A Peek Inside the Kailo Chic Laptop Tote

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A few weeks ago I started (a rather exhausting) search for the perfect laptop bag for my new Macbook. I wanted something super cute but functional and after lots of searching I finally settled on a few options I found on eBags.com. I had the hardest time deciding which one I wanted but finally just went with my favorite color – green. Kailo Chic makes this “green circles” laptop tote which is constructed primarily of canvas material with faux leather trim.

Kailo Chic green circles laptop tote

This bag comes packed with a lot of storage options, almost too many. I can see myself loosing things inside this bag but I also know I won’t run out of room for accessory storage either.


One the exterior of the tote there are two storage compartments. The front is a large zipper pocket, great for placing things you need to keep handy. On the back side is an open top pocket with a zipper on the bottom so you can slide the bag over the handle of your luggage.


Inside you’ll find a large laptop sleeve which eBags claims to fit a 17″ Macbook Pro but I find it hard to believe. My 15″ Macbook fits very, very tightly. A fabric velcro strap secures the laptop in place while a padded divider protects it. Opposite the divider are 4 credit card slots.

Then you’ll find an assortment of pockets throughout the inside starting with a large zipper pocket almost as wide as the bag itself. Additionally there’s a clear zipper pouch, 3 elastic pen slots and an elastic pouch designed to fit a water bottle. Although, I can’t see myself putting any liquids next to my laptop, that’s just asking for disaster.

kailo chic laptop bag features

While I adore the bag and certainly think it’s worth the $63.99 it sells for on eBags.com it isn’t perfect. The bag arrived with obvious damage to the faux leather strap. I have to wonder if I had ordered the bag directly from Kailo Chic if it would have arrived in this condition even though it would have cost $79.99.

ebags laptop tote damaged

So would I order from eBags again to avoid paying full retail price? Ehhh not sure. I like being able to browse all the different brands and styles offered by eBags but I don’t want to trade quality for a discount either.

*Note – the product was purchased by myself and I have no relationship with eBags or Kailo Chic

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  1. says

    Oh wow, that stinks about the straps. I’m pretty sure I’d mail it back however I do love the bag you chose!!

  2. says

    I thought that was the bag for you! I’m really surprised about the straps. Having used ebags for gifts and for buying a gym bag for my husband the past few years, I honestly don’t really think the strap was like that because you ordered it from ebags. You should definitely inform them of the problem though and see about a replacement. (Although this post might have done that trick!)

    • says

      You always seem to know me don’t you. ;)

      I would have but I need it for my trip and I was worried it wouldn’t get replaced in time so I’ve just decided to live with it. It’s not a functional flaw so I’m just chalking it up to “you get what you pay for”.

  3. says

    That does stink about the straps but I absolutely looove that bag. It’s so cute! I really need something for my laptop – I might have to be a copycat. ;)

  4. Nan grihst says

    Do you have a MacBook 15.4? Will that fit with the plastic case on the MacBook?