a little girl to dress up!

    • The boy stuff is really cute too! I wish I had known about Gymboree when my son was a toddler. Now that he’s 11 the kid won’t let me put any cute stuff on him. lol

  3. Oh my gosh, they’re adorable! Love the outfits!

  4. I agree! Age-appropriate is so hard to find, in stores in general. It’s nice having a couple of places you can let your kids “loose” and know it’s okay.

    • Definitely. There are some stores I just sigh at when I see the clothes and the age they’re made for. I want my little girls to dress like little girls.

  5. Ooh im in love with that top outfit and the sunglasses! She is so sassafrass! Gorgeous


  6. Your girls are always adorable no matter what they wear! I do love that Gymboree does indeed offer age appropriate choices. I can’t stand seeing clothes for 5 year old girls that you see on 15 year olds. Great outfit choices :)

  7. So adorable!! I love Gymboree, I just wish my daughter did too.

  8. Your girls are adorable head to toe! LOVE the field of flowers :) Sigh.. I have a gymboree addiction. Hubby won’t allow me in there unless he’s present.. lol